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Wyndham Garden Buffalo Downtown

Country United States
State New York
City Buffalo
Address 125 High St
Phone 1 716-845-0112

Wyndham Garden Buffalo Downtown Reviews

  • Nov 11, 2019

I booked 2 rooms, quoted $138.00 per room, was then billed first $158.11, then billed on another invoice again at $177.69. Ok, that balanced out with Valet added to one room. All that should have been one invoice billed to me, the payee, not papers floating around half way in the hallway.

Then there's this mysterious charge of $271.88 added on a separate invoice? I called and was told, "QUOTE" oh that's a security deposit added for everyone and then returned. "Quote", that it is "$50.00 per incident" Ok-3 days later I call, reply was-"QUOTE" Oh sometimes it takes up to 5 days to be credited, 5 days later I call-my reply is "QUOTE" Oh, sometimes it takes 5-7 days to be credited!

Ok, 7 days later I call, my reply is: "QUOTE" Oh it can take anywhere from 7-10 days to be credited, depends on your bank! So! Once again I call and am told, You Smoked in that room! That is a completely untrue fact and if there was any truth to it I should have been informed at checkout and/or on my first of many phone calls!

Again "IF" there was any truth to that statement, then if anything as per the policy quoted, the highest charged would have been $50.00, that's 1 incident per the hotels policy quoted to me on the phone! When we first entered the room the box mattress was broken and ripped from the wood frame!

What a complete rip-off, imagine they can say anything they want 10 days later when they have your credit card number and do! An easy extra income when your informed 10 days later. Damage they state? Oh yes, but we fixed it so they say anything and you cant rebut it! The worst overnight stay I've ever experienced and never again with wyndham!

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