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Vydox Plus

Country United States
State Georgia
City Martinez
Address 4820 Technology Drive
Phone (800) 549-5742

Vydox Plus Reviews

  • Nov 15, 2016

vydox plus


  • Jan 27, 2016

I was sent an email offer for a free trial for Vydox and all I had to pay was $4.95 shipping. After ordering the product I noticed that my bank account was charged for an additional $4.98.

I contacted the company to find out what the additional charge was for and was informed it was for expidited shipping and that I should receive the product no later that three days from the initial order. After not receiving the product on that day promised I contacted the company once again only to be told that it would take an additional five days before I should receive it and that after the trial period I would be automatically charged an additional $89.99 to my bank account.

Once again they refused to refund my account for the expedited shipping charge and after much conversation with their representative told me that his department didn't handle the shipping charges and that that department was not taking calls.

He suggested that I contact the US postal service itself.

Extremely frustrated I decided to call back in hopes of getting a different representative only to be referred to a different phone number 1-800-519-8417 of which is always busy. I still have yet to receive the product and am fearful that my bank account will once again be charged a bogus charge.

This company needs to desperately be exposed and removed from the internet. Too many innocent individuals are being rippped off. This is not the only product that they advertise and worst yet they are using celebrity indorsements for these products giving those celebrities a bad name.

I cannot express how much these people need to be stopped from taking advantage of the general public and we should all stand together in exposing this scam by using public media just as they use it against us.

  • Jan 18, 2016

OK these guys send you an email for a free 30 day trial of the new Vydox Plus. You figure ok I am getting older I may as well try it. You click on the link and it brings you to the beautiful page of promises that this is the next replacement for Viagra. How there is nothing to lose by taking advantage of the free 30 day trial. You figure OK let’s see how far we get before they ask for money. You fill in all of your information then they let you know there is just a $4.95 shipping charge. You think Hmmmm that is odd but not too odd and say ok give your credit card info and get the package sent to you. No worries. Then Bam, 10 days later they hit your account again for $49.99. When you call to see what is up you can hardly understand their foreign telephone people. Then they just start making things up saying that you agreed to pay if you did not return the package after 14 days. I agreed to no such thing nor would I have. But even that does not add up they charged my card on 01/04/2016 for the $ 4.95 shipping then on 01/14/2016 they stole 49.99 from me that is only 10 days. Regardless I did not agree to anything like that. My bank I believe will reverse the charge and give them a ding on their ability to continue to charge cards at all. I Have recordings of all the calls with their “Customer Service” department if anyone would like to hear them. I will just beep out my personal information. DO NOT GIVE THESE THEIVES YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER. They billed me as HOODIA8007079547. I have no opinion on the product. Though with these tactics of Thievery I am sure the product is worthless.

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