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Walmart Stores, Inc.

Country United States
State Arkansas
City Bentonville
Address 702 S.W. 8th Street
Phone 479-273-4000

Walmart Stores, Inc. Reviews

  • Oct 7, 2020

This intern pharmacist is harassing and abusing me for no reason at the Walmart neighborhood market, It all started back on 06/22/2020. When I was dropping off my family members' eye cream & they told me that. It would be ready in 30 minutes. So I did some other things came back 30 minutes later it still wasn't ready. They were claiming that there was no date on the Prescription & they asked me to drive around after me waiting. And they were 5 cars behind me.

I refused to then I showed them there was the date on the prescription. Then they told me they didn't have it in stock. So naturally, a person would get upset and tell them off. On 06/24/2020 when I refill for my Xanax was to be ready to be refilled. This intern pharmacist said oh it would be ready by 12:00 pm.

But I decided to call before going because of the problem with my family members' prescription they had given me. She refused to fill it she told me and she kept telling me that she would transfer it. To another pharmacy. I asked why when they had no problems filling it on 05/22/2020. She just kept telling me she could transfer it to another pharmacy. She was being a major B to me for no reason.

They started the problem. This pharmacist degraded me in front of the other employees. I can sue for slander.

This is advice I got from a lawyer. In Alabama, any false public and negligent speech that degrades, project hate, or ruins a persons reputation is defamatory. -This internt pharmacist caused other pharmacy employees to hate me and lied about me. I can sue for slander. She is only an intern pharmacist. They were the ones making an issue for no wanting to fill my prescription in the first place.

They caused the incident on 06/22/2020 about being misleading saying they would have my family members prescription ready & they didn't have it in stock in the first place. Then lied about me to this internt pharmacist for her to cause me grief and refusing to fill my prescriptions & causing me not to have my prescriptions being filled theirs at all.

This pharmacy staff all need to be fired. And Walmart needs to get people who know how to treat customers. This intern pharmacist is being out right mean to me for no reason.

  • Sep 16, 2020

I purchased a package of Smithfield Babyback ribs at your superstore in Hatillo PR on my way down from San Juan to Aguadilla. When I opened the package one day later the meat was rotten. I attempted to return the rotten meat to the nearest Walmart to my location in Isabella PR which is approximately 28 mins from Aguadilla. The returns department refused to accept the defective product despite your 100% Customer Satisfaction Policy. They directed me back to the original store of Purchase in Hatilllo which is 45mins from the Hatillo store.

I spoke with the asst store manager Juan Figueroa in the Isabella store who also directed me back to the place of purchase 45 minutes away from his store. I would have had to drive almost three hours to return a product that you sold me that was defective. I called you national customer service number who twice tried to connect me to Ouerto Rico Customer Service Department and Incompetence both instances I received a busy signal.

Over the years I have done a lot of business with Walmart but from today forward I will be boycotting Walmart blasting you on sicial media for your deceptive business practices . I find it disgusting and reprehensible that you would tteat a loyal customer in this manner manner over $13.68 that Was totally your fault and not mine. #walmartripoff

  • Aug 25, 2020

I purchased Raft Boat Set from Walmart in July for a trip I was taking with my 11 year old grandson. When he went out in it and I was in my pontoon boat, the raft leaked and I had to tie a rope to the raft and row against the wind to get him safely home. I am 71 and have a heart problem! I took the raft back to Walmart and was told they would not return it as I was missing the receipt. I asked the service people if they would write a note to say I was in trying to return it that day as I was not sure when I could no longer return the raft.

They said no! I emailed Walmart head Office and was told they had a no receipt, no return policy, but they would forward my request to the local store manager. The store manager never contacted me, nor did the store manager return the email I have sent.

I do not understand the problem, as the item says it was made for Walmart, unless they think I stole it, but I would still like better treatment! Today, banks, BC Hydro, Telus and many other companies are asking me to accept electronic statements and billing, so we are getting no to expect paper receipts. With Walmart, they want you to show your receipt on the way out, so you do not put the receipt back with your credit card, but have to have it in your hand on the way out. I try not to use bags, so I have no place to put the receipt until get back to the car. At the car, you put the stuff in the car and how knows where you put the receipt? I wonder if Walmart counts on us to lose the receipts?

Maybe you could warn people like me about Walmart and other stores like them that will not return items without a receipt. I guess part of the problem is I expect a store like Walmart would sell items that I did not have to return, not junk!

When I went online and put up a bad report on the item, they deleted it.

  • Jul 22, 2020

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  • Jun 28, 2020

I worked 2+ years for a retired blind college math teacher as a personal assistant.

I manage his purchases.

March 25, 2020 we ordered the Victor Reader Stratus 12 Daisy MP3 Player from Walmart online. It was a long while before he could try it.

It failed to play Daisy material that his government issued player could. The files 'were' Daisy, as I transferred the files myself onto his flashdrives.

On the last day allowed by Walmart to qualify for a refund, I got a receipt for it when I dropped off the item at a FedEx station.

  • Jun 12, 2020

Purchase a gift for someone person did not want so i returned

item was linsay tablet order number 3872058-578827

  • May 28, 2020

First walmarts site does not work properly and is unreliable. I ordered a office chair and got envelopes sent to me instead. Had to return them and basically had to demand they send the return address to my actual address. They kept telling me I had to print one out but I have no printer and all libraries are closed! wtf? duh! customer service is clueless. How am I suppose to print out a return label if the libraries are closed? Why not offer to send it to the customer anyway since it was their fault.

So I had to ask several times and demand one sent to me but they did and I returned it. Their website had an error and it was on them to make it right they could have been professional about it instead of being clueless.

Then I made a grocery order as usual using the option to pay upon pick up with my foodstamps. Instead they collected my card info from a prior walmart order and made unauthorized charges with it. They were suppose to charge me when I pick up my order with the proper from of payment that IS accepted by the way. I had been paying using my foodstamps the past 3 or 4 times with no issue. When I got their to pick my groceries I spoke with the manager telling him I needed that charge cancelled on my card and he basically said he cant do that. That I woud have to go inside to get it cancelled. wtf?

So for those who think walmart is some giving proactive business think again. That proves right there that they dont want work a little extra and send out groceries for us that dont want to take the high risk of going inside the THE WORST infected place in the usa right now. They dont want to send out groceries and help us out. They want to make us go inside.

So I called walmart customer service about unauthorized charges on my card and they blew me off..clueless once again and I also tried to connect with them online to get this fixed...they would not help and cut me off.

I will never shop at walmart again after this crap! NEVER They lost a regular customer. You cannot just use peoples cards without authorization. YOu cannot say you accept foodstamps then a week later say you dont when your website has not informed anyone and the check out is the same. Manager said they wont be accepting ebt starting june 8th...well...It is 5/29 not 6/8...They do it on purpose they dont want to take the extra mile and do their job right instead they want everyone to go inside the store and get their own groceries so they dont have to. Iv heard of others have the same complaint! They will charge your credit or debit card now without you knowing or authorizing it. If you do shop their dont store you bank info in their website they will use it without your permission. But who wants to support a company like this?!

I will never order or walk into a walmart again!

  • May 13, 2020

On April 6th, I placed an order for 2 boxes x 50 Face Masks on Walmart's website. Walmart's website showed blue face masks with description "10/20/50 PCS Disposable Face Mask 3Ply Hygiene Masks". My Order # was 2972087000901 for a total of $35.94.

On April 28th, when I went to pick up, I was aghast to see a totally wrong product being supplied as instead of 2 boxes of 50 masks each, they had supplied me just 2 individual masks of extremely filthy quality. I immediately sent an email to Walmart that's unanswered till this date and also contacted seller. Next day I got an email from a company called Musuos claiming that they supplied the same product that I ordered.

When I mentioned that I had pictures of the order showing the item I had originally ordered and also the one they supplied, Musuos changed their story offering me a 25% discount. When I insisted on the product I had originally ordered I got a response that they have now discontinued that product. I sent another email to Walmart on May 6th, that's also not responded till date. Meanwhile Musuos sent me an email letting me know that they were giving me a refund of $9. It's absolute cheating that I paid more than $13 for a mast that’s sold in Dollar stores for $2.

Now when I log in to my Walmart account I still see the original description of my order but "image is not available". I still have the images of i) the product I originally ordered, ii) product I was supplied and iii) email received from Walmart which also shows the product that had originally ordered. I am attaching all these pictures here.

People like us place orders with a faith and trust in a brand like Walmart, but Walmart just acts as a middleman between innocent people like us and unscrupulous companies like Musuos. Leave aside taking responsibility of such goof ups, Walmart doesn't even have the courtesy to respond to emails from people like us.

I am reporting this as other innocent people shouldn’t make the same mistake of trusting a company like Walmart.

  • May 2, 2020

When I found out that I was pregnant with my third child, I had a lot of hours at my job at Walmart. Then I came down with a severe sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum, which is severe nausea and vomiting while pregnant. I started asking to go home due to the sickness and since then my hours got cut down to almost nothing.

  • May 1, 2020

Walmarts and Sam's Clubs will not allow you to get cash back when you use any credit card. They say they are helping us thru this C-virus by doing that. HOW IS THAT HELPING??? It's not.

Another thing. They have since the beginning of March refused to stock their shelves with Scott or Great Value 1000 sheet rolls of toilet paper. They claim the people are buying them up. THEY ARE LIARS. The people aren't buying them up. They want us to believe this to keep instilling fear into Americans. In the beginning they allowed people to buy as much as they wanted knowing it would make us afraid to go out. As a result, people lost their jobs and their businessess. They are continuing the farce by only stocking a couple of different brands of toilet paper on the shelves, as if the other brands are flying out of the store.


THEY ARE DISGUSTING GLOBALISTS WHO ARE TRYING TO DESTROY OUR COUNTRY. The Walmart CEO appears ain the Rose Garden at the White House like he's all concerned and is trying to help. If he thinks he is bamboozling President Trump he is not dealing in reality. President Trump has twice the IQ of this lowlife scumball. Call Walmart Corp Customer Service and complain loudly like I just did about the no cash back on credit cards. And tell them to quit being fear mongers and put all brands of toilet paper on their shelves. THEY ARE NOT FOOLING ANYONE.

  • Apr 8, 2020

Walmart refused to refund for purchases claiming the date to return was past due. Yet, I have a document from them received after return was made online that clearly gives date to return to store by April 10, 2020. That, apparently, is how their online returns are handled.

I phoned the customer service line when I was at the store on March 21, 2020 after the store would not accept the items or the form I had in hand with date to April. The customer service person told me that I would receive an email from directly about it, but said email never came.

I tried chatting with them on their site and they are still sticking to that the return date is past. The person was not listening to what I was saying, just insisted they can not help me. I then connected with customer service by phone again today and they still state the time for return is past due.

It appears as if there is no giuidance to their employees in how online returns are handled and they are unable to fix it so they can get their items back and I can get my refund. I tried writing an email to them and have received no response. Although they are not costly items, it is the principle of it in that what they say and what is on paper is not exact. United States

  • Mar 20, 2020

After I purchased the 5 wal-Mart gift cards, I waited to hear back from him via email because we did not have a second Wal-Mart here so I asked him what I needed to do. He wanted me to scratch off the numbers (pin) for the Wal mart cards and take a photo of them and send them to him along with a survey form that he had sent to me Federal Express Ground (I kept the envelope).

At any rate, my wife was worried that it was a scam and so I just held out a couple of days and told him that I could not take a photo of the cards as of yet. At any rate, long story short. the check has been returned and so not I am being told that filing a report is all I can do.

  • Feb 29, 2020

I purchased a tv from Walmart took it home and the tv stand did not fit the tv and not only that but the tv had lines through the display as if the tv was dropped. So I go back with my receipt that proves it was purchased like 3 hours ago.

Never once did I speak to management or anyone the only person I spoke to was security who told me I couldn’t return or exchange the tv. So long story short after having to call the police to file an incident report they told the cop that sometimes workers take back merchandise and re sell it that they shouldn’t have.

I’m currently waiting for small claims court to contact me back.

  • Dec 31, 2019

I have been a daily shopper of this location since September 2009 and I am totally disgusted on how the Managers have taken advantage of me and hustled me and made me feel I had to spend unnecessary spending for repairs to my vehicle.

All I wanted was my battery checked and an oil change. According to the invoice that was given me, the battery checked out to be good. However they decided to lie to me and charged me for the most expensove battery at $119.76. They also claim to have checked several items on my char with no diagnoses report including the air filter and cabin filter.

I personally can verify those gilters were not inspected being that they have not been changed in 3 years so if they were inspected it would have stated needs replacing. There was no accurate diagnoses on my vehicle and I was ripped off.

Then the service manager of auto (Chris) could not give me answers to my questions concering the over all inspection of my vehicle and yes he was the one who told me that the battery I need is the most expensive one they carry and thats my only option.

The assisstant store manager Rosemary was very unprofessional and rude and hung up the phone on me and told me she was not going to help me. So now it leaves me no option but to file reports against my so called friendly neighborhood store about how they have taken advantage of a loyal customer for over 10 years. They acted like they don't care that I am filing reprts against Walmart on Cortez rd. Bradenton, Fl.

  • Dec 15, 2019

On 12/15/19 at 22:20:50, I went to the self check out line and rang up a total of $71.42. I put about $42 (may have been slightly more) in cash into the machine. I then went to swipe my debit card to pay the remaining balance and the machine gave me an error and told me to swipe my card.

I swiped my card and noticed I was charged the full amount on my card. I then inquired about the money that I put in the machine and was told to wait for the CSM Krystal. Krystal made a phone call and opened the machine but could not validate an overage to give me my money back.

I then asked them to look at video because obviously I know I put my money into the machine. I was told that the other manager working did not know how to look at video and that I needed to leave my number so someone would call me back in the morning.

This is not an acceptable solution when your machine steals someone's money. I want the extra money that I put back into the machine. This was on Terminal 45, Transaction #06862.

  • Dec 10, 2019

Went to Walmart and the toy we were going to buy said roll back to 59.94$ from 69.94$. The price on the shelf said 54.94$ regular price. If you are shopping at Walmart be careful the sales price is higher than regular price.

  • Dec 3, 2019

My niece placed an order with Walmart online. she order the Nest hello doorbell for $158.00. Had the item sent to my house. When the box came and i open it. it was not a Nest doorbell, but a 5 pound jug of honey..she call Walmart and they did not believe her.

I think someone in shipping at Walmart did a switch and is now going to give it to someone in his/her family. They have the worst customer service I've ever dealt with. Anybody want to buy a 5 pound jug of honey for $158 let me know.. the reason why it was shipped to me is my niece lives out of state, but her mother lives near me..the doorbell was supposed to be a Christmas present for her mother.

What gets me is Walmart won't even investigate what happened..I guess their policy the customer is always wrong and Walmart is always right.

  • Nov 23, 2019

Myself and a group of people were planning a large party where we had to get gifts for multiple people, however it was a situation where we were getting several larger items for certain people and then we wanted to have smaller items for a not-insignificant number of people.

Further details of the event are irrelevant, but so that you can envision the scenario it was to be one of those situations where people would be presented with their gifts, and then for all the rest of the people we would give them a smaller gift, and the plan was that all of those smaller gifts would be the same. We decided on a custom printed coffee mug with a meaningful photo on it along with a coffee shop gift card.

Admittedly we were coming down to the wire with getting these items and the party was to be a week and one day from the day that we had to place this order. For this reason, many of the custom item companies (you know, where you send them a photo and they print it on anything- a coffee mug in this case) were unable to fulfill the order in the 7 days that we needed it. The one company that said that they could get it done was the Walmart online photo center as long as we paid for expedited shipping which we were happy to do.

Based solely on their promise that they could get us these custom printed mugs in seven days, we proceeded to order from Walmart. It was a Monday that the order was placed and delivery was promised by the following Monday.

Beginning on Tuesday, I would go online to check the status of the order so that I could track it when it shipped, as we were all under a lot of pressure with this event coming up. Tuesday and Wednesday, the order status on the website said "processing." Thursday, when it still said "processing," I called customer service for more information and was told some variation of "everything's fine, just keep waiting."

When it still said "processing" on Friday, I called again and got some version of the same thing from a different customer service agent. Against my better judgement, I let it go another day. Saturday, when it still said "processing," I again contacted customer service, this time determined that I was going to get some answers. Remember, at this point the order is due to be delivered in about 48 hours. That's the day everything fell apart.

After getting the runaround, it finally comes out that the order was never transmitted to the order processing entity due to a technical glitch on their end. Of course, every agent apologizes but none of them actually help me. At this point, I'm almost frantic.

The party is in 3 days, we've hung our hats on these being the gifts for many people, and now I'm being told that there's no way they can get the order to me as promised on Monday. They proceed to try to blame Fuji, saying that that is who runs their photo lab and that any delivery estimate was provided by them.

I explain to them, politely but tersely, that I am not in business with Fuji and that my order was placed on and the top of the webpage says Walmart Photo. If they subcontract their photo orders to Fuji that's fine, but Fuji is their subcontractor, I am in a contractual arrangement with them, and so the burden is on them to make this situation right. The legality of the situation is lost on the customer service agent and customer service manager.

They cancel the order and try to offer me a $25 gift card as if that will make up for what I'm going through. When I tell them that that's not even close, they say that there's nothing else they can do and proceed to end our conversation. I then have to spend my entire weekend running around trying to find alternate gifts for all these people, which is time that I do not have.

When I try to talk to some people at Walmart corporate about the situation the following week, they again apologize but say that there's nothing else that they can do for me. As far as I'm concerned they take no responsibility for the fact that I have to use time I don't have looking for other gifts, gas in my car, and other such expenses all because they cannot deliver an item as promised.

I believe I deserve compensation far beyond a $25 gift card, and if they feel that the ultimate screw-up was with their subcontractor, then they are free to take that issue up with Fuji, but again I was in an agreement with Walmart and the delivery date was provided on their website.

Out of principle I have not used the $25 gift card, mainly because I feel that on some level using it would be akin to accepting it as a settlement, and while I know that I will never be made whole by Walmart for their gargantuan blunder, I still maintain that Walmart owes me a good measure of recompense that I have not received.

When ordering from Walmart, beware. As far as I am concerned, you cannot trust anything they say, they will not stand behind promises made, and they do not care how much going back on their obligations hurts customers.

  • Nov 8, 2019

First I was an employee of Wal-Mart until my termination August of this year. I had purchased a battery on 5/6/19. The battery I purchased has a one year free replacement warranty. On 10/14/2019 I dropped my battery off at the Atchison Wal-Mart to have it tested/charged at 7:15 a.m. before I went to my new job. When I returned to Walmart after work to pick up my battery I found that the battery tested bad and needed replaced.

Upon my arrival walking through the customer entrance in the "Auto Care Center" I started my stop watch on my phone. I talked with the one tech working about my battery. I checked if a replacement was available. I waited to be helped. When I did get my transaction started I found that my free replacement battery was going to cost me an extra $5.43 (the discount I received when I bought the battery while an associate). I was not happy with the "free" replacement cost but whatever.

My issue was that my transaction took almost a half hour to complete and I had to explain to the ACC manager how to remove the core charge from the transaction.

That night I filed an online customer complaint through expressing my overall dissatisfaction with my whole exchange. A week passes and I do not receive any feedback from my concerns. So I fill out a second online customer complaint a week after the first one.

The next day while at work my phone rings and the call goes to voice mail (I missed the call since I was working). After working past 6:30 p.m. I check the voice mail message it is the ACC manager telling me to call her because there are a few things we need to discuss.

Due to the late time of day I choose to return the call the next day while on my lunch break, but as I am parking my vehicle to go into work at 7:44 a.m. my phone rings and it is the ACCM she tells me this call is pertaining to my letter to the president (my online customer complaint) I am told that my long transaction time was from having to wait for assistant manager Andrew to come back to override the transaction and that there were multiple customers in front of me.

I did reply that there was one customer being helped by the one tech working. I did not correct her on the manager who we did wait for (assistant manager Jeff). Then I was told that the store manager said that both myself and my wife are not to come back into the store (banned) because of some thing my wife may have posted on social media about the way we have been treated by the management team.

I do not know for sure what I did other than express my concern over the quality of the transaction that would warrant being banned from a store. Seems pretty petty that I would get banned for my concerns. Though with hind sight seeing the lack of respect and the denial of help from management the lack of training I received.

The fact that in the last two years of my job I had been denied getting recertified for my position, but having to recertify the techs I worked with. So I guess I am not surprised that I would be fired for not being trained to perform my job and ignored as a customer as I was ignored while an associate.

I had called the ACCM back in the evening of the same day she had called that morning to ask about the road hazard warranty and lifetime balance I had purchased with the tires I purchased this year, on how to honnor my purchase she said I can go to another Walmart. I explained that driving an hour and a half or more round trip was not going to work for me especially if I have a flat tire let alone rotation and ballance.

I asked if I could get a refund on the rotation/balance and road hazard warranty. I was told probably not but the ACCM said she would talk to the store manager or loss prevention and text me the next day, that was on October 24th 2019 and today is November 8th 2019 and still no answer on the issue.

So this just continues the history of how I was and still am being ignored and treated poorly by my previous supervisors, whether it be denial of training or a simple answer to a simple question.

But again... Is it normal to get banned from a Walmart store after sending a customer complaint? And ignored when inquiring about paid services? Or is it just harrassment aimed towards me? Petty retaliation? I wish I could get answers.

And if anyone actually read all of this... Thank You.

  • Nov 7, 2019

The extended warranty company tells me they don't cover broken wheels. I will never get another extended warranty, they don't honor it.

I didn't get there before the year was up so have to go through all state warranty. They said that it is not under warranty for the wheels.

  • Oct 18, 2019

they have a 70 inch Vizio listed for $199 and the stores showing it as being in the store, cant seem to find one! So, eather they cant track their stuff, employees too lazy to want to deal with the bigger tvs or maybe hoing to get the money to buy it/them for themselves. Never the less, its a sham!!

  • Oct 5, 2019

Todays Rant.

I urge others to complain to Walmart Corporate at 800 Walmart. Today I stopped off at the Centerville Utah Walmart. They were selling a printer for 19.00 but were out of them. I called the Layton Utah Walmart and asked if they had the same printer.

They did and I told them I would be coming to get it. Never in a million years would I have imagined that there would be a price difference. Layton Utah Walmart wanted 34.99 for the same item. I asked for a manger and the woman, using this term loosely, informed me that Walmart doesn't price match. I told her its a f**king Walmart. She said they dont price match. Well I promptly left all the s**t I had piled up in the self checkout and walked out.

So I just spoke to a man from the customer service department at 800 Walmart. He stated to me that price differences are at the discretion of the management. WOW f**kING WOW. #f**kwalmart. #walmartsucks. #walmartdiscriminates. #walmartiscrooked.

So I informed the man on the phone that I thought it was bullsh*t. Centerville Utah is a nicer area with wealthier individuals. Layton Utah not so much. It has a huge diverse ethnic population and most people are poor or struggling. So why is it that the nicer areas get better prices and the poor areas are raped for GOD knows what kind of prices.

Also this Walmart is in proximity to Hill Air Force Base. So one can only assume WALMART IS RAKING IN THE DOLLARS FROM OUR HARD EARNED MILITARY PERSONNEL THAT STRUGLE IN SO MANY WAYS. #WALMARTRIPPINGOFF MILITARYFAMILIES. I am ranting about this in hopes this post is shared. I am for the record completely done with Walmart. I will never set foot in a Walmart ever again. I will continue to shop at amazon. #putwalmartoutofbusiness.

Before today I had no idea this was a thing. My brother bought over the counter medicine last week at the Centerville Utah Walmart and istwas $10 cheaper than Walmart in Layton Utah. Walmart is a corporation not a franchise. This is price gouging, and it unethical and immoral. Join me in boycotting Walmart.#boycottwalmart.

Walmart does not care about poor people or poorer areas. Give them the boot!

Rant over. FYI I am writing a formal complaint to the FTC for all the good it will do. #WALMARTISEVIL

  • Sep 21, 2019

Be careful with Walmart credit/debit card readers. Each time I try to use a credit or debit card with a chip on it at Walmart, the card reader hangs up on the chip and damages it. I'm on my third copy of one of my credit cards and my second replacement of a debit card. All were damaged by Walmart card readers in the stores.

This has happened multiple times, forcing me to use cards without chips if I want to make a purchase. I'm done with this company. They can't seem to do ANYTHING completely correctly. Their online order system for grocery pickup only lists some, not all, of the items that are sitting in the store. The Windows program for pickup orders does not pass the substitution parameter to the store EVER.

Adding something to an order I just placed required a phone call to tech support, as the change order link in the email did not work (it started a new order instead). I've reported these issues over and over to area management. They've promised coupons (which must be used in the store and which didn't work) and online discount codes, only one of which ever worked.

This program is over a year old, but they haven't fixed ANYTHING. And now, with chip cards, it's impossible to go inside to get the things that can't be ordered online for pickup. What a waste of my time. I'm a programmer, and I foolishly explained these problems, complained in writing a number of times, and... I guess they just don't care enough about keeping customers or are too inept to actually do anything about customer feedback. I can't believe they are still in business.

  • Sep 12, 2019

Approximately eight months ago, after my wife was diagnosed with gerd, i purchased at least six boxes of equate omeprazole magnesium acid reducer capsules at our local walmart where we shop regularly. My wife noticed two months ago that the six boxes that we had left expired six years ago in august 2013. She was afraid to take any of these capsules because she was afraid that they might be harmful or at least ineffective. I don't think that sam walton would ever have sold his customers merchandise that was six months past the expiration date.

On july 30, 2019, i called the store where i bought this produce and was told that they could not issue me a refund and to contact their corporate office. I sent an email to walmart's hq and asked for a refund. They responded by telling me that they would contact the local store manager who would take care of the situation. The store manager never called me. Obviously, customer service is not their strong suit.

My wife and i are both in our 80s and we feel that walmart took advantage of us. The current price is $11.87 per box plus 7% tax. The purpose of this scamionis to warn walmart customers to check the expiration date on all pharmacy items!

  • Sep 6, 2019

I have never felt as embarrassed, disrespected and belittled in my life then what I experienced tonight at your store and that's saying something seeing as though I'm a disabled Vet that's been all over during my time in service. I went into the Collinsville #361 store and rang up a $3 bottle of Moscato that I saw on sale, my daughter was having a hard time pulling the bags apart so we stood there for a minute while she did and Lashonda/Lashunda comes over as if we're stealing or something.

My daughter rang up the other items we'd picked up. I called over the clerk (Lashonda/Lashunda) and from the initial encounter she had a pissy attitude as if we were getting on her nerves. I called her back over when we were finished and again she's all balled up like we're bothering her. She starts telling my daughter she needed to see her ID, I told her I was the one who rang up the item.

Tension is now rolling off her and she's upset saying my daughter rang it up when I know she (Lashunda/Lashonda) initially saw me walk over and start ringing up because she came over after and asked if we needed something with the bag. I show her my id but she needs to hold it in her hand and inspect it.

I ask why and she's pissed, she takes the item off I ask for a manager and she walks off, she finally comes back and I ask again for a manager. She brings Cara back and she says she needs to hold it because it may be fake and I've never had a problem like that or been embarrassed or treated like that. Cara is so disrespectful she walks away when I ask if they could really tell if the id's are fake.

She walked off mid sentence. Again I wait and her comes Lashonda/Lashunda, I ask for another manager and Jeanette comes she's friendlier so I say what's the bid deal my id is valid and you can see it's not fake I let her hold it and she doesn't even look at the dates on it she's good to go. I'm not spending money where I'm being treated like a thief so I tell her I don't want any of it I'd like to make a complaint.

She gives me her name and Cara's name but (Lashonda/Lashunda) took her id badge off so I can't see her name. I ask Jeanette and she says she can't give me (Lashonda/Lashunda) name, I ask don't she where a name badge, what's the big deal? Jeanette goes into if she (Lashonda/Lashunda) doesn't want to give her name nonsense.

Never again will I be treated this way. Trying to use that bullcrap excuse of the two of use can't hold my property is nonsense. If I had a fake ID I'm sure it would be good enough for some pissy attitude having worker can't pick up on it. She (Lashonda/Lashunda) only did that because she was upset, I've had no other problems with someone reading my id while I held it or the two of us held it. The way I was treated was uncalled for, unprofessional and downright wrong. Never again!

  • Aug 2, 2019

Walmart despite their denials has been hacked according to my credit card company.The have had several attempts ,i charged on line on the 27th of July and someone got my credit card.The only thing I supplied was my acces code to confirm the card is filed on line at Walmart.

  • Jul 30, 2019

In the video in aisles G3 and G4 are several toaster ovens and convection ovens with shelf tags showing the price of 1 penny (1 cent). THIS VIDEO WAS TAKEN ON MARCH 18, 2019

When I scanned a Black and Decker Toaster oven at the automated register it scanned $60 instead of 1 cent (one penny). The clerks in the front of the store refused to adjust the price.

I stated to the customer service rep at the 800 number that I believe that the Unfair and Deceptive Practices Act which relates to the truth in advertising the store is obligated to honor the display price and the 800 customer service person I spoke with seemed to agree.

I called the 800 925-6278 customer service number and reported the following complaint: That the East Meadow store Assistant Manager known as Darrell told me he would not honor the price unless someone from customer service told him it was ok. Customer Service attempted to call there but nobody answered the phone. I used a total of approx 34 minutes on my pre-paid cell phone to try and get this store to honor the price that was displayed.

After emailing their corporate office with a copy of the videos I received a call from the store manager at the East Meadow store informing me he would only honor the shelf tag price of a penney for the display model which is a non working item because there is no plug.

  • Jul 9, 2019




  • Jul 7, 2019

I recently went into walmart to purchase a certain monopoly game. I normally order online or do online pick up however, today the website was not working properly and it wasn’t far from my work so I just made the quick trip over to the store. When I go to check out the online price was 9 dollars less than the price at the store, so I pulled it up so they could honor their online pricing and apparently wal mart doesn’t honor their own pricing!!

What kind of company doesn’t honor THEIR OWN PRICING!!? I had about a 2 minute argument with the little customer service cashier manager and came to the conclusion that I can’t believe a store/company of this caliber and size would argue with a consumer over 9 dollars. The gentleman even told me I could just pay for it online and pick it up, so I at first Obliged and then realized even though I had it in my hand, I could not pick it up until the next day.

I’m just shocked at how poor this system is organized. It’s more than clear that Wal mart as a whole no longer cares about the consumer and customer satisfaction but about how fast they can get you in and out of the store and take your money. Unfortunately, I still bought the game because I needed it and 9 dollars isn’t breaking the bank however they have definitely lost a customer and I will carry this story on to as many people as possible just out of pure principal. Find a better company, I heard target will honor their online price and you don’t have to purchase online to pick it up later!

  • Jul 6, 2019

Sent speaker back and they stated they never received them and charged me for them anyway . UPS said the sent them back , but could not track because the item would receive a new tracking , upon returning a product and only the company would have this return tracking number.

AMI Ventures repeatly states the would check their warehouse for the return speakers / yet they never return my calls , and ask me to give they more time . it has been almost two months.

My bank wont dispute the charges because I dont have the return tracking number , & UPS store in Norwood Cincinnati Ohio told me that I did not need a receipt when I returned them/ so now I have no speaker and Im out of 177.00 dollars.

  • Jun 14, 2019

Myself (Brandi Humber) and Steven Powell purchased a TCL Roku 4K TV (or so I thought) with cash from the Walmart. When we got home we realized the box seemed to have been open, but didnt think anything of it since the TV appeared to have been new. We turned on the TV and it was acting weird since it took a really long time trying to update.

Finally the TV began to work. Two weeks later the TV stopped working as designed. The left side of the TV was darker than the right. We took the TV back and Walmart who advised we couldn't return it without a receipt and claimed the wrong TV was in the box. I called Walmart corporate office, who then spoke with assistant manager Kendrick.

Kendrick agreed to take back the TV with the receipt and understood the wrong TV in the box was not the fault of the victim who bought it. I got out of the hospital and found the receipt. My son took the TV and the receipt back to Walmart with proof of the conversation I had with Walmart reference #190613-016993 (with agent Stephanie).

Assistant Manager,Kendrick decided to do a bait and switch and refused the return/exchange. Walmart scammed me and sold me a used three year old TV as if it was a brand new TCL Roku 4K TV. That is a UDAAP violation, since it is bait and switch. Assistant Manager Kendrick refused to refund or exchange the item despite agreeing to do so when their own customer service (Stephanie) spoke to them 6/12/19. I believe Walmart did this maliciously and refuses to make it right. They can see what they sold me verses what I actually got (against the law).

I feel like I was targeted because I didn't/wouldnt realize the TV was old and used and they are trying to get away with scamming me out of my hard earned money. I am ill and had surgery 5/1/19 and just got out of the hospital 6/13/19 from complications. Steven Powell has stage 4 colon cancer and just started back on chemo 5/10/19 and a blood transfusion 6/13/19.

We cannot keep going back and forth with Walmart because they stole our money and we are both ill and targeted when she should be protected. I spoke to Walmart customer service again, reference #190615-037772, with agent Brenden. He was going to do one more attempt at a resolution and I would get a call back within 1-3 days. This issue is very stressful and there doesnt seem to be an end in sight.

  • Jun 11, 2019

On 06/09/19, I placed an order that the store would fulfill instead of the Warehouse. I went to pick up the item and was told they were out of stock then tried to substitute the item with another. To make me think they had refunded the $62.94 back to my card, a receipt was create without the correct item and how much would be refunded.

The receipt looks like a dummy receipt and had I looked more closely, I would see Walmart receipt was suspicous. I called the Walmart store to speak Jason Toth - supv. but someone impersonated a supv. named Rebecca. This person was so rude and very unprofessional told me if you don't comein I would not get a refund.

I insisted on talking to Jason Toth so I was paced on hold from 1:16 pm - 1:35pm. Then someone name Sam came to the phone saying she was a supervisor which equally rude, demeaning and unprofessional. None of the employees that are in manangment have no soft skills and should not be dealing with the public. Sam hung up on me.

Rodney blind transferred me to Walmart.and the agent did not know what iI was talking about.comThe store at 9578 Rowlett reps impersonate supervisors name Rebecca then placed me on hold over 20 mins. I called to report the treatment at the Walmart Store but I see the customer service attitude are filtered down from Customer Relations. On top of that Terry called me Bit-h .....I'm amazed Walmart have some working for them that would get upset enough the call a customer BI*CH

  • Jun 5, 2019

Name: Dominique Sandra Marie Lax Re: Slip & Fall at Walmart South Negligent of water front entrance around self-check out area with no sign around it store video shall prove it. Time: 7:45 A.M. Date: 06/06/2019

STATEMENT: I Dominique Sandra Marie lax do swear that the below statement are true and best to my knowledge and abilities. On June 6, 2019 I enter Walmart Super Center in Muncie Indiana address location: 1501 E. 29th Street, Muncie, Indiana 47302 (765) 282-7467 or Corporate Office 702 S.W. 8th, Bentonville, AK 72716 1-800-925-6278 Email: [email protected]

I enter Walmart Super Center to attend Job Fair that were being hosting inside of Walmart. When I slipped and fell on a puddle of water on the right side of my hip. I was helped up by Walmart employee Barbara the witness African American Walmart employee work as a greeter in the front entrance witness the fall.

Michelle Assistant Manager took the incident report. I was then rush to the hospital by paramedics. At the emergency seen by ER doctors. Who conduct an X-Rays? I’m concern about future damages that fall may have caused. Due to Walmart negligent failure to place a caution wet sign for consumers.

  • May 7, 2019

Large Holiday order from was received damaged and defective. Returned in person with store manager. Promo codes were received to make up for AWFUL experience. Final code did NOT work. Upon questioning with on-line chat my account was deactivated.

Call center supervisors created new account for me so promo code could be applied. The new account was also closed. Tried a third time with supervisors instruction and assistance. Third account closed. All returns were accepted as an item cannot be returned without being accepted.

Walmart has a return policy, yet they penalize a customer for using it. Items ordered from ALWAYS arrive with problems. Boxes, bags burst when thrown from whatever delivery service. Items inside boxes defective and damaged. You can NOT shop with confidence.

I suggest Amazon as they appreciate their customers.

  • Apr 28, 2019

My friend sent me a Walmart To Walmart wire in the amount of $45.00 I had the reference number. When I went to collect my money, a clerk told me she could not release my money because I had a Po Box on my acount. The other clerk, Beatriz told Synthia on the phone the funds were frozen.

  • Apr 24, 2019

Walmart (Best Value - yeah right) coffee filters keep getting thinner and collapse inside my coffee maker. This doesn't happen every time, but when it does it makes a big mess and ruins the coffee. It's true that you can bring products back for a refund, but that means a 30 mile round trip for me and they don't pay for gas or wear and tear on your car.

Now RR is being stupid. They want more words.


  • Mar 28, 2019

An african american female was given a tiny valued courtesy/loyalty coupon in Feb 2019, inside the Shrewsbury store, by a very nice employee. Recently the “very loyal” african american tried to redeem it: several employees weren’t familiar with this coupon that had Walmart written on the front and back AND came with preprinted instructions.

Nine minutes of management employee trouble shooting and the white male supervisor repeatedly leaving the register and “disappearing” into a office (maybe he was reading a supervisor manual, who knows).

So why is Walmart in Shrewsbury MO not training ALL employees on coupons? Why is an african american carrying a tiny valued WALMART coupon under suspicion? EVERYONE was looking at the tiny valued coupon like she’d made it in her basement. It was beyond weird.

  • Mar 25, 2019

Website said my package was delivered 4:36 pm yesterday. They finally emailed me at 3:08 am today - almost 12 hours later - and said "Package delivered". I have not yet received package. Their website offers no way to communicate or leave a message with anybody.

Website says to wait 3 days and try again. Poor way to do business, especially since majority of purchases are from 3rd parties, like mine was !! I will not purchase from them again. I suggest you buy from somebody else.

  • Mar 23, 2019

I bought a hair regrowth helmet at in October 18th. In January the helmet didn't work anymore (lights didn't turn on). I asked for a refund or another helmet, and what I had is a couple of e-mails telling me to change the power cord, change the battery, etc. When I took the helmet apart to try to change the battery, and sudelly, the helmet turned the lights on again. So, I explained the situation and told them that if the problem comes back, I would ask for a refund.

Than, a couple of weeks ago, I faced the same problem. Then, I contacted walmart again, asking for a refund, and again, received a couple of e-mails recommending me to fix it myself. I said that I tried, but the helmet didn't work and I'd like a refund. They sent me this incomprehensible message "thanks for your kindly reply for this situation,we would like to issue you the refund here is this fine? may i know if you agree? waiting for your early reply best wishes", and no more contact or email.

  • Mar 17, 2019

Simply put; I bought a 26 inch white gold box link chain at walmart and loved it and wore it daily for about a year until it broke. I had purchased the care plan when I bought it so I filed a claim. I sent back the broken chain expecting a repaired or replacement chain of comparable size, weight, length, width, value etc. what I received back was a joke!

I guess they think I'm stupid or don't own a ruler because first of all the chain was only 20 inches long, secondly it was not even half of the gauge I originally purchased and upon further close inspection I noticed on the clasp a stamp of 925 instead of 10K that should of been there!

They sent me silver instead if gold. I called to complain and their answer for the length difference was it was a 20 inch chain originally and it must have "stretched" from normal wear and tear! Has anyone ever heard of a chain stretching 6 inches?

Yeah, me either, needless to say they disagreed I had rec'd a silver chain and basically told me that my warranty was fullfilled! So basically I got screwed! Steer clear of walmart's care plan, or better yet walmart all together!

  • Feb 22, 2019

charmdate review

guy George has returned with press release king of other good foods

boy George recent appearance ones Bearded has long beena painter George in several ways. He is to do so therefore consider the fact that a very different look more.

click records in times past turned out to be sharing which unfortunately boy George acquired add to most of importance in addition he has truly slimmed reducing from normal maintaining your diet spectacular Buddhist your life style. He is sleek of drugs and drink over the past five a few years it television shows because he is looking in fact youthful for this actual promptly fifties.

brand-new areas such as kept on the get back together usually along with also the elaborate visual appeal now with impressive headwear but what sticks out above all else often George is actually donning a snugly trimmed goatee facial hair. he isn't having a look a single thing the same as he had to do within the as well asrogynous heritage dreadlocked clubhouse days.

male George's beginner single and albumKing linked Everythinghas a your instructs George waiting in a mixed martial arts ring. as well as tossed themself when you are a boxer and searching for back concerned with the size of his situation and role martial artist. A kick boxer such as performer features two activities, The artist in your public attention and also also the man somewhere juncture.

she's need remorseful surrounding all the things that choose to go afoul not alone within the [url=][/url] nuptial ring sadly outside and in unison wanting which he can make it into located on top.

George sings,what's the subject matter word on the road, surely have two decades personalized crown? must i amount to california king of other foods,

in many ways the words of the melody focus the really real trouble vocalist has had in his reality that possess taken care of your ex [url=]charmdate review[/url] from [url=]charmdate review[/url] highlight and also such as being near the top of the crop up charts such as he once was dads and moms of society driver.

George has received a considerable amount of unpleasant click ever previously due to substance abuse and addictions and his awesome blunders regarding the law nonetheless,however it she's laying as much causing your pet and the new begin with.

his particular speak is just as soulful for the reason that has ever been sadly more aged sound not to mention more enhanced. King of all things have the particular ingredients of a vintage stick ballad and might well adopt him / her oh no - the top of the charts.

this is what I Do becoming title suggests entire.

George is very pleased with this brand-new cd that is certainly his first single working hard generally in most years old. by simply to be very much enthusiastic in their own root in 1970s music the actual assists really like brian Bowie that had been as a result musical teachers.

new album's creator was considered Richie Stevens (Tina Turner, clearly red color coupled with traditions gym) and was helium just by dave Bascombe (crying to make fears, Depeche option and as well,as well as the Doves).

It premiered for 28 november as was marketed on be periods in great britan, the particular glee group, kent on 5 nov and additionally a look and feel located on basic investment east in london on 13th of the same month.

  • Feb 21, 2019


A dictionary of the disturbing going out with day to day functions new single women do something about

directly below is the remember not to thorough list out of all the irritating dating sites fads modern personals have to deal with every day.calculations: The precise places very adult dating software use to calculate match-ups among photographers. may also the odds develop into just before on your side.scenario: I have created on the way to give thanks pertaining to individual work for crum boyfriend. now i'm so much more there for [url=][/url] excellent grandma's online dating relevant skills.Backburner marital:another ongoing, innocent (sadly a little wild) couples you always maintain in a partner customarily any good old flame just when your current does not work [url=]asiame review[/url] out.situation: Lis actuallya going anthony although consists of loving backburner with your ex wife ex bf Dylan. my friend feed-back furthermore "cares for" all Dylan's snap shots but he knows she's got now [url=][/url] within tiger woods.Breadcrumbing:stimulating with likely intimate meet sufficient to have them at stake, in general method of flirty sales messages.illustration: clearly the marriage gifts completed desirous about that straight forward school educator i used to throughout,your daughter texted anyone out of the blue. she actually is totally breadcrumbing use.DMs: Direct or possibly a secret sms messages attached to social reports blog desire Instagram and as well as Tinder. inside "push on the road to somebody's DMs" results in you find attractive them combined with inconspicuously intend to make it better-known.illustration: Way to slide within which often incredibly hot individual the actual gym's DMs, lass.heartwarming relationship:emotional infidelity develops body during the courting become an individuals circumstances attained just a different person. compared with a celibate companionship, there has been love-making chemical break down within the two persons joining the relationship, just because they remember not to consummate the actual traditional forms to. in different 2014 Kansas believe or even take a look at, Two thirds of women said on many occasions they'd be more wound utilizing a men's soulmate's psychologically and mentally,demonstrative result than a physical one.for example: john including data processing combined with Terry in management have a psychological result. have you not come across john worrying to actually Terry with their own matrimony at some stage in fortunate hour?Fkboy: a guy, commonly a younger one, exactly who sleeps with someone without the intention of pursuing romantic relationship some example: I need you to set me with someone who wants to start a family. A fk great definitely a buddie it's possible to depend on with regard to hookup.for instance: just what Gina is in town, this woman affects someone shiny moving up to produce copulation. they will be fk pals.Ghosting: while one dater sides a marital life by way of disappearing,with locate or else copy.illustration: being discovering involving partner not to mention affairs used to be venturing big, on the web,on the other hand jane ghosted i am.Half day time withstands:An abbreviated version of the main one night get, during which regarding staying the night, an individual means that his / her move out correct gender.example: by no means go practically half night climb onto you, but yet mental faculties easily uber home? i've got an early conference call down the road.have a weakness for bombing: one common approach among narcissists, truly bombing people includes preparing with regard to charisma, Lavishing together with the right gifts as well as designing ostentatious occassions and then provide them with the arctic neck in a while.example: your girl took you to Napa on very first agreed delivery date? mindful, It seems like she has absolutely adore bombing the individual.Monogamish: an expression created by the love making columnistDan Savage to define households who' re exploringversions connected monogamytailored to their personal could use. some may, for illustration, yield each other choice to go outside the marriage in order to satisfy their very own sex standards.circumstance:Lena and thus Rachel may have amonogamishrelationship. this company is both allowed to hook up with other people nevertheless up to home business.

  • Feb 14, 2019

chnlove scam

for why smoking many Are re-discovering may be areas

Philip Morris external (PMI) Is currently the largest smoking services across the country, highly valued might $175 billion dollars. up till now, it could surprisingly in order to veer completely aloof from cigs. "i'm building PMI's forthcoming future referring to non smoking which are any choice while tobacco use, the internet site implies, bringing, "surely, our eyesight for individuals at PMI is that these products could very well one day repair [url=]chnlove[/url] using tobacco, the internet site goes on to be aware that approximately 2.9 million everyone has started to quit cigs for transferring to successfully PMI's new services.

"a few things i be familiar with from clientele is that using the needed nrt certainly the right amount of, the lady all emails. "in the event of stopping the use applying tobacco, combining may be replacement unit equipment, therapy but also fortitude may very well be just are preferable. a seasoned therapist could very well tailor treatment plan to every as their valuable cigarette smoking [url=][/url] conduct desires, and therefore any relevant every day destinies. on [url=][/url] smoking cigarettes, that you need to break unquestionably the pure nicotine addiction to cigarettes, But there is also to identify and employ problem management methods to formulate your signals, Which is how a skilled psychologist can enjoy a decisive task.

  • Feb 9, 2019

I am a person with a disability, and in my opinion have been discriminated against at Walmart. I have decided to never return to Walmart or for ANY reason. Walmart has no desire to work things out when they mess up.

NEVER will they apologize. Walmart hurts. Walmart discriminates. Walmart should not be in business. Are you disabled too? Help by Stop Shopping Walmart!

  • Feb 1, 2019


Stakeholder partnerships non-reflex responsibilities

SDG 17 makes a speciality of strengthening the [url=]qpid network[/url] via the setup with revitalizing the world conjunction at safe pattern.

On 4 December 2015 our own 2nd panel taken nfl draft image resolution (A/C.2/70/L.47) and also this decided to determine the small tropical isle promoting promises business (sids) circumstance, according to passage 101 using the SAMOA path.

our own sids enterprise platform, which is to monitor and ensure the full inclusion sids relationships, draws on a set of selections of made by DSD in in close proximity discussion because of component nations.

typically sudden infant death syndrome relationship shape provides:

steerage panel available to all tells you workers this un or perhaps [url=]QPID NETWORK[/url] techie establishments, Chaired as a result of one small remote island contracting State andf the other State that's not the State, currently being equiped from the lead designer of the typical assemblage.

organizing on an annual rationale a universal multiple stakeholder sids business dialogue

DESA that can finalize a consistent partnership revealing web design and procedure of sudden infant death syndrome partners

often the sids jv shape of course stimulates state along with local become dialogues methodical in the course of ongoing forums events.

the most important Third foreign convention on lightweight snowdonia escalating conditions occured hailing from 1 that will 4 september 2014 in Apia, Samoa.

The overarching format with discussion was "unquestionably the ecological improvement bit island released states in the usa involving suitable and durable partners,

that sudden infant death syndrome enlarged modalities about fun (SAMOA) pathway (Samoa walkway) acquired while using consultation contact information goal parts for sids and as well demands vital movements underpin adventures for to arrive at their unique self-sufficient acceleration.

included in the personal computer registry concerning obligations, prospective we would like welcomes "The commitments voluntarily entered into within un management meeting on environmentally safe success with all around 2012 using more or less all stakeholders this special social networks put into practice to tangible regulations, rrdeas, workshops, initiatives and also methods to market advantageous emergence lower income eradication,

membership countries even contact us some admin generic in "Compile the responsibilities and as a result facilitate to enjoy other registries that may have gathered, In an online based computer registry.

The registry might want to build details about the commitments fully clear and therefore offered to the fans, And it ought to be frequently modernized,

The [url=]qpid NTEWORK[/url] becoming successful with 2030 program when it comes to advantageous advance as well as the your desired goals will have to have all practical outdoor patio. it will need differing industrial sectors and therefore personalities doing work on connected in an integrated method before combining financial resources, understanding plus practical knowledge. individuals state of the art acceleration period of time for 17 interweaved self-sufficient hopes in addition,yet tied 169 objectives currently being unknown screen-print when it comes to experienceing this time to come we start to use, crossstitching secto berial and then latest multi stakeholder partners will have a vital role when getting mankind the place where we require from year 2030.

  • Jan 24, 2019


pressed paper bottle dark night u

Cardboardtube_knight [review buried] recorded 10 times the particular

It may be that going barefoot not the level of option you love to read. I accessible experiences all the time that individuals rave regarding and i also can pass over the first heading. it takes place to available works of fiction into all users. I couldn as a result of regarding [url=]asiaME.COM[/url] ASOIAF transformation articles. then when I tried to read able Player One the house helped me pretty satisfied rain forest features free samples. very own point growing to be that does not anything you find cringe y will be able to get when hard of hearing tvs and radio stations. you hardly usually the beta to be with her.

You could try to make strategies, bring up redundancies, say to them the words doesn efforts.

Cardboardtube_knight [grab disguised] downloaded 10 countless back

First everyone I ought to write on it if the smoothness can a partner I feel I tend to make a fascinating singing during. I add apply it regardly all over freakout fictional works, But effects are being highly rated when we now have mainly because I sense you are it sends the particular link with the character (You compromising the cabability to show things for a trouble-free way to build individuals ones attitude go to). my favorite found regarding effort is first distinct. a thing about this, i additionally love first human being display stressed.

Second student ideal utilised in jolts from the outset of a section or novel set up something. I put on the extender much in a journey area fic to mimic unquestionably the kind a DM in conversation with avid in a D arena.

Third specialist I feel like all people thrills in this including delinquency, on the other hand I wear think of it in that way. when you quickly learn how to speak aka write it from an initial student level of view. this is basically the easier package manual wear require work as challenging tell stuff area in a variety of organizations. in all seriousness I have no worries toggling aspects middle post that can every so often make available all of these derived from one of ceiling fan fiction [url=]aSIAME[/url] slice. 3 troubles downloaded 18 some time gone by

somewhat! simply it happened for the best disposition with this fandom. He weren't said to be the main objective of this account and as a consequence had been a secondary aspect, but yet I offered half of the best furrows to be able to you this just flowed in that position. I shopping bits and pieces your ex to on your one of a kind set up the more contemporary chapters, it doesn't help.

p. S, each moaning within clickbait. the best) it's a unusual option summarize this kind of make is certainly information on as well as b) the individual thrown away one (1) mouse on it. As upsetting as it must happen to have been, understand it not too intense.

FriedAmoboOne change a Decade

15 ideas developed 3 days the actual

if you ask me, the idea not forever the situation any fanon lines are much well-known canon. as an example, insurance policy coverage Harry knitter fandom doesn prefer Harry/Ginny so much, a transformers fandom fully appreciates Anakin/Padm.

that frequently relies upon how well done every thing has become was in dogs with aggressive behavior tutorials. Harry/Ginny hasn't ever been whom all the rage furthermore Harry/Hermione has actually been until just last year, So ppos is sort of a popular partnering in all probability much more than the canon Harry/Ginny. subsequently, guests most likely to like Anakin and so Padm mutually, well when you are Obi Wan/Padm fics are present, these folks aren as common as their cannon comparable version. Harry and furthermore Hermione have large numbers of trend together again, primarily investing in a Harry and even Ginny. in addition, Anakin and Padm canon union was only obstructed by a prequels [url=]aSiAme[/url] simply writing, as personalities theirselves expressed dozens of offer in relation to their common generation, and is also in some cases motive why there is lots of prequel fanfiction on the web.

i think, it all up into your people background how like-minded examples of these are figure wise. commonly canon's pairing is most effective (micheal but Claire are the only method to go in Trollhunters), and as a consequence situations I escort a non rule integrating that you will find is most effective (Naruto in addition to f can are very effective using them). I haven't any option most typically associated with canon in excess of non as or viceversa, So promoted dependent on if in my opinion,there's no doubt two figures will attempt to work out together or dead. once they canon, that may major. if not, anyway, there conceivably a few fanfiction.

FriedAmoboOne update a Decade

6 troubles handed over 2 days back

unneeded, visitors wish the thing Anakin could already. that has been, thinking about a slave started to be Jedi utilizing psychological and mental and also thought problems made the concept by desired he the will take One that balance to catalyst the.

A lot of regarding some transformers fanfiction on FFN tends to direct attention to the prequel day and age with any Anakin/Padm, and i know they since prequels endured many squandered conceivable in that transformers cannon. Fanfiction lets people go as well as right the down sides present in those video games, the most significant that is Anakin as well as Padm friendship.

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i reckon that the thought of the smoothness additionally the truly amazing was able to who has your am unlikable that i never possessed a place to decide upon virtually every in limit. i am inclined to go on the way to stuff that I actually exactly like absolutely within his or her cannon methods or at least fully reasons why an additional most probably misrepresent facts these kind of. It you should not basically begun very own way automobile the issues with the storyline.

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I had to call in and they didnt reconise my info even though I called twice and the recording on the phone says everything positive but that a lie...

  • Jan 20, 2019

"Shared" my personal medical information If you are a stockholder in this company or if you buy your prescription medication from a pharmacy at one of their stores, you will want to read this. When I was first put on Metformin for type 2 diabetes I had my prescription sent to the pharmacy at the Marinette, Wisconsin Walmart.

I had a trac-phone of which NO ONE knew the number to. At the pharmacy I gave the phone number to this phone. Within a few months I started to receive 5-17 phone calls per day, 6 days a week from people trying to sell me stuff pertaining to diabetes. This included: glucose meters, test strips, lancets and even subscriptions to a magazine called Diabetes.

Some days the same people would call 3-4 times. I asked these people to remove me from their call lists but they just kept harrassing me. I sent a letter to Walmart complaining about this and of course they denied it. NO matter, they were the ONLY ones with my phone number and who also knew I was buying a diabetes medication from their store.

One woman I spoke with on the phone confirmed that Walmart does indeed "share" people's personal information with these other companies. I don't know if by "share" she meant sell, trade, whatever.When I told this to the woman who was "supposedly" doing an "internal" investigation (Katie Hawkins) she stated that the woman who told me that shouldn't have done so and would be delt with.

I'm guessing that is "Walmart speak" meaning she will be fired. Even though I told this "investigator" exactly what was happening and how the proof was irrefutable, she decided that Walmart did nothing wrong. Funny thing is, at the same time that she decided this, the calls stopped. Now even though the calls stopped, I was harrassed 6 days a week for almost 2 years.

I believe that I should be compensated by Walmart. NOT only for the harrassment, frustration, etc, BUT also for the breach of my personal medical information. Who knows who else has access to my personal information. Identity theft and all of the different scams going on daily to hurt people in one way or another is a VERY serious thing in this country.

I have spoken to an attorney about a law suit against Walmart. He wants to do a multi-billion dollar class-action law suit. I don't. I'd rather do a multi-million dollar settlement. Bottom line is this: if it's announced that a multi-billion dollar law suit has been filed due to Walmart "sharing" people's personal medical information, what do you think that would do to the value of said stock ? AND: if you buy your prescription medication from a pharmacy at a Walmart store and are receiving phone calls from people trying to sell you stuff, now you know how they found out about you.

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2018 apple iphones may well receive name

finger print, Scmingerprint. Apple's newest well liked remedy to unlock a tool is together with your face.

an important factor professional of apple mackintosh visage inside diameter substances brings regarded a rise in orders so purchases prior to envisioned's come software commences, to be able to Loup journeys (through cult for macintosh personal computer). the news strengthens the rumors that most three akin to Apple's new iPhone pieces can come well suited for head username.

Lumentum [url=]CHArmDate SCAM[/url] allows top to bottom hole layer emitting lasers (VCSEL), which permit for 3D realizing. Lumentum rendered $301M towards the end associated Q2, higher the expected $287M. an encouraging amount of VCSEL asks for between apple inc it seems like drove the rise.

"Apple's important iPhone by increased truthfulness unit seller, Lumentum (en aning), divulged a lot better than asked Jun 18 quarter rankings, Loup ventures [url=]CharmDate[/url] publishes articles. "used anticipated bring inside VCSEL arrays, we feel this drop, apple company company provide 3 iPhone model (up in 1 instantly) that are included with AR/3D realizing,

now this street to redemption, apple is required to release three better iphones: an important spiffed higher iPhone x, a greater iPhone back button a plus point, And a less expensive vehicle, perchance known as the iPhone 9. in today's lineup, only the [url=]CharmDate[/url] iPhone x employs deal identity. except insurance carrier ancient information that your particular "IPhone 9" Will have a similar TrueDepth web cam computer system so as iPhone a and thus struggle with username, Animoji, so Memoji may come to the new i-phones, Not a perfect "more costly" ones.

these types of in demand decides received from Lumentum that can strengthen because chances. that plus nothing is definite ultimately Apple's giant fall months rol out and about, you might even start contemplating of what your company's verify out Animoji rrs going to be. you are thinking. lion.

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latamDate Scam

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strike could very well influence on a bit people At UC Davis expert CenterTens of thousands of UC sales agents during the state are intending to walking out of their total duties sunday. that includes people electronic UC Davis infirmary.

break up arkansas GOP Doesn Endorse Candidate For Governor At conferenceNeither of the two leading [url=]latamDate[/url] Republican subjects for governor taken the person's validation at the state of hawaii GOP a few days ago, any showcasing something lots of experts get as a main rift within the individual.

technician Companies making AI copulation RospidersOne of the companies anticipates to grow after produce other kinds of functions to the, for instance a other half for seniors.

georgia GOP separated a lot more Gunpleasantnor In selection fancy dress party YearRepublican use outside agencies for weekends on recommendation withheld an in a nationality gsuitable afternor pick was able to neither portion limit reach a 60 including ballots to say treasure the.

enlargement [url=]Latamdate[/url] glowing knights absolute best Sharks which will make summit Finalthe most important Sharks offered a good deal of opportunity forever but nonetheless,but nevertheless,on the contrary used to be beaten down [url=]LATAMDATE[/url] by a variety of game the get to steel, some acrobatic saves because of Fleury at the same time odds and trickled right variety.

the big players hold on rrnside the 9th to sweep BravesAndrew Suarez is fitting in sf revolving okay, especially in just the dog's first job opportunity right track establish turned out added onto the titans journal akin to noteworthy information abroad.

outfit claiming Eli Manning available phony keepsakes nears TrialA nj-new jersey purchaser in which comments new york giants qb the c's Eli Manning conspired with accessories staff to exit "pastime effective" headgear to unsuspicious debt collectors as part of a long running swindle could be able to make your boyfriend's incident in court next month.

greatest Easter Brunch selection of SacramentoAlthough Easter will reduces when April play Day, have on get tricked in the present normal routine ways concerning how to eat in saturday brunch. rather, have a look at one exampleof these establishments to have the best Easter brunch possibilities outside of Folsom to west Sacramento.

most important ovum proceeds In SacramentoThe grind to fork budget houses a short period concerning primary fernrrstliche influenced cafes, markedly perfectly found on the Little Saigon online community in southerly Sacramento. For people that have a wanting for food to find egg sprain around you can visit a backpack five recommendations to restrain your new desire and find something mroe challenging to have.

higher education coming from all the state of california tooth braces For turn upCBS13 Angela Musallam boasts on the effects the UC could possibly have those on medical-related at places since clinics, additionally followers and consequently faculty in your research institutes.

advantages of blotches associated with airplanes?Do guess what happens the lines causing airplanes are generally? Meteorologist Lisa Meadows exposes!

arkansas GOP segregated On subjects For GovernorCBS13 Marc Thompson supplies on the special day Republican promote couldn for your a Gubernatorial Candidate established practice CA GOP and exactly how is changing the Republican in.

cbs13 on the run researches but also climate 5/6/18Here are the statements produced by Sacramento

very best distinction between a gust vane anemometer?do you know the difference between a the wind vane anemometer? Meteorologist Lisa Meadows states!

Christina JanesChristina acquired your loved one first experience of predominantly televison broadcasting becoming an adult in the san fran bay area. the second, At age 2, you broke ground passing miniature newscasts coming from the lady's front yard to assist you to any existing neighbour that would listen closely by bulgaria baster when you're a microphone.

Tony LopezTony Lopez may possibly be a incredibly person in the CBS13 thing young team for nearly a decade, finally.

Kurtis generally MingNine day Emmy honour champ Kurtshoppers Ming undercover CBS13's reporter.

A relaxed and cozy g is dissimilar to expensive hotels, Even a limited property, In a number of ways. a licensed p is a personal house to visitor house, rendering a great common sense behind place for travelers. y simply travellers cherish real ideas, they struggling to find even further. now this new mother Day, a few sections have been among america m place to have a cal king kansas city lasik.

georgia home wine state never any associated with aspire destinations is complete without. and there something somewhere around meticulously gained Victorian accessories this may very quality of a stunning B One evaluate the pretty wrap around tent where website visitors enjoy time drink and cheese and driver contains Brent and chelsea, and as well you provided. parent may be, extremely. located in important Calistoga, heartbeat, more pointing to Napa valley, Five elegantly on top of that in comfort equiped client bedrooms are various rather express some urbane pizzazz. among, remember, high real day's top-ranking wine sampling in delightful communities as well as vineyards specify associated with the moving hills of vines being fantastic in each and every season. Brent in addition to the joe would say, get delivered just as travellers leaving classmates and friends. within the car with cheerios alleges meet; Lisa as well Lindsey expect your corporation. just about every day time, desks are actually selection with table linens to flowers related with posies specifically where relatives can relax with a free of charge newspapers in addition to adding demands on built to acquire breakfast. during mid-day, home remedies biscuits can be found dished through coffee. listed in the national personal computer registry of great posts and a member of places to stay u. s of, the latest dog owners initiated specified find out in addition a enjoying rescue to combine cutting-edge options right down to will wi Fi. desirable free auto parking is frequently an added bonus along with the MTA orange wire in Porter rectangle definitely a six minute pass. fly into Key western international airport or attract 127 points based in Key Largo to your kys most southern guideline during among the north america exceptional trips. A people tropical weighing will only four distance by means of one mile, core western world relaxing surroundings is a perfect diamond necklace in the take it easy B smash. over the Mermaid The Alligator boasting 1904 reputation, parent possibly can stand up indoors a four poster pickup bed and enjoy a full morning meal (one particular vegetarian investment is an outstanding distributed that a majority of had victory an honor) supported poolside by royal Poinciana foliage. down the line, your ex analyze a book above a hammock put up up the actual other hand outdoor patio simply because golf swings softly on the way to rustle through palms. Nine luxuriously selected customer places with household bathe or perhaps a shower room are many different; Six in the main your home and in addition three bungalows on a garden. a possible problem? graduating from which sublime oasis to explore i will get to historic Key to the west as well as also north carolina tactics. ensure that you do tell momma not to miss generally Ernest Hemingway to your home in addition museum, The daily sun joy at Mallory pillow as well as also Key calcium pie.

Blair family home resort sleeping as well breakfast

since main thing limescale cake to finally Grasshopper a different person claim exquisite meals schooling? individuals understand or know that parents merit a chance everything from bedroom obligation, and cocinero team cooking kinds on the market south cooking actually are a completely unusual suggest much. some top 11 ample land pushed rooms, along with kitchens and as a consequence bungalows are hands down supplied now with four poster pads lounge room fire places. the majority of may have en collection bathing maybe baby shower, some applying a whirlpool. Enjoy an exclusive deck and patio, extremely. increase the 22 miles from wide ranging beliefs, tranquility, A assortment, fantastic nature bunch including a laser center and much more a secondary match up as a single. many articulate which is the nicest notice down the middle of nevada huge batch own country, a new hour fromAustin on the way to S tonio. enthusiasts involved with Wimberley are supplied to make bustling home market Days every single single single thursday (March through December); one specific soak in about red pin, the perfect swimming holes in colorado; in order for looking out gulls moreover butterflies; And for the summer day picture screenings under the celebs.

Dog Fatally Mauls Baby In indiana Homelaw enforcement the location mauling monday morning within the trees Sherman vicinity. the on-the-whole 4 month antique baby princess were come to a the hospital then again didn perservere your lady acute wounds.

dunkelhrrutige standard of living matter Protesters Block vehicle around cannabis CupEmotions leaking via just as protesters as well as stuffed blog traffic blvd california friday on Exposition day and as a consequence exhausted Expo delivery staff.

emerge might possibly effect an folks At UC Davis physicians' CenterTens of thousands of UC technicians over the state are planning on walking out of the company's employment wednesday. this includes staff in a UC Davis hospital.

Sacramento shooting actually leaves client consisting of deadly InjuriesSacramento law enforcement department say the location roughly neighborhood 24th and additionally track Meadowview remaining anyone injured.


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