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Country United States
State New Jersey
City Freehold
Address 31 East Main Street, Box 901
Phone 646-661-2484

VYDIA, INC. Reviews

  • Nov 14, 2017

We spent $75 with vydia, $35 to promote our video on a TV channel, $20 to have our video uploaded to VEVO and to remove vydia's logo on our video and $20 to monentize our video. First they asked for the link to our Youtube video, which if we have a link, we already have a video. Instead of using the video we already had, which already generated over 300 views, they post a new video to our Youtube channel starting our numbers back from the beginning.

Second, they send a message stating that our video can not be submitted to the TV channel because it needs closed captioning and they want us to pay $99 to add closed captioning to the video and last I am trying to create a video with background art, a service they offer, and it will not let me upload the art because it keeps saying the art needs to be 1080p. I have emailed them about the first 2 things and they said just delete the duplicate video and it takes a while for them to VEVO approve my video. They also said the print was there stating I will have to pay extra for closed captioning, I didn't see the print so it must be fine print. Fees like this should be bold, red, underlined or something so that people know what they are paying for and what services they are choosing.

I feel like not making things noticeable to the customer is trickery to get your money, because of course they don't offer refunds. Last I feel they are saying the pics are not 1080 because they offer packages where they can create logos for you and basically they want you to go through them and get logos created instead of letting you create your own. We have been getting ripped off for years from companies that want to prey on independent artists and it is all getting ridicoulous. I just want to write this report to warn other independent artists, don't go down this road with Vydia. You can end up spending a lot of money with them, just to see in the end that they have nothing to offer.

  • Nov 30, 2016

Vydia music promotion Vydia promotions Hi I'm basically from the uk I unfortunately paid £400 for vydia to market my music it's been a month now and no reply they basically are con artist that are out to get your money il be speaking to my bank in the morning and will see if I can get my money back I really should gave looked at the reviews first but didn't won't be baking that mistake again to anyone who wants to use vydia promotions for your music distrubution don't as u and others have lost money without even a reply from vydia

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