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West Plains Daily Quill

Country United States
State Missouri
City West Plains
Address P.O. Box 110
Phone 417-256-9191

West Plains Daily Quill Reviews

  • Jun 16, 2017

We have lived here many years and have dealt with this owner and his managers through it all. We have dealt with harassment by their family, friends, and other tenants. Including one incident where they preceded to call the police and spread false rumors about friends of mine, just because they were transgendered. Fought them over several fair housing complaints. My son has been harassed, bullied, and threatened by other children and families in the mobile home park, due to his disabilities. This is only a small portion of what we have dealt with over the years. The worst of the problems concern health and safety due to the owner being neglectful of his repairs and other duties. This mobile home park was condemned many years ago, name changed and reopened without any code violations corrected. Several units have raw sewage under their mobiles and draining right into their back yards. Preventing tenants from enjoying their units due to smell of human waste. There is leaking pipes and roofs that cause extensive damage and mold through every single unit. Causing a host of health problems and safety concerns. When they decide to make any repairs, they cut corners and fail to do the much needed repairs completely or correctly. They cover the rotten floors and walls with plywood and sheetrock, thinking it corrects the problems, but it just covers it up. The electrical problems are a major safety issue, since many outlets spark or do not work. The electrical is not in code. The doors have a problem locking and do not seal out the elements. The windows are not sealed and do not have working locks or open and close correctly. There is mold in the frames of the windows. Appliances often have problems and are a safety concern. Porches are not kept safe and fall apart. According to Bull Dog Septic there is likely a drain field problem. Due to the sewage under the mobiles, they are settling and crushing the septic and plumbing under the ground. Despite all these problems, we are expected to pay our rent in full or move. For many of us, this isn't something most of us are able to do at a moments notice. They prey on the low income, disabled, and elderly.

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