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Country United States
State Alabama
City Los Angeles
Address 800 S Hope St b10, Los Angeles, CA 90017
Phone (800) 840-5996

WebNX Reviews

  • Jan 10, 2021

I initiated a complaint against this company for hosting a website that enages in anti-semitism, racism, and hate speech. I spoke to the manager today and he referred to these things as not being nice on the internet and that he cannot do much. Then proceeded to defame me in a complaint I made against the company using BBB by stating that I was being abusive and provided no evidence to the matter. Not only is this slander, but its disgusting.

I had to go back and open up the case with BBB again by submitting proof that I infact was not being abusive. They continued to lie and state that I was on an hour long call with their employee and that I had called multiple times? At that point I had spoken to them twice. And emailed twice because no one was responding, I was being ignored and hung up on. I have since had to notify my facebook group and contact an attorney because of these disguting people.

  • Jun 12, 2020

Daniel pautz warning!! scam!! scam!! daniel pautz they may use broken parts!! the server that they provided to me for rental constantly rebooted over and over unexpectedly, and when i brought this to their attention, they told me that it may be a "driver" issue and they suggested that "i" looked into it, not them. I had a plesk expert review the server for almost 2 hours and they confirmed that the system does likely have driver issues or failed hardware. This means that the windows os Or the hardware) that webnx provided is likely the cause of the constant reboots, but when i asked for a refund they refused. Then i told them that i would "force" a refund by claiming a fraudulent charge with my bank the owner daniel pautz then responds by telling me that he was cancelling my account and that i had 2 hours to move my server Which was certainly not enough time to move a whole server to a completely new one)...

...This guy was just trying to cause harm.

I suggest you avoid the hard he may cause you; they do not stand behind their product when something breaks. You could loose everything thanks to daniel pautz.

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