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Westbury Auction Galleries, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Address 631 S Olive St
Phone 323-522-5515

Westbury Auction Galleries, Inc. Reviews

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  • May 8, 2018

I purchased a expensive Rolex Watch from this Auction company that works under I bank wired the money to this company and it has been weeks, they don’t answer their phones and when Mike does answer the phone you get the run around, now they probably have caller ID because they will not answer their phones at all. They said the watch that I won was with their gemologist which is totally suspicious since it was up for auctiin to begin with. They used some lame excuse that to make sure that it is all legitimate and checks out that it goes thru their gemologist. Bottom line is they are crooks rip off artist and Liveauctioneers is stupid for not verifying their auction houses that sell thru their company. no email follow thru no tracking and no merchandise i have been ripped off!

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  • Jan 25, 2017

CFE8F771-CE54-4B74-A5D5-33773B5C22F7.JPG On December 30 I won an item at an LiveAuctioneer from Westbury. The item was listed as a 14k Gold 4.06ct Emerald& 1.45ctw Diamond ring it had an appraisal for $18,400.00. I bought the ring for just $2,000. After several weeks I received the ring and I found it is not the same ring as they represent online or in the appraisal document at all. As you could see on the pictures I attached, the position of holders of diamonds are totally different no even mention the shape of the ring is totally different as well( the ring should be tube shape in pictures they showed but the one they send to me is flat). With all this discrepancies worrying me I took the ring and appraisal to a local jeweler and he confirmed my suspicion. The ring did not match the appraisal at all. The main stone should be intense green but it is not, further more it should weight 4.

06ct but it is only 3.50ct. I sent them email and asked if they shipped me a wrong ring but with a right appraisal document. It's been weird that when we talked about payment and shipment details it only take half day for them to response me but this email never get any response( I gave them 2 business days, 4 days include the weekend, I received the ring on last Thursday). I found it's very annoying cause this ring was supposed to be a gift for my mom with my first official job first payment. If you are looking to do buy something from a Westbury auction please beware. Avoid if possible.

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