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Vyoma Travels Inc

Country United States
State Georgia
City Alpharetta
Address 13010 Morris Rd bldg 1 Suite 600
Phone 1 678-666-2853

Vyoma Travels Inc Reviews

  • Aug 14, 2020

TravelMerry charged me $210 on 3/23/20 for a flight change on Royal Air Maroc (RAM) (Booking Res. #------). TravelMerry said that $74.30 of that charge was a fee to RAM for fare and tax differences. But TravelMerry never gave me a detailed receipt either from TravelMerry or RAM indicating that charge, despite my repeated requests.

When I check online with RAM, there is no indication that RAM ever charged a $74.30 fee. I therefore now believe that TravelMerry invented that $74.30 fee (in addition to its $110 "service fee" and $25 "re-issuing charge") in order to get more money from me under false pretenses. I have asked TravelMerry repeatedly via email and phone over the last 5 months for an itemized receipt, and it refuses to provide it to me. On 8/15/20 I received an email from “Randy Thomas” stating that “we cannot provide any more detailed invoice.”

If TravelMerry had actually paid RAM $74.30 for fare and taxes due to my flight change, it would be able to provide both a detailed receipt from TravelMerry as well as proof that $74.30 was paid to RAM.

Moreover, it is almost impossible to get connected to anybody with any level of intelligence there, and the communication is terrible. The entire company works out of India. Difficult to understand them, and phone calls are choppy. They will repeatedly promise to respond within 24 hours, and then they never do. Each time one calls one has to explain everything all over again. Even their "senior staff" are better than their regular staff. They have an "escalations" department but it's just as inept as their regular customer service line.

Avoid this company like the plague. When things go well, it's fine. But as soon as there is the slightest difficulty, TravelMerry will use it as an opportunity to extract more money from you.

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