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Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Worcester
Address 101 Aylesbury Rd.
Phone 866.674.5238

Vytex Reviews

  • May 28, 2019

Steven and Greg Rotman have lied repeatedly to the investment world. Their lies are as follows-

1. Rotman claimed that the net profit of his furniture store was 19%, then claimed that he never gave investors the number.

2. Rotman told investors that the outstanding share count was relatively unchanged, then it was revealed that the company has deceitfully diluted shareholder equity by over 300%.

3. Rotman issued a PR saying that an "up to 250 million share" buyback was "authorized", when in fact the company had no cash for any "buyback".

4. Rotman repeatedly gives insider information to select shareholders in emails and on phone calls without announcing the information in a public press release.

5. Rotman issued a press release claiming that an "institutional investor" had purchased $200,000 of VYST shares at .15. This was touted as an example of confidence from the investment world. The 10q report revealed that a toxic financier group, which DID NOT meet the definition of "institutional investor" received over 30,000,000 shares of VYST at an average price of .006.

6. Rotman is actively hiding the OS from investors by disallowing the transfer agent from giving information to shareholders.

7. Rotman refuses to abide by securities laws and release 8k reports detailing material events that are announce via twitter, email, or phone calls.

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