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Westamerica Bank

Country United States
State California
City Modesto
Phone 1-800-848-1088

Westamerica Bank Reviews

  • Mar 2, 2018

On Saturday March 3rd, I was given a personal check from my neighbor, who I have worked for here and there over a 16 year time spam. I would often help her with her business she has had for over 35 years. The check was WestAmerica Bank Check that she banked with for over 20 plus years. That Saturday, was extremely important and I worked very hard to obtain money in order to help a family member I rushed across town to cash the check at the only WestAmerica Bank open on a Saturday til 1pm. I arrive at 1245 and the bank was quiet with one customer being helped. Mrs. Barajas assisted me as I explained to her that I was there to cash a check, but that I was not a member. Without hesitation she immediately indicated that it would cost $10, that I needed 2 forms of ID and that she needed to verify. I had no problems with any of the policies. I gave her my valid CDL and my bank card from B Of A and I knew she would have no problem contacting my neighbor to verify check. She refused to take my bank card because she needed to have a credit card or a utility bill. At that point I knew she was judging me and giving me every reason not to cash my check. She even suggested I go to my bank to deposit or cash. first and foremost, it is not her business to suggest where I needed to go. She could of cashed the check, it was closing time and she did not want to make the effort to help me. Very rushed and rude. Absolutely unprofessional and treated me like some criminal. This is not the end of this complaibt. I will take it to social media and expose people like her who seem to think that they are above others. The reason for my complaint is that I have many times cashed checks written by my neighbor to me. Taken the check to her location without any problems. They always cashed the checks . Why are the policies different between branches of the same company?

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