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West Coast Towing

Country United States
State California
City Fresno
Address 4919 E Dakota Ave
Phone 559-244-2526

West Coast Towing Reviews

  • Jun 22, 2017

Due to my neglegance my vehicle was repossessed on 06/07/2017 from savemart center. When I got in contact with company to get my essential property & they said to come in at 2pm. I got there 2pm on 06/08/2017 and the receptionist said it would be $100 after having been told by my bank I Did Not have to pay any fees to them. They then insisted that was policy & that I could not obtain my property until they were paid. I then told them I would be calling the bank and their behavior changed from "100% I had to pay the fee" to "well i may be mistaken". After my bank sent them a copy of their contract they allowed me to the back. I told them I was only retrieving my important & essential property because I knew I would be getting my vehicle back. They said that was ok & that the only things I would not get back would be flammable items. Before I could leave I had to confirm repo info with some paperwork & when I attempted to correct their mistake about the pick up location which was not my address the gentleman said it was not my concern & that the information was accurate. (Sketchy right ?) Fast forward to 06/21/17 I have got my vehicle from Sacramento where they sent it after being told by the bank i would be keeping the car. I called them ahead of time to ensure I could pick up my vehicle today (after giving them my info). I went into their office so I could get the rest of my personal property & they told me that they dipossed of the flammable items (12 30min flares) perishable items ( $150 worth of make up) & my "biohazard" unused fire extingushers. After I tell that I understand that it is their policy to dispose of such items I told them I wanted the rest of my property & she said that that was the only things I left in my vehicle because I had taken All of my property previously. I told her that was inaccurate & that I was even missing items that were bolted to the vehicle. She denied any of that being true & told me she had pictures of how the car was before they sent it to Sacramento. I told her those pictures wouldn't serve any purpose because they had the vehicle in their possession 2 weeks before they sent it out. After discussing what was in the car that did not fall into their category she said she would show me the pictures. She then goes into a back office & out steps a gentleman asking "which one wants to see the pictures?" After she tells him that it was me he asked me what I wanted. I told him about the property that was missing & he avoided discussing everything but the items that fell into their "dispose" category. After pushing to get my other stuff he told me to get the f*uck out of his shop without reason. I told him he needed my property & said the only way i' d get it is if I took him to court.

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