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West Coast Holidays

Country United States
State California
City Monterey Park
Address 1455 Monterey Pass Rd #209
Phone 323-315-9888

West Coast Holidays Reviews

  • Sep 1, 2017

Terrible service. Air conditioning in the bus broke down, and we were forced to sit in 110+ degrees Fahrenheit temperatures for the whole day. Tour guide and company has absolutely no regard for their customers, not even once considering replacing the bus or sending another one out. At the end, the tour guide even dared to ask for tips. This was the LA Tour Bus #3718, 8/29/17. Obviously didn't get any from me, and I urge all potential customers to never give these guys your business.

Tour guides were unclear, and can't speak English well at all. Don't even considering joining this if you're not a Mandarin speaker. Almost all tour guides don't speak Cantonese.

Every day we would stop at Union Station to transfer, literally forcing us and our luggage on the street for an hour to wait for a transferring bus. This is literally the most inefficient way to do business. I came here to enjoy a vacation, not fool around on the street transferring.

All in all, don't even consider booking with this company.

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