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West Side Transport

Country United States
State Iowa
City Cedar Rapids
Address 4201 16th Ave. SW
Phone 800-373-2957

West Side Transport Reviews

  • Feb 22, 2017

West side transport, where do I begin, (1) requiter , talked to this guy(chris gordon for about 3-4 weeks trying to make sure he was on the up and up), finally got me to commit, worst mistake in trucking I've ever made,we drove up to colummbus oh, on a sunday, checked in to thiere so called hotel, clerk had no idea of a reservation under my name,even told i was there for oreintation for west side, was already seeing red flags go up at this point, finally another lady came in and got it fixed, went to the room cold as it was out side turned the heat up as far as it would never got what you say warm,next day got a ride to oreintation in a passenger van by a guy who smelled of last nights party at the local strip club. get to thier (new building) it was a shambles agiain red flags, the lady giving the class looked as if she was ready to run out at any time guess she knew what was to come,they furnish lunch, did the drug screen and physical what a joke, didn't even check any of my medical records said i was ok to drive (had a lung transplant in 2011) on the third and last day is when it all began to fall apart we were told how we were to earn our pay by jumping thru so many different hoops there was no way you could do it they made sure of that, then another shocker, no paid holidays none not till after a year then you get to choose one? at this point I've aleardy called my wife isn't going to work, finally we got our truck assignments mine was a volvo auto shift, looked as if it had been drug down a ditch line, hood was cracked in numerous places along with the sides, fairing were all bent big dents in just about every section of the tractor, and now for the grand finally the left front rim had a hughe gouge in it, I told them I wasn't driving it till the rim was replaced, told me its ok take it to cedar rapids and they'll fix it there, i told em bullsh**, i'm not getting it, so affter about two hours took it a shop at the yard (not thiers to put another rim on it, told the lady doin or, that this wasn't going to work, i even confronted the so called terminal manager about all the issues i had, at that point i've had it, but i had to get home to get the rest of my meds and hopefully out to cedar rapids to get rid of this truck, another 3 hours passed when they sid can't find a load to get me by the house ( louisville ky area) which in no way did i believe that for a second, but they would dead head me home with out paying me for it and the catcher is you can't get your or pay with out being under a load ? are you kidding me!, make it home told. Was to get a load out to cedar rapids to get rid of this piece of sh** called a truck, unforunatly my wife was in a car accident on her way from work , was pretty banged up, called dispatch told tmeh the situation, ok no problem, three days passed wife was ok told em to get me going another two daysand nothing told my wife thats it ive had it called dispatch told em i was taking the truck to thier secured lot in louisvile ky and i was thru, still didn;t get paid for or still didn;t get rembursed for travel to columbus and now for the real end the deal had the nerve to put on my dac that i quit under dispatch?how the hell is that even posible? the low lifes know what they did, and trust me they pissed off the wrong trucker, going after them ain't no telling how many poor unsuspecting drivers they've screwed over not htis one my dac mvr everything was in good shape til this mess of a company came along and to any of you wondering i'm no rookie, you're right , should've known better, but this ole dog ain't rolling over and playing dead still gotta lot of bite left, so for any one wondering bout west side transport run as fast as you can go to swift jbhunt, any where but this rip off company and if any of you from west side care to challenge what i've said bring it along with my e-logs you won't relaese we'll see who the real liar is cause i'm taking your sorry a**es to court like i said you pissed off the wrong trucker i've already filled a rebuttal with dac, so my advise is relaese my e-logs so i can prove you wrong feel fre to contact me any time if you have the balls????

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