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Western Mercantile Agency, Inc.

Country United States
State Oregon
City Coos Bay
Address 165 S 5th St., Suite A
Phone 541-267-7086

Western Mercantile Agency, Inc. Reviews

  • Feb 4, 2016

In 2014 I was admitted to the hospital, and even though I had health insurance at the time, I am wondering if the hospital made a mistake and forgot to utilize my insurance. Unfortunately when I did recieve the bill, I could not pay the amount, or make any payments due to poor income and needing to pay for living expenses (rent, utilities, food, fuel.) We don't have much money, as the economy here is very rough. I am now on VA disability and have been fighting to get on SSI for the past three years, with no luck.

Western Merc has contacted me in the past with the sum of the bill, and when they have called, I informed them that we are not wealthy, and that due to our income, we can not pay at this time. Now, between having to move from our old mold infested apartment, and having other bills to take care of, we could put very little towards saving to pay on this debt. But we were trying.

Tonight, I recieved a summons from this company. For a grand total of $1,222.96 to be paid in 14 days. Seriously? I have told them over and over again we have no money to pay off that bill, but will try to when we have funds set aside. This company is absolutely horrible to deal with. How do they expect us to even pay that amount when we don't even have that in our bank? Sell the car? Take out a loan? I've been considering filling for Bankruptcy now but unfortunately that would place the burden on my husband, and I couldn't do that. I am so mad that they could not have tried at least calling to make a payment arangement and so that I could discuss our situation with a real person.

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