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Country United States
State Indiana
City Westfield
Address P.O. Box 5001
Phone 1-800-486-5134

Vylla Reviews

  • Jan 9, 2020

The BIC is abusive and condescending. He treats everyone very poorly. He uses profanity in professional settings. The company treats agents as W-2 employees requiring attendance at training sessions (which are useless) and filing of "business plans", etc. When I called him out on the violation of employee/contractor law and said that I wouldn't tolerate his abusive language, he said "your are FIRED".

You can't "fire" someone if they are not an emplyee, but that just illustrates the relationship in his mind - even though they are trying to hide behind contract status to avoid payroll taxes. Terminating the relationship is fine.

But, then they refused to pay me the commissions that were earned on closed transactions which occurred in the month prior to the termination. They are counting on people not suing them to get the commissions earned. They were paid at closing by the settlement attorney, but refuse to pay me my split.

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