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Whiteley's Auto Sales

Country United States
State Maine
City Limerick
Address 131 Emery Corner Rd
Phone 207-793-8100

Whiteley's Auto Sales Reviews

  • Apr 22, 2016

99 jetta purchased and passed inspection. paid 750.00. owner gave us inspection sheet which included things passed that did not work. falsified. also told car had new engine. only to find out when we have a terrible oil leak, the engine had been improperly installed with bolts and othe parts sheared and missing. engine was about to fall out and we could have been killed. took back to whitleys...told oil leak was our fault when in fact oil pan busted because of improper engine placement. we were frauded from the beginning, the owner knew the engine was hanging because it was obvious one we had a real mechanic look at it. he expected us to pay for the faults of the car to be repaired, when in fact if not for the engine, the car would be fine. we are asking for the 750 to be returned because we were mislead and lied to and given an unsafe vehicle for money exchanged. i would never buy or have any work done to any vehicle there for fear od what lies may be told to us for personal gain. we feel we deserve our entire payments back.

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