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report scam

Country United States
State Alabama
Website Reviews

  • Nov 5, 2022

Since 2018, myself and several other people have been making routine reports to WordPress because my stalker Chong Lor/Tracy Millosovich has been slandering myself and others, threatening me with rape and sexually harassing my husband. Several times, she has also targeted children sexually and each time, WordPress either claims I "never" sent a report, or they lie and say "we don't see a violation of our TOS" when their TOS is clear on not threatening nor slandering people. Here's a post where she gets ableist and targets her husband for being disabled, before ranting about me and a friend of mine.

A professional company would have removed her account by now, but I guess they just want to cosplay as a rational business.

  • Nov 25, 2019

They claim that you can build a nice website with widgets, menues... etc. and it is a lie - you need to know coding to do a website because they insert all kinds of bugs in it so that it does not work as they claim it would. The bugs are being described by other people online, even the coder admitted to having issues. One simple bug was that I could not even get on my dashboard - I had to go online to get instructions how to get on my dashboard. No mentioning about widegets and menues.

When you get online to find out solutions, you find others having the same issue and there is always advertising on website development to fix your problem.

Deceptive advertising - you need coding to build an actual website. It may be okay for blogs.

  • Jul 13, 2018

This is more of A public question than an actual report, considering that neither decisive action nor any further E-Mail response had occurred despite the evidence that had been provided. As such, this shall remain as A *NEGATIVE* review until this issue with G.William Harder's web blog site gets properly resolved & (at the very least) some of the content in question gets removed (if not, him being I.P.-Banned). Keep in mind that this is subject to change to being more *POSITIVE* once the matter has been resolved, but in the mean can all read the messages (which shall be included in an up-date) demonstrating the apparent incompetence from "Fenton" of *Automattic* & THE FULL STORY about where all this drama originated from in these here

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