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Wyndham Grand Desert

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 265 E Harmon Ave
Phone 702-691-2600

Wyndham Grand Desert Reviews

  • Apr 5, 2018

I was on a vacation in Las Vegas and approached by a employee of the Hotel approached us about discounted tickets and they would include lunch. What happened next was a nightmare I am still fighting. We were taken to a beautiful resort and given lunch and then the pressure began to buy a property (timeshare) we continue to say no and they asked several questions, asked about credit and if we enjoyed traveling. We continued to say no and more and more people came to speak to us about the great opportunity to travel all over the world for a low cost and anyone can use your points on the property(again not a timeshare). We were given a grand deal to travel and a phone number to Pete (which did not work) we caved and bought in to the Wyndham Timeshare (not a timeshare).

Unfortuately we never were able to use the big fancy rooms in the extravagent place because we never had enough points. We could go to very limited places in small rooms, but we were always invited back to more high pressure sales meetings to buy more points. If you did not attend they called you repeadetly until you unplugged the phone or took it off the hook. I currently don't know what I own, and am locked in to this property for the rest of my life. I have written numerous letters, talked with Jennifer at Wyndham and been told I was "stupid", did not know what I was doing and denied getting out of this paid timeshare. They lie and make you believe this is great. It is a scam.

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