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Wells Fargo

Country United States
State California
City San Francisco
Address 420 Montgomery Street
Phone 1-800-956-4442

Wells Fargo Reviews

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  • Nov 11, 2018

More wells fargo corrupt executives responsible for one of the biggest banking fraud schemes against the american public in history. Michael Devito, Liz Bryant, Liz Djokovich Bryant, Perry Hilzendeger, Brad Blackwell are executives of wells fargo are responsible creating fake accounts, stealing money from bank customers and people losing their homes and being homeless. They have the money and blood of the american public on their hands. All have been employed by the wells fargo corrupt scamming machine for many years they just have now been moved around into other positions to hide their scamming from the public. Their assets should be seized and they should be jailed along with Tim Sloan and Greg Gwizdz and Franklin Codel along with others who hide behind this corrupt institution! The public must know who these criminals are! Another wells fargo executive criminal involved in fraud is CFO John Shrewsberry.

He and his team calculate just how many homes wells fargo should foreclose every month to make a huge profit. When the fake accounts scandal was reported in the news, this criminal Shrewsberry said "thousands of staffers who were fired in recent years after opening unauthorized customer accounts wereunder-performing employees struggling to meet goals. It was really more at the lower end of the performance scale where people apparently were making bad choices to hang on to their job" like Shrewsberry, Stumpf and these other wells fargo criminals had nothing to do with it. John Shrewsberry also blamed the press for reporting about wells fargo and their fraud and foreclosures, fake accounts and instead of apologizing he said it's the press' fault. John Shrewsberry should be jailed and his assets seized to repay those customers he stole from.

The same goes for the other wells fargo criminal executives Michael Devito, Liz Bryant, Liz Djokovich Bryant, Perry Hilzendeger, Brad Blackwell, Tim Sloan, Greg Gwizdz, Franklin Codel. Wells Fargo Tim Sloan CEO is a criminal, by far the largest banking fraud against the citizens of the USA in the banking industry's history committed by Wells Fargo - all of the executives knew what was going on and pretended not to know. All Wells Fargo executives should be IN JAIL for criminal acts and fraud against the public. Tim Sloan earns more than 10 Million dollars per year people's money he helped steal with this crooked, corrupt dirty company. Look at how much stock and salary he gets just search Wells Fargo insider trading on Google you will find the amount of stock and insider trading of stock he gets. All for defrauding the public. Wells Fargo executive staff must all be punished - assets seized and all of them in jail!

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  • Jun 5, 2022

Wells Fargo Auto Dealership repossessed my car claiming my payments were not up to date and owed $948.43 to get my car back or they would put up for auction on June 6, 2022. Can you help me?

  • May 20, 2022

Do yourself a favor and stay away from WF Mortgage.

I met with WF Mortgage over the phone. They took my information and entered my SSN incorrectly. This caused huge problems giving me error after error for days. This mistake also delayed the beginning of the process.

I tried to escallate, but the managers names given were either false, or they didn't respond either. The email addresses they gave me were un responsive, and the phone number didn't answer and couldn't leave messages because mailboxes were full. The whole time I could see this crashing like a slow train wreck, but my countless calls and emails were meerely a waste of my time.

Dispite my concerns being raised almost daily and their reassurance, 2 days before my close, they decided that I needed to change my down payment from 10% to 25%. They stated it was because of the HOA, but there was an error, that a simple phone call would have resolved. I called them myself, but they wouldn't do it.

I contacted another broker and they called the HOA and was quicky able to resolve it. They were able to complete the transaction for the 10% down and did everything within 3 weeks allowing me not to lose the home. I reached back out to WF asking for a refund of my appraisel. They refused. They asked me to complete a survey. But when I tried to complete it, it said that I already completed the survey. Hmmmm, wonder why.

Do yourself a favor and steer clear of this company. I have done business for them for more than 25 years, having mortgages from Norwest and Wells Fargo. I thought they were the best in the business, I was very wrong. I will not EVER do business with them in the future.

I tried to take the high road multiple times but to no avail. Sad to see a company care so little about their customers.

Bye Bye WF

  • Feb 16, 2022

Wells Fargo Online To:Recipients Wed, Feb 16 at 12:44 PM For your security we disabled links in this email. If you believe it is safe to use, mark this message as not spam. We've updated our Wells Fargo Online Access. This notice is simply to let you know that our Wells Fargo Online Access has been updated.

Review and complete your security update: For more details, please review a summary of the updates.

To view your statement from the Wells Fargo tablet app:

1. Sign on from the app.

2. Find this account in your Account Summary.

3. Select the View Statements link for this account. If you have questions about your account, please refer to the contact information on your statement. For questions about viewing your statements online, Wells Fargo Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us at 1-800-956-4442 or sign on to send a secure email. | Fraud Information Center Please do not reply to this email directly. To ensure a prompt and secure response, sign on to email us. 2263a-146-a8b5-bf7e80a1e-b28b65a2_5ac1488b_c5d0-3676e3 prod

  • Jan 18, 2022

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  • Nov 27, 2021

On May 11th around 9:30 PM my neighbors Chaz and Ashley Hawthorne who are Wells Fargo Mangers at the local branches were Ashley works at the Columbus Crossing in Columbus Georgia. I believe Chase works at the Smith Station Alabama branch. We had a incident with the neighbors that they were friends with the Hawthorne's were walking away and started screaming take your retarded son inside and used degatory curse word towards me and my son.

She shouted that we were poor that she made more money than me and that she was sorry that I had a sad life. I made a police report given the issue on Saturday May 12 th she made a false police report had a false warrant placed on me she has been sharing my information with other employees from Wells Fargo.

I tried to have a warrant issued to her I was unable to succeed in my attempts were also another employee of Wells Fargo was with her at the present time the other neighbors were stating to shout the same degatory remarks to me and my son. I feel that they shouldn't be able to use company information against us that they obtained with former accounts with Wells Fargo and used with there position with Wells Fargo to obtain our records and information to use it degatorally manner against us.

Chaz & Ashley should had kepted walking & kepted their big mouth shut.

  • Nov 23, 2021


  • Nov 13, 2020

Wells Fargo knew I was in school when I needed a forbearance for my loan that I had to take out due to my school abusing my financial aid. So I was told that I wouldn't have to worry about the loan if I can show that I was still in school. So by the time I graduated Covid-19 hit and I was furloughed from my Job. Trying to be proactive, I reached out to Well Fargo to inform them of my situation and they keep pushing the issue back to October for some reason. So as my loan approaches being due in November, they claim I used up my maximum forbearance as all of a sudden there's a limit which was never mentioned in the past until after Covid-19 hit.

So after speaking several careless customer service representatives with no sound solution, I demanded to speak with someone in the corporate office yet I get another customer service department who submitted a request which was denied a few days later via postal mail. I feel that Wells Fargo is too big of a company to be so inflexible when it comes to situations like this and facing a pandemic. I feel that if they refuse to work with me and ruin my credit, I'll spend all that time making sure everyone knows how bad of a company they are. I will report them to all the news stations, business organizations, reviews on every website, and all over social media to express my frustration with how poorly this was handled.

  • Sep 12, 2020

Wells Fargo misrepresents themselves by sending emails and items in the mail by offering a promotional rate to lure the customers inside their business. They should provide the credit rating to receive that type of rate. That should be illegal since it is condescending and it lures customers to provide their information thus hurting their credit rating.

  • Jul 25, 2020

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holistic acne like someone after a couple dates, Suck it up and tell the person that you're not feeling a spark versus letting him or her wonder for the rest of eternity why you haven't returned a text. Take the two seconds to end things tactfully and maturely.

2. Show up to ones dates.

The number of clients who either are stood up or who've been cancelled on within an hour of the date is astonishing. Be a. maintain your plans.

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  • Mar 21, 2020



Save yourself money and aggravation and invest with another bank. Read the following: My mother is 96. She had a check sent from Constellation Energy for $290.64. She misplaced the check. Constellation merged with Wells Fargo. I went to my local Wells Fargo branch and spoke with Rafael Cervantes. He called the main office.

They told him to fax a copy of the check, a letter from me, and my power of attorney, and they would replace the check. They lied not only to me, but to their own employee, Rafael. In February I received a letter stating American Stock and Transfer was responsible for the check replacement. Once again they lied. I called them, and they told me I was misled. They found the records of the original check, and said all was transferred to Wells Fargo. He said that they knew this! They sent me a letter confirming this.

Despite getting an email saying that I would be getting notified regarding my complaint in 10 days, I never did. I called once again and complained, but no one seems to care. When the check was transferred to Wells Fargo my mother had an investment with them values at tens of thousands of dollars. They were obligated to forward the money to my mother, their client, or at worse send it to unclaimed funds in Maryland. They did neither.

When a company keeps money from a client this is stealing, and Wells Fargo as such are thieves. I believe my mother is entitled not only to the value of the check, but also all interest she is entitled to. I hope that the complaints I make to various federal agencies penalize Wells Fargo for their illegal conduct. Tony Raymond Baltimore, MD [email protected]

  • Dec 20, 2019

I was approved and paid out of pocket money to only be rejected on some lame excuse. I lost the house and ironically it was approved a week later.

Tried to recoup funds and they did some half a$& job and refused to pay me back. Do not use Wells Fargo - their customer services stinks and we are talking 500 bucks people

  • Dec 10, 2019




I discovered fraud on my account by accident. I was assaulted in my vehicle one night, and recorded the assault on my laptop which set on my passenger seat recording when it took place. Upon finding the video, which btw, I don't remember even recording.

I heard those responsible talking about stealing my "social security money," and how they already had stolen thousands of dollars. First, I went to see a therapist, because of the means of fraud. Meaning, I wanted to validate that what they were saying they did was even possible. It was validated by a Ph.D, specializing in such areas of practice.

I then began this nightmare with Wells Fargo. I tried to report the fraud by phone; and when I did, asked for help reporting to law enforcement as well. Explained the situation, and then was told that they would not help me with law enforcment, and that I couldn't complete my fraud claim, because I didn't know the last four digits of my card number; despite the fact that the rep prior to the one stating this was able to freeze my online account access.

So, long story short, I went down to the branch in person, declaration in hand, along with the video, audio recordings, and photos; all of which proved my allegations. I was told by the branch manager that WF would not assume liability, and that I had no rights.

He confirmed that he had forwarded all the proof I gave him to fraud, and after not hearing anything for so many days, I filed complaints with the CFPB, as well as the OCC. WF's response was they needed more information. I provided it. Then they needed more information. The same information requested was information I'd already provided twice, both by telephone and in person.

Now, I got another letter stating that I would have a decision in ten days. That was last month. It has now been seven months since this began, and the CFPB doesn't seem to concerned about protecting me. I need an attorney desperately. After reading these other stories, I have lost all hope I will get any of my money back.

It is in excess of $45K. Wells Fargo might as well have paid the people who assaulted me because they aren't on my side of this at all, nor were they willing to help. I'm sure the CFPB can sue over them violating Reg E, but they won't pay me that money. Basically, everybody gets paid for my victimization. Yeah, that's consumer protection.

  • Oct 2, 2019

In 2004 I had a home equity loan with Wachovia, around 2008 & 2010 I had payment issues and my home was going up for sheriff sale. I received a stay and sought help with a company I believed to be working with then Wells Fargo.

I believed everything to be paid off and handled in 2010 and never heard from Wells Fargo again until 2016. 2016 I paid my original mortgage off and received notice from Wells Fargo that I owed over $160,000 on home equity loan from 2004.

I called them and went into the branch no one could find anything associated to my name & I was told I had good standing with bank. Again my house was up for sheriff sale and another stay was granted. I have asked Wells Fargo to produce all documentation to this loan and the only thing I receive is the original loan and bank generated statements, which began in Aug. 2005 because that’s what Wachovia gave to Wells Fargo.

I have been to several lawyers & the Attorney General and now am filing bankruptcy to save my home. The Attorney General even gave Wells Fargo additional time to produce documents and in 2019 they found Feb to July of 2005 which they couldn’t find for 3 years meaning I paid interest & late fees for 3 years on a loan I was questioning cause they in writing said those documents Do Not exist.

I’ve offered to split loan in half being fair since neither of us has information on loan due to 7 years documentation retention policy and they refused. Now I’m told that with bankruptcy I will end up repaying entire amount back to Wells Fargo. How does this bank not get shut down for such awful practices?

But to make the issue even more interesting the people I bought my home from where listed as living there in 2010 at the houses old 3 digit address not the new 5 digit address which took effect in 2004/2005 and it seems one of them worked in Wells Fargo’s loan division.

I’ve spent thousands trying to save my home and big bully Wells Fargo must has the worst people working for them they lied saying nothing will happen to my home until all questions are answered then gave half assed answers & proceeded with foreclosure. Why does our government allow this bank to continue? Why are they not accountable for their actions?

Why isn’t there a major lawsuit filed against them by all of us they have screwed over? All I want is Wells Fargo to stop bullying me & saying I’m responsible when they can’t produce a simple document requested of them

  • Jul 25, 2019

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  • Jun 10, 2019

I been with them for four year's. My local branch has my telephone number,but yet the credit card department don't have my phone number? Also no contact by them or alerts for when I own on the credit card by phone, but yet they love to charge the late fee and charge for a checking account ever month...

They are very fishy and already been involed in a lawsuit but the FDIC needs to dig deeper im to different departments because they are all separate.. why would all the department's of a bank be separate unless they were up to no good?

I was told this by my local branch..about all department's are separate and noone knows why. Rip off please have the people who are investigating wells Fargo actions and doing look in to them father and have em follow up on this post.

  • May 30, 2019

This has gone on for far too long. I don't know why I haven't submitted a report on them before now, but I personally have four student loan companies that I deal with, and Wells Fargo is by far the absolute worst company I've ever dealt with. I pay a practical mortgage note in student loans to them every month, often with the help of cosigners. This particular month, my cosigner, who is authourized to pay on all four loans paid half of the the loan, and I paid the other half of the loan.

Sounds simple, right? Wrong. I get a call from them today--the very last day of the month from Wells Fargo to tell me that the amount my cosigner paid wasn't 'applied to the loans orrectly' to satisfy the month, so she--NOT ME, would need to call in to make an adjustment. Keep in mind that they will report you to the credit agencies on the 1st. So, doing the best I could, I call my cosigner, who calls Wells Fargo and they won't allow her to do anything without the loan number(s) that she would like to adjust the payment.

First of all, how--oh how, are we supposed to know how Wells Fargo applied her money? To which loan numbers? They couldn't tell her, and they d**n well didn't tell me. When I called in to make a payment the day before, I was told that the payment that I was making would satisfy the monthly payment. Those were the agent's exact words. And now there's an issue with loan numbers and applying the payment correctly.

What's key here, is that we've paid our money to satisfy that month, and are still looking at negative credit reporting because Wells Fargo did not apply our money to where it should have gone. This has happened before--multiple times, and it is a mistake on Wells Fargo's part. I could not be a more dissastified customer.

I strongly recommend anyone who is credit conscious to avoid doing anything credit-related with Wells Fargo. I wouldn't even open a credit card with them, let alone another student loan. I am trying very hard to escape them as a company, as I'm trying to raise my credit score to refinance my student loans with another company, but they make it increasingly difficult with bullshit mistakes, that further impact your credit--even if you've paid your money on time for that month.

Stay away from them. They are possibly the worst student lenders in existence today. I don't even mind the debt--I just want to pay my money somewhere else.

  • Feb 6, 2019

Rcvd call from supposed wells fargo home restoration dept to help with modification of existing Mtg. They came up with reduced monthly pay and had to pay by using wallmart money Ccrd each month.

Rcvd demand notice from collector before forclouseras money did not pay Wells Fargo fraud. No notice was sent out by wells fargo to us regarding scam using their name.

  • Dec 11, 2018

Customer service doesn't care about everyday folk.

They take my money, lend it, and charge me to store it. For example, they charged me fees for dipping below a certain amount in my accounts, limit activites on my savings account, and charge fees for all sorts of activites.

To be taken seriously by the bank requires having a lot of money in the bank.

  • Dec 3, 2018

We have lived in our home coming up on 13 years.In Nov 2015 my husband got laid off from the job he has had for 15 years. He was out of work for 17 months.However we diligently made every house payment for 15 months.Thankfully he found a job in month 17 at less pay of course. As soon as we had all need information we went to Wells Fargo and made arrangements to bring our mortgage current. They were great at working with us that time.In August 2018 we were unable to make our mortgage payment of 1200.00.

We went to Wells Fargo immediately and entered into a repayment agreement, which raised our payments from 1200.00 to 1500.00 per month.It has been extremely hard for us to make those payment and be able to afford groceries for the next 2 weeks, but we have struggled and scrimped but kept up our end of the repayment agreement, we are getting ready to send the 3rd of 6 1500.00 payments. Which is making it extremely difficult to do Christmas for our 3 boys.But wells Fargo is not following the agreement, they have not credited any of our payment to our mortgage account. They told us that once we make the last 1500.00 payment everything will be credited to our account.

Meanwhile we have no idea where the money is at. It also makes our mortage account delinquent which wells Fargo used to justify selling the servicing of our loan to another company that specializes in collecting delinquent accounts. It will also reflect delinquent payments on our credit. Reading the acknowledgment and agreement of the temporary repayment plan we entered into with wells Fargo item number 8 states "When the services, Wells Fargo, accepts and post a payment", it does not say they will hold any payment. We went into one of their offices to try and figure out what is going on but were told the account is closed so they can't give us any information.

We feel the actions by Wells Fargo are retaliatory in nature due to the fact we disagreed with the disposition of an insurance check meant for repairs to our home. So as of today our roof is leaking badly in lots of places, part of the ceiling in master bathroom still hanging down from ceiling (seems very dangerous, can't be health for us breathing in insulation floating in air), master bedroom ceiling came through ceiling and fan hanging dangerously above our bed, roof leaking in at least 6 other places, and 1/4 of ceiling in garage leaking as well, our account showing not paid and servicing of our loan sold to company specializing in delinquent account collections

  • Oct 13, 2018

Oh, I think we have been had by a big corporation and nothing will be done about it. We're just little common folk and the rich people get richer by our expense. The take because we're old & don't know any better. We can't afford fancy lawyers to fight them and they know this. I would never buy another home or car through Wells Fargo nor do I recommend anyone I know to! It's a bad company. The President of the company walked away with millions in his pockets and was never punished for what he did to the public. He hurt us so bad. I am PTSD, ADLD, have Anxiety, Bipolar 1, and Depression. Do you know how many timesI came close to killing myself over this. We can't even afford floors or furniture in our home. We walk on concrete. We need updated window. The inside and outside of our house needs painting. Our bathrooms needs updating . Everything in our house needs updating. Our garage goes up when it wants too. We have to hire someone to mow our yard. If he & my daughter hasn't had a fight. We can barely pay our bills each month. It's a horrible way to live each month when you live on a fixed income!

  • Jun 20, 2018

I want to preface this review by saying my complaint is not directed at my local wells fargo branch. Everyone there is great, and they are the only reason i continue to bank with wells fargo. By now everyone knows how wells fargo has treated their customers until recently by opening accounts without their clients’ knowledge. If you believe them, they have made amends and no longer do that. They have a huge tv ad campaign going on now about how they have lost the public's trust and they are working to regain it. I just want to alert the public of another way their clients are being screwed.

I have both personal and business accounts with wf. On june 13th, i deposited a check from a client in the amount of $17,206.50. I was notified on the 15th that the check was being put on hold because of insufficient funds. I called my client and told them the news and they were surprised because the check had been paid and the funds withdrawn from their account on june 14th, less than 24 hours after the deposit was made. On tuesday, june 19th, the funds were still being withheld from my account. I was told on the phone by a wf customer service rep that i had to wait 5 business days from the date of deposit before i could make an official request that the money be credited to my account.

When i called back on wednesday the 20th i was told by another rep that i had to file an "official request to get the hold removed". After being put on hold for about 10 minutes he came back online and said the hold "would be removed tomorrow" and i told them that wasn't good enough because they had my client’s funds to cover the check since the 14th. He then told me that the hold would be removed "by the end of the business day today or first thing tomorrow morning" and someone would call me when that had been done. He also told me that "federal law allows them to withhold funds for up to 6 days."

As of 3 pm today June 21st) the funds still have not been credited to my account! i called wf customer service again and was told that no request had been filed to release the funds! so, i had to go through the whole process again waiting even longer on hold this time. So, i'm wondering, if wf has had the funds to cover my deposit for a week now, why do i have to file a request to have them released to my account?

Now, i do want to say that in the past i have deposited larger checks than this one and never had to wait more than two days for it to show up in my account. Now i'm wondering if this is just another way that wf has devised to take advantage of the "float" before making funds available to their customers? What really irks me is that i was told that the check was being held for insufficient funds when in fact the funds had been removed from my client's account less than 24 hrs. After i made my deposit! and when they notified me on the 15th of "insufficient funds at time of inquiry" they were already holding the funds that would cover my clients check. Personally, i don't believe there were insufficient funds at time of inquiry. This same client had given me a much smaller check several weeks earlier that was returned for insufficient funds. In that case wf charged me $12! why didn't they charge me $12 this time around? Was it because they had the funds but figured i would buy into their lie? Given wf's past record it wouldn't surprise me a bit if they have a computer program that spots situations like this and spits out insufficient funds notices and then uses it as an excuse to without funds long after they've collected them!

It seems that wf hasn't learned their lesson and is still up to their dirty tricks. If wf randomly does that to a million customers a day the amount of money it generates for them must be enormous. This whole episode was personally embarrassing for both me and my clients. The funds were always there to cover their check and wf lied in saying that there were insufficient funds. Currently, with electronic funds transfers, i can see no reason for withholding funds availability for more than 24 hours Other than putting more profit into wf's already bloated coffers)!

News flash: i just got a call from someone at wf complaint department. Probably because i trashed them in a customer service survey they emailed me earlier today). They finally credited the deposit i made 8 days ago and for my time and aggravation they credited $21.00 back to my account for "fees" that i paid for viewing photo copies of other checks i had deposited Another wf rip-off)! big deal! i told the person i talked to that i was just getting ready to push the send button to when he called. Unfortunately, $21 is not nearly enough to reimburse me for all the time and aggravation i've endured over the last several days!

  • May 21, 2018

Wells Fargo bank added over $1900 of esrow fees to my account causing my house payment to rise and now it's impossible to get rid of them. I paid them for two years on this house and paid extra to pay down my principal. They now say because my escrow is short I need to pay another over 400 to be put in escrow and if not they are raising my payment almost another $30 and my total due is over $1900 I need to pay total for their escrow. I asked if I could just pay my taxes and insurance on my own and they said the type of loan it is prohibited. Really? I'm on a fixed income and have to pay almost all of my insufficient retirement money I worked for over 30 years and paid into just to get by and pay my bills with very little left for food. So that's another hit on my minsucule income. Don't ever take out a mortage with Wells Fargo! Just a warning to anyone who wants to buy a house as they'll add and keep adding to your payment even if your T&I didn't go up that much. So my T&I went up but they're saying I have to pay more that I actually will owe into escrow! I was going to try to do a refi but that would add even more to the mortgage and fees are ridiculous with these banks. These banks are "crooks" and when will we all "wake up"! Don't Do business with Wells Fargo or take out a mortgage as they'll rake you with extra's and fees.

  • May 17, 2018









  • May 17, 2018

Reached to Wells Fargo for a loan modification to save home, and Take Charge America. No contact from Take Charge or never received paperwork. Gassed to loan modification person, who's suppose to help me, never did. Would never answer phone or return calls. Sent in monies, not while amount, but got sent back twice. Why? Because of bank, they foreclosed and stole everything I worked so hard for. Just needed a lil more time.

  • Feb 6, 2018

This Bank ruined me financially in my senior years {WELLS FARGO] who the hell is overseeing this malady. CFBP is now almost a joke if you have ever made a complaint about a bank you can't seem to make another as the website says "the case was closed!!??" I have multiple complaints with W.f.

I left word at GCG that I want to talk with the attorneys who settled this case. I believe her name is Debra Clark Weintraub and or Michael Reese both I believe practice out of Garden City L.I. N.Y. Somewhere in the court [search below the website underscored]doc. case # 4:08-cv-00507-RP-CFB doc. 264 filled 2/8/15 33 pgs. the class counsel got the usually 1/3 plus interest, plus expenses and more plus, I did not see where co-ordinating or subgroups were paid. etc..Each plaintiff [how many ?] also received a service fee of 10grand.

I actually had to live through this ordeal & I received an insulting amount. I was held up for more than five years of selling my home directly because of their unethical and known delaying practices within most all departments. Some weeks more than two in-house inspections, multiple drive-bys even in one week and hours pulling off sticky gooey notices plastered on surfaces as I was still living in the home. On bottom page of 18, I lost it when I read the lies that W.F had perpetrated.

They were so engrossed in their tom foolery they had no idea what to say to consumers because I believe they were so big into chaos they couldn't oversee what was happening. I realize this is my perception but without blatantly calling them criminals I cannot logically deduce any other. conclusion. However, this isn't only about Wells Fargo anymore. If you go to wells fargo property inspection settlement . com or try to call their number it's another round-robin game with no humans available. You can take the time to read the many layers if you have the patience

I applaud you if you excluded yourself from the suit. As I was unaware as I do not remember receiving any notices to quit suit as Wells Fargo as if you were a customer you were automatically included.[?] Who keeps track after so many years, plus the notice in N.Y.T is something I don't read in VT. There are many pages dedicated to why counsels fee are relevant. They did participate for 5,6 years, although many motions were files and oppossed,multiple courts and judges were involved so actual time att. spent I have no idea. To me, the math is wrong, more than a mil a yr. for as far as I can comprehend for two lawyers.

I am too d**n livid at this very moment. After ruining me on so many different levels someone ?? has the audacity to send me a $2.50 cent check. frigging unbelievable! If anyone is in the same boat please leave a response AS THIS IS beyond UNACCEPTABLE! I was hoping this was a huge clerical error but I did not get that impression speaking with the representative [luis] this morning as I asked how many irrate callers had you this morning 2/5/18 I rec'd my ck. Saturday 2/3/18. I was impressed they were still answering phones, I wonder if we'll continue to get a human there?

  • Jan 18, 2018

Online sign up was impossible according to 3 1/2 phone conversation with 4 different Wells Fargo employees. Reminder paper statements stopped after a few month, even though we did not opt out. Only a courtesy they say! No courtesy call. No late notice. Immediate repossesion is their answer. We found out they used imaginary phone numbers to contact us as well as a non existing mailing address. No courtesy, even though they advertise it as their philosophy. Never have we done a thing wrong in our life. Credit score was just under 800 with no reports ever. Yet they declined my check and crumbled our score with rudness and pleassure. This will have a dramatic impact on our home loan we intendet to apply for. Never will we finance wil Wells Fargo again. Looking at other reviews, apparently we are not alone.

  • Dec 6, 2017



I went to the Wells Fargo branch located at 1121 S. Broad St., Trenton, NJ. on Saturday 12/2/17 at approximately 1 PM, to withdraw funds from 2 seperate cards, (Families First, & Direct Express). I was to then deposit the money into my Wells Fargo checking account to pay the months rent, (due by 12/5), and to purchase groceries on 12/6/17.

I first tried to withdraw from the Families First card. The ATM displayed a screen that simply said, "Cannot Complete Transaction." I assume there is an issue on the card's end that I need to resolve, so I then try to withdraw the monthly disability funds from the Direct Express card, and I get the same error. Now I assume the ATM must be out of money. I go to the alternate ATM located at the front of the same branch.To complete my transactions only to find that although the ATM did not dispense any money whatsoever, both cards showed the withdrawals as valid.

I returned home and immediately called the bank. I was told that there was nothing they could do since the branch was closed, but to file dispute claims on both cards. I was told that the error will be rectified once the ATM is balanced on Monday, although I should file the claim just "to be safe." When filing the claim with social services/Families First, we were told that they have been receiving calls all morning regarding Wells Fargo ATM's, leading me to realize that my issue is not isolated.

On Monday morning I contacted the bank and was told that it could take 3-5 days to resolve their machine's error. I then explained that my rent would become overdue on Tuesday, 12/5, and I would then be charged a late fee. I requested a simple letter stating there was a malfunction with their ATM, to give to my landlord to explain the lateness. I was told that the bank does not give out any letters or anything in writing.

I escalated my issue to Wells Fargo's executive complaint department, (866-878-5865). I spoke with Jesse Okoi at length. After placing me on several extended holds i was finally told that the bank could not do anything because they are not their cards. I reminded him of the fact that the problem was a direct result of their ATM's malfunction, and further they could simply view the security camera footage to substantiate my story. Still nothing offered. Finally before ending the call I explained to him that these were the only funds that a family below the poverty level will receive all month and that this problem will directly result in my inability to pay my rent or purchase food. I further informed him that I planned to contact my local newspaper, The Trentonian, and well as to make this known on every social media site possible since they won't even as much as acknowledge the error. I was asked to wait, then was placed on hold once again, and when Jesse returned he asked me I wanted exactly. I explained that I of course need the money refunded, but in the interim I would be willing to wait if they would just give me something to give my landlord, if the money hasn't been restored by Tuyesday, 15/5, as my rent is due today. He agreed to these terms, told me that he will be arriving to the office at 9AM CST, and that I was given priority status for then, as wel as a case #3445588.


I finally receive a call from Jesse at 12:08 PM, and to the point Jesse's entire outlook on the situation has changed when I told him the money had not yet been returned. He stated that he never said that I would be furnished with a letter for my landlord, and further reverted to his original position of Wells Fargo's lack of any fault. I told him that I was through with the bank and that I would attempt to resolve my issue via alternate routes that I described the previous day.

As I am typing this I receive another call from Jesse at approximately 1PM which states that I should call the cardholders and remind them of "Regulation E," to get them to address my claim.

I will continue to publish this factual account regarding Wells Fargo's handling , or I should say mishandling of this situation. I will also be forwarding this to any and all reporters and or/newspaper editors that I can find contact information for until this situation is resolved. If this matter is resolved is a positive manner I will be sure to follow up with that experience as well.


My family has been treated horribly, why would you be treated any differently?

  • Nov 30, 2017

WELLS FARGO IRA ADVISORS Some simple facts for you to think about. As you can read on these pages, there are thousands upon millions of Americans who have been sold out by Congress and corrupt banking and investment institutions. Without beating a dead horse or repeating what should be obvious to those of you intelligent enough to be reading these reports, you are being “screwed like a tied up goat.” One of the first in line to sell you and your retirement out is WELLS FARGO. The fact is, you can probably loose less money – money that you or your loved ones WILL need later by using a WELLS FAARGO IRA for your toilet paper. As much as I hate litigation, where are the mega-billion dollar class action when the entire country needs them? These are the facts for your benefit, and for the benefit of those individuals who have been sold out by congress, and / or marketing scammers, numbers players, and greed driven entities and people -- who are in the business of ripping you off --people who don’t do their research, based on my own opinions and experiences in life. It is up to you to report your experiences to your state attorney general, your political representatives, and on line. Sharing your experiences and opinions through non-violence, is your right and duty no matter if you are young or old, your education, your color, or history, or your political affiliations. You are guaranteed by the first amendment of the U.S. constitution. You can trust, but you must also verify because your are risking your future and the future of your friends and children if you do not. Support your real patriots through your financial, spiritual, and non-violent actions. This includes law enforcement and fire – rescue who are true American heroes. For those of you who still have a brain, use it and think about this. Question everything. I’m right on the mark with this, but if you disagree, you are also free to tell me so or voice your opinion, or the opinion

  • Nov 10, 2017

I want to file this claim to inform whomever is concerned about Wells Fargo Bank taking advantage of my elderly mother. She is currently 76 yrs old .... born may 21 1941. We've recently been informed that she was repeatedly approved and given large loans .... for a new car, home repairs, debt relief, etc. My family is outraged due to the fact that she is very obviously not in a condition or mindset to be accepting these loans at all! We strongly feel that she should never have been approached by wells fargo "professionals" regarding matters of such serious responsibility in the first place. It also seems that with my family banking with the establishment for such a long period of time - and having built such a solid .....

or so we thought ... business relationship with wells fargo that it seems extremely unethical as well as disrespectful for them to have gone to these lengths to make money or quotas . We feel deeply saddened and hurt by the actions of wells fargo and its employees .... as a result of misleading my mother into getting these loans ... we are now running into issues with the estate being settled and/or any assests awaiting to be addressed being affected. Our family has been through so much over the years .... and now to have this to add to it all is very unfortunate. Please stop this from happening to anyone else and their families. Enough is enough. Sincerely, The Gonzales Family

  • Nov 8, 2017

This bank protects scammers and refused to help me get $2700 back that was stolen from me. The bank knew that the account was committing fraud and stealing from others just like me but still allowed them to continue and protect them. I would avoid banking with Wells Fargo at all costs. They have been shown to condone unethical practices in the past and I have seen it myself. I have a police report and the bank even has notes on the account that stole from me that it has done the exact same to others but Wells Fargo refused to assist in any way to help or stop this practice. I am sure others will have the same happen to them due to the blatant disregard of ethical banking.

  • Oct 9, 2017

I spent 150 plus on 2 different itune cards they said that their debit card system was down and out to work, they hacked my system and lied to me went i want to my bank i knew to close down my joint back account was hacked so i closed it down right away casuse i put my kids money in there too. He told me that his name was Bryan Davis and told me that i was approved for a person payday loan and then i get phone calls about goverenment grants too omg what the hell this is not right and its wrong too. i am getting fed up and pissed off i want to find them and hit them in the arms and legs too. i have a family of 4 with one that was suppose to be on the way but i tripped and fell on metal last month we are taking our bank business very serious everyday to. thank you.

  • Sep 27, 2017

I am a victim of the poor services of wells fargo bank, My husband suffered a stroke in Dec of 2015, in feb of 2016 i called the bank to make arragements on the morgage payments, I spoke with JOHN who advised me to call the very next day to make a payment and set-up arragements, Ilike a fool took his word for it and called the next day to make a payment At which time i was advised that the house went into FORECLOURE AS OF MID-NIGHT THE NIGHT BEFORE,I will take it to my grave that JOHN WAS AWARE OF THE STATUS ON THE MORGAGE AND THAT IS WHY HE REFUSED MT PAYMENT,WE have spent over 10,000 dollars in lawyer fees etc and they will not make arragements, PLEASE ADVISE EVERYONE YOU KNOW DO NOT DEAL WITH WELLS FARGO AT ALL

  • Sep 2, 2017

Ashley hawthorne keeps on falsely accusing me of harassing her. She is using her position at wells fargo to unlawfully harass me and get me in trouble. This time she has got the entire wells fargo company against me. I was told around 04/2015 after i tried to log into my online account and it wouldn't let me. I called wells fargo and they told me that someone had tried to hack into my account which I don't believe. They told me that I had to come in and try to take care of it.

Then they give me the run around but finally i was able to open me a new checking account. The next time that I came in there was ashley hawthorne standing at the front entrance. Let me point this out i had no idea that she was in their at the time. i was in there taking care of my own banking business.

After a few minutes of talking with the banker the police showed up she had made a false 911 call because the police department is just down the street. But the police didn't do nothing to me because they looked confused about hey whats going on here.

I only had my new account open 4 weeks one day i called to check my balance and this was on 06/17/2015 and it took me to a live banker who told me that my account was closed and they was sending me a cashier check for the remaining money in my checking account.

Then I received a threatening and abusive letter from Dane Chambers saying that wells fargo was exercising their right to close my account. And i wasn't allowed to enter any wells fargo bank. Even if i had a home loan or any other loan. And i was to conduct business over the phone or e-mail.

Dane chambers had me tried and convicted based on what ever ashley hawthorne had said to him about me. They just can't violate peoples civil rights by telling them that if they had a loan they couldn't come in a wells fargo bank to see about it.

Wells fargo lied saying they don't get involved in domestic. Well wells fargo got involved on ashley hawthorne behalf to close my account. Ashley hawthorne is using her position to unlawful harass me.

  • Sep 2, 2017

I have two accounts for 29 years at wells fargo. I have a little over $2000 worth of fraudulent charges on my credit card and I have gone to the branch and spent hours on the phone trying to clear this up. I have signed all the necessary documents stating the charges are fraudulent. Now they cancelled my card and sent me to collections because I said I wouldn't pay on this card until they remoed the fraudulent charges. This has gone on since March2017.

  • Sep 2, 2017

I have had two accounts with wells fargo for 29 years. My checking account is being used for my go fund me account since my horse and I were attacked by a pit bull. My horse has had 3 surgeries and has been in Chino Valey Equine Hospital for almost 60 days. I need the money and they should not be able to "hold it". Then they made me get a new checking account and it still says they are not giving me the $800 I am owwed. This is a desperate situation sinch I am trying to save my horses life and they are screwing me with both my checking (-$800) and the $2000 worth of fraud charges on my credit card. How can I get my money $800 from go fund me money and how can I get my credit card fraud taken care of.

  • Aug 21, 2017

Wells Fargo Reverse Mortgage Servicing transferred my reverse mortgage (sold) to Champion Mortgage of Dallas, Texas. I obtained this Wells Fargo Reverse in November, 2006. During the loan process I made it a point of asking, more than once, would this loan ever be transferred (sold) to another company. The loan agent repeated to me that would never happen.

On August 18,2017, I received a letter telling me the exact opposite of what I was told in 2006. I called Wells Fargo and was told they are no longer in the Reverse Mortgage business, as of September 1, 2017. I went to Google on the internet to look up Champion, whom I never heard of before, at Champion Mortgage, clicked on their FAQ's at top of page, Then clicked on the question "What happens to my Reverse Mortgage If I Pass Away or Move From The Home Permanently?" At the very bottom of that page, under their address is a "Disclaimer", which reads, "Champion Mortgage is a debt collector.

This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose." Wells Fargo turned out to be extremely unethical about saying they would not transfer (sell) my mortgage to another company, gave Reverse Mortgage Customers very short notification about what was just around the corner, this is deplorable conduct Wells Fargo's part.

Reverse Mortgage customers with Wells Fargo are Senior Citizens (ELDERLY), no compassion, no respect. I have two other accounts at Wells and I am moving to new bank after 24 years with them. I am in my 70's and afraid of what my daughter will have to deal with upon my passing. I feel extremely upset, depressed and sick to my stomach. To others out there, research Champion Mortgage on internet, also check Better Business Bureau sites on Champion. NOT GOOD!!!

  • Aug 18, 2017

I deposited my paycheck into my Wells Fargo account. I do this every Thursday at 7pm. I only had 1 dollar in my account and entered a check for 1030.00. The machine only noticed 30.00, not 1030! I have tons of bills due and I am now broke. I received an image of my check and you can clearly see the error that WELLLS FARGO made! I am not receiving any resolution

  • Aug 3, 2017

My name is Marlene V George a single mother of four, in 2012, I saved enough money to purchase this house located at Silver Spring MD . I paid my mortgage on time each month starting with my old mortgage company Monarch Mortgage, which was then obtain by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. I then got laid off August 2013. I lived on my savings, Severance pay and unemployment up until December 2015, with that income I paid my mortgage.

I applied for a Forbearance from December 2014 to November 2015, on the recommendation of Mr. Marcus Anderson an employee of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, to assist me in keeping my home and modify my monthly payment with a more affordable payment, if possible. I was told by him that it will help me so I could catch up on other bills and still pay my mortgage. He explained to me that after the forbearance I will get a modification and reinstate my mortgage payment starting January 2016 but to my surprise it was not so. I mailed in two mortgage payments in January and February 2016 and it was returned because I was told I would have to pay the balance of $18,000.00 after the forbearance. This was not told to me until later. If this was disclosed to me I would not have applied for this product.

I was mislead by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage employee. I was refused my mortgage reinstatement so I appealed several times only to be refused. This action by the bank caused me to go into default, meaning that they forced me into default. I called HUD which is supposed to help homeowners from become homeless with all those programs and I was told that I would have to work it out with the bank. The bank forced me to be in default, if they had taken my payments I would not be where I am now. Sad that these big companies/corporations defraud and cheat innocent people out of their homes and they are allowed to do so because nothing is been done.

I am very disappointed since knowing that the government bailed out these banks and they are still railroading honest innocent homeowners like myself so they can have the equity and the house. I feel cheated. I may not know how to explain this but I know I am being wronged. I would like to have access to any or all government programs that would allow me to keep my home and stop my children and I from become homeless. I have four other people who is going through this with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, each in different states and Puerto Rico.

Once and for all stop Wells Fargo from taking honest citizens homes. I have tried in vain to work with the bank but they keep being dishonest.

  • Jul 25, 2017

It's not the first time I consolidated all my debts by taking advantage of a credit card promotion. Beware of Wells Fargo super checks 12 months no interest at 4% transfer fee. Nowhere in the fine print said that the transfer fee will have to be paid in advance. I had to come up with $502 for my first payment.

  • Jul 19, 2017

In 2012 I set up my LLC, I went into Wellsfargo Bank on Louetta & 249 with all my documents from Federal and state agencies. I was asked for second ID and Social Security. I had no clue my Merchant Services account was set up with my mother name (who is not even on my LLC documents or on my business checking account). I was sent a Merchant Services Machine to my retail store and carried on. In 2015 I received a letter stating a credit card transaction of $288. would be charged to me since I did not chip the card and it was declared stolen. I called WF and informed them I could not chip the new cards because they failed to send me a new wireless chip reading terminal. One arrived soon after but not the $288 that was taken out of my account. I packed up old machine as instructed and sent it back. When I decided to open a new location I went back to Louetta WF and opened a second checking account and order a clover machine for new store. I did my first transaction and waited for money to be deposited in new account. Nothing, I called WF and found out the Clover was set up for old location.

Contract was sent for me to sign for new merchant account only to find out my mother was named owner under my SS. I told Andrew DeLauder I could not sign this form because it had wrong info; he told me sign it anyways and they would straighten out my new LLC account from my old sole propriatorship later. I informed him that is banking fraud and I would not sign, I have been a LLC since 2012 and had no clue why he was telling me I was not. A week later new contract showed up, before I could sign I noticed high merchant Srvices fees coming out of my account. I find out the original machine that did not was not chip compliant was not received by WF, so I was being charged $56. a month for non-refund fees. It also was the same time my merchant fees for the DateOne terminal was up, it was past 4 yrs so I owned the machine and I was no longer under contract. I was told by a Kevin they would wave the non return fee if I returned the machine I was using at old location.

It comes down to they wanted me to sign a contract for Clover at my first location. Waive fees on a machine they probably did receive but was scrapped by them since it was not reusable. So to stop the $56. a month fee I would have to sign a contract for a new $120. clover machine at my old location. What a scam, I learned my fees went up to 2.8, all credit cards that cashed rewards credit cards had a even higher fee to them. So it seems Wells Fargo wants to destroy all Small Business in America by heaping us with fees and hidden charges. I am a single woman and a small business owner; I opened a second location because I could not get ahead and I could not understand why. Well I now know why, it's callled Merchant Services. Their is no way to get ahead because Wells Fargo will always find away to hit you with fees. Do not use Wells Fargo for your Merchant Services even if it is convient because you bank with them. DO your homework and buy your own credit card machine, than find a company to process your credit card with no hidden fees. The delay in deposit is worth it financially in the long run.

  • Jul 12, 2017

I now regret my loan with WFDS...was paying on time (and some) for the first three years on my loan. No Issues.. but when I got injured at work and needed assistance, was able to only get a 2 month deferment and they repossessed my car anyway! Even when I had an agreement plan to pay. After sitting on line everyday for a week to get an update on how much I owed to get my car back I had family help me out to pay back fees and pick up fees for the car (had to pick it up in LA).And since this was done within the 2 week period before my car would be on the auction block, in the state of CA your loan has the right to be re-instated once you pay the past due balance if done within the time they give you to pay, I made this payment 3 days before the cutoff.

After all that turmoil, went to the bank the following month to make a payment and was turned away as my loan number is no longer in their database... What the heck??? Called several WFDS numbers, was given AGAIN a loss recovery phone number to a person who NEVER answers the phone. I need my loan reinstated from a Charge Off to active status. I refuse to pay on a loan and NOT regain credit history for the remaining term of my loan.... DO NOT, I REPEAT deal with WFDS... I agree with all of you on this panel, we are all just a number to them and they do not care enough to listen...

  • Jun 12, 2017

Wells Fargo has stolen my money from my disability check for 8months. They have inflated NSF fees. They wouldn't send me any paperwork. I repeatedly went there month after month trying to resolve this issue. Each time being assured it was taken care of, and it never was. The last meeting I had with the branch manager, the one who helped me in the past, told me that I've been scammed by them and I'm not getting a dime back.

  • Jun 8, 2017

I'm a victim of identity theft and Wells Fargo only goes after the victims and not the ones who committed the crimes!!! I have been fighting this since November 2016 with nothing but the run around... Now they​ are Blackmailing​ me to pay them the money in wich I didn't take or they will keep on check systems!!! They have done nothing but taunt me and lead me on! Never Bank with this company! They will nickel and dime you for not doing a thing and they are not on your side when you are the one paying there salary!!! I can't​ believe that​ it is legal for corporations to steal from the innocent, especially when I have gift wrapped all the info they need to get those jerks!!!!

  • May 19, 2017

I have been a long time customer of Wells Fargo and they recently moved my online payment service to a new platform and they have appeared to restrict my access to older accounts which are now inactive, lose some of my payment history data...and who knows what other issues. I also had two auto payment accounts deleted somehow, resulting in a credit bureau derrogatory statement. Who can I talk to at CNN to share this story and put pressure on the bank to be honest with me (and thousands of other consumers) regarding what has happened to my personal financial data?

  • Apr 18, 2017

Albert Franco of Wells Fargo shopped my personal financial information to other lenders without my permission. when I confronted him he said he thought he could get me a better deal, but this was only after I found out and was contacted by a completely different lender. I imagine he is getting a kickback or some kind of compensation because it wasnt out of the goodness in his heart.

Throughout the process at Wells Fargo he came across as someone who was impatient, rude, and wanted to get me through the process the way he wanted it to go. He brushed off many of my questions as if he knew what was best for me. There was very little concern for my wishes on his behalf. Long story made short, when I found out I stopped taking his calls and took my business to someone else I could trust. I am in the process of notifying Wells Fargo, but more concerning was searching his name brought up a rap sheet a mile long.

This guy has had previous convictions on everything from felony violent crimes, substance abuse, and reports of fraud. How in the world can he still be working around other peoples information and money. This guy is a total crook!

  • Apr 12, 2017

Let me start by saying this was resolved, but only due to my due diligence. I went to the drive up location at the Goleta Branch and attempted to make a deposit of $1020. After inserting all of my bills which were excellent condition five $100 bills the were pretty used including two $5 bills one $10 bills and the rest $20, one torn on the corner. When it asked me to confirm it was crediting only $920. I had all $1020 returned from the machine and went inside. The teller and manager were very kind and offered an explanation of a machine that needs cleaning or is affected by the elements and they apologized and I'm certain they were sincere, the Wells Fargo on the other hand, known for its Criminal Activity I do not trust. As the teller stated, "good thing you checked, lots of people don't​.". Please always count and confirm your deposit before confirming it on the ATM. I hope this was an isolated incident, but if not let's make sure it is investigated. How many people leave $100 short and don't realize it?

  • Mar 14, 2017

I have WellsFargo for my home and car loans. Both for the last four years have been stealing from me by charging for insurance I already have. . I call to fix the insurance mistake on their end and they fight to not help me and really have never helped. I mail the information and it gets lost. I go online to the and nothing. I am so pissed because it has been 3 years of paying twice for insurance for both my home and car. I tried to get a second insurance company for both my home and car and the Insurance company stated I already had insurance and I was not able to double up on insurance. So how come WellsFargo is able to put insurance on my loans while they are already fully insured? Why, well I know its a scam and it has to be illegal. I do not know what else I can do other than let others know. I have paid off my car and they are now telling me since the loan is closed they will not back pay all the insurance money they have stold.

  • Feb 23, 2017

After attempting to sell our home for more than a year and being unable to find a buyer, my husband lost his job and we had to move for a new one. We paid the mortgage on top of the rent on our new place for six months, hoping it would sell, but finally exausted our savings and contacted the mortgage company, Wells Fargo about a short sale. We were assigned a Home Preservation Specialist, Faith Montoya, and were instructed to call her anytime with questions or problems. She was our assigned point of contact. To this day, more than seven months later, we have never once been able to get a hold of her. NOT ONCE.

We explained the situation, and they told us that we could stop making payments and start the application process for a short sale. We collected all kinds of required documentation and faxed it to the number. Weeks passed. We called "Faith Montoya", but the number we called didn't get us to Faith Montoya; it got us to the collections department, because we were now late with our mortgage payment. No matter who we called, we could not get anyone to give us to Faith Montoya. Someone finally informed us that they had somehow not received several pages of the fax, even though they ahd received all of the other pages. No one had bothered to tell us. We refaxed those pages. Days went by. We called to find out what was going on, and had to go through the collections department again, because the number for "Faith Montoya" did not get us to her. They had no record of receiving the faxes, even though this time we had kept the proof that the faxes had gone through. We discovered that the faxes are delivered through a system in India or somewhere, and then scanned in by employees there; apparently, if they drop the ball and miss the fax or some pages, there's nothing we can do. Our house and our life and our credit gets screwed over.

We faxed the pages, and kept faxing them. We faxed them repeatedly, at least thirty times in a day. We decided it was the only way to make sure our lives weren't ruined. It had been two months since we began the short sale process, and our credit score had dropped tremendously from two missed payments, and we still weren't in the short sale process! Finally, we received a call letting us know they had received the fax. It worked. Then, we began receiving demands for other kinds of documentation. They didn't believe we didn't have other jobs or other income. They wanted all kinds of nonsensical stuff. (My husband, the only borrower on the house, sent in a hardship letter; that wasn't enough- they wanted a separate one from me as well!). Every time we would fax papers with ridiculous "letters of explanation" stating that we didn't have non-existent jobs or non-existent sources of income (for which they had no reason to suspect, other than suspicion, because we sent them complete bank records!) they would request more. We sent them our bank accounts. They ask for the EXACT SAME BANK ACCOUNTS- in my name. They didn't even bother to look at the account numbers to see that they were joint accounts. And every time, we had to fax them multiple times because they "wouldn't receive them" for weeks.

This whole process took four months AFTER we first submitted the paperwork, just to get the application completed. Then, come to find out, they don't pay the minimum commission!!!! So our realtor backed out just as the short sale process was supposed to be ready to begin- they had never told him or us this before! In addition, at the same time, they sent us a short sale contract agreement that contained clauses that were unacceptable- we had told them previously that we no longer lived in the house or anywhere near it, so we would be unabel to keep up utilities, maintenance, snow removal, etc... but the contract they sent us explicitly stated that we woudl have to do all these things. We called every day, day after day, the number on the contract, Brittany Burns. We called the number of a customer service rep who had contacted us when we complained to the BBB before. We called the ever-elusive Faith Montoya (who we still don't believe exists.) We called Faith Montoya's boss, Sam Sieger. We called everyone we had spoken to at some point, trying to get someone to help us. We left voice mails. No one we spoke to could help us; no one they transferred us to would answer. No one we left voice mails for would call us back.

I complained to the BBB again, because the last time, it actually got them to return our calls, when the fax things was happening and we couldn't get anyone to talk with us. But this time, the company just said that the complaint had been resolved and they were done. We got a letter from them stating everything they had done to try to resolve the complaint- all of it was either false or misrepresented. Most of it was stuff they SAID they would do, but never actually did. Finally, we just gave up. No one would speak to us. We couldn't sign the contract as it was. Our realtor had quit and no one else was going to do it for the commission they were offering on the short sale. And our point of contact, Faith Montoya, DOES NOT EXIST. We believe she is not a real person- some kind of scapegoat the company has made up to blame when people get screwed over.

Last month, about a month after all this went down, a realtor contacted us about people interested in our home. We took her on. We got an offer, amazingly. Now we have been trying to reach Wells Fargo to get them to agree to this offer, which is near market value (like, $1000 under.). They told us we would have to start the short sale process ALL OVER AGAIN because the application expired. It expired because they wouldn't return our calls!!!! Words cannot express our frustration. Our house is now in the foreclosure process. We are hoping to get a buyer who will pay full price, but we are not otimistic about being able to get Wells Fargo to get the paperwork through no matter what. We just got a letter today from "Faith Montoya". It thanks us for "speaking with her today", and apologizing that we couldn't come to an agreement regarding available options (meaning we didn't want to start the short sale process again because they screwed it up so bad last time and we don't have another 5-6 months to waste with our credit already ruined and the house in foreclosure!) We have NEVER SPOKEN TO HER, and this letter says that we have!!! Another outright lie!! They are sending false documentation to pretend that they are doing things that they are NOT doing, just like they did before when we complained to the BBB.

These people are either incompetent or avoid doing their jobs properly at all costs, and they will lie and create false paper trails to cover up their incompetence/laziness. Don't even bother trying to work with them- your life, your credit, your finances will suffer more if you do. You would think they want to avoid foreclosure at all costs, but they don't care. I don't know how they get away with it. This should be illegal. At the very least, what they are doing is unethical and it's terrible business practice for them as well. Our lives are certainly ruined, at least for the next few years.


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