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Wonderful Wood

Country United States
State Indiana
City Noblesville
Address 15743 Herriman Blvd
Phone 1 317-420-5271

Wonderful Wood Reviews

  • Nov 18, 2020

Charlie Dash is a simple theif and liar who happens to own a few chainsaws and a saw mill. He's an everyday common theif who should be and deserves to be behind bars. He calls himself a sawyer but he's a lying stealing tree/wood thief. For legitimate businesses, he is the worst possible example of how any business should operate, completely devoid of integrity, honesty and most certainly customer care. He gives legitimate business a black eye with his business practices, which are at best shady, underhanded, and entirely self serving. and not least of which are illegal.

My experience with him is that he did nothing he said he would do in the time frame he said he would do it nor did he so much as leave me a single piece of wood from the many very mature trees he removed from my lot. The deal was he would cut and remove specific trees, several of which were Black Walnut trees (high value), and in turn for his services he would mill all of the wood and split it with me 50/50. He stole every single log, I got nothing back. When I called and asked for my wood he told me I was not getting any. At this point it was obvious, this is his game and I was not the first (or last) victim he'd have. He has very obviously done this before and this appears to be his standard operating procedure from everythign I have seen and been told from others who also know him. I have come to learn he has a long string of victims. He's so shady and burnt so many bridges he now has someone else selling his wood for him, so that those of us who know he stole our wood, won't know this othe dude is selling it for him. He has a horrible rep in the community and is well known to be a liar and a theif and a man whose word means nothing.

My mistake was I trusted a referral and did not vet this chump. And I compounded that error by not having a written contract. I do have several witnesses who say and heard ever word spoken so my version is 100% verifiable. But this is a guy who is a simple theif, lying and stealing from others for his own benefit. He has a legit business license but that is as far as his legitness goes. He's a modern day pirate who cares about no one but himself. This mistake on my part cost me easily $10k and that is conservative. But walking disasters like this guy need to be found out, so I am doing my part to expose him for who he is, a common criminal who should be behind bars.

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