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William (Will) Dean Wendel

Country Cambodia
City Phnom Penh
Address Bali Resorts
Phone 855 854 49855

William (Will) Dean Wendel Reviews

  • Jul 19, 2020


William Dean Wendel វិល្លាម ដាលីន

Scam/Con Artist, Deadbeat & Cheat!

Lives @ Bali Resorts-Phnom Penh, Cambodia

(Just across the Tonle, Bldg #1)

( DOB=D.O.B. /1957: approx. 6’6”/280lbs/128Kilos)

CAUTION: States he is former NFL player, the Packers and 49ers. Runs a scam claiming to circumvent US sanctions and set-up trades involving China. Borrows monies claiming to have wires in process and waiting on receipt at his bank.

Hangs out at The Corner 136 Bar, Route 136 Bar, Osco’s and plays poker @ Redd Fox in Phnom Penh! Deal with this guy at your own risk, took me for just over $300, claimed no food and utilities were about to be turned off! A real flipping scumbag, spends money on underage girls and prostitutes, poker, partying and eating out. A real lowlife deadbeat!

Daughter-Thailand Queen Andrea Rose Wendel

Son-USA-USAF Daniel Wendel

Associate-Thailand Ley-Sam ‎Öun Ñïth

Associate-Phnom Penh Alastair Campbell

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