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Warrantech Corporation

Country United States
State Texas
City Bedford
Address 2200 Highway 121 Ste 100
Phone (800) 833-8801

Warrantech Corporation Reviews

  • Oct 15, 2020

We are an appliance company that used to sell their extended warranties. It would take MONTHS to be paid after we ran a service call and did the repair. We would have to call numerous times just to get paid after waiting months. We ran a service call and the refrigerator was not repairable. They were supposed to give us the amount of $2069.00 towards exchanging the refrigerator for the customer. The customer was to pay the balance and the installation charges.

We exchanged the refrigerator for the customer, and filed the claim for the $2069.00 with Warrantech/NSI. We mailed the warranty claim form along with a copy of the customer's invoice by certified mail. We received the card back from the Postal Service stating that the paperwork had been delivered and signed for on 8/24.

It is now 10/16 and we have not received payment yet. We have called and get put on permanent hold without getting any resolution. This will be the last service call we run for this company, and if we do not receive payment by the end of this month, we will be taking them to court.

  • Jul 8, 2020

Warranty Solutions will not cover valid claims, Doing Business As (Warranty Tech). Warranty Solution will stonewall the claim process, they will make request of the garage that are unnecessary, time consuming and Warranty Solutions are not responsive. There is an effort to not disclose executive contacts to halt disputes. This tactic is a nationwide strategy under several different company names.

My claim was filed June 12, 2020, it is July 9, 2020 and it has not been authorized yet. Warranty Solutions states that you can choose your favorite license mechanic, but that is not true. Warranty Solutions requires that you maintain your vehicle to manufacturers specifications, but Warranty Solutions will force you to use aftermarket parts, if that is not a double standard, I do not know what is. The manufacturers know what is best when it comes to maintaining the vehicle but have no idea what quality of replacement parts should be used, (really)?

Warranty Solution’s advertising material is designed to mislead consumers!

1. Consumer can choose his mechanic

Well if the mechanic must use Warranty Solutions parts, the consumer is not actually choosing their own mechanic, because the garage you choose manufacturer might think the aftermarket part is not a quality part!

2. Consumer is entitled to up to $40.00 in rental reimbursement per day

Well the fact of the matter Warranty Solutions will maybe reimburse the actual time the vehicle is being repaired, so all the time Warranty Solutions is trying to find a way not to cover the claim the consumer is on the hook for the rental cost (I’m currently in the process for one month and counting)!

3. Warranty Solutions holds the consumers to the highest standards to maybe receive coverage

Warranty Solutions would like to provide the lowest possible part to satisfy their obligation, but you must maintain the highest standard to maybe receive coverage, (really)!

In closing, consumers need protection from these predators like Warranty Solutions, Warranty Tech etc. If the manufacturer is the standard for Warranty Solutions to consider a repair, then it only stands to reason that the manufacturer’s part should be part of the solution during repair. Agencies that are design to protect consumers from predators such as Warranty Solutions consumers are hoping that you will use the strength of your organization to ensure the consumer is protected.


Jerry McElroy

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