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Vulcan Materials

Country United States
State District Of Columbia
City Washington

Vulcan Materials Reviews

  • Mar 22, 2018

On February 1st 2018, Marche Buckmon, an employee, rammed her Mack Truck into my stopped vehicle while turning in from a side street and tried to take off. Her vehicle had suddenly jerked forward (as if she had been distracted and suddenly looked up and saw space ahead, forgetting that she needed to manuever carefully as she was turning in from a side street) and she managed to side swipe my car and in an effort to escape she kept going which ripped the bumper off my vehicle. When I chased her down in my car, she finally stopped 2 blocks up the street. She stepped out of her vehicle, visibly shaken, and told me that her camera turned on so the accident was recorded. As I called 911, she called her supervisor. Once her supervisor had arrived, she told him and I that the camera light turned red during the collision. Her supervisor grimaced and pulled her aside to tell her something which I can only believe must be him coaching her as to what to say to the police.

After the police arrived and had us exchange information, Marche's supervisor stayed on at least another 5-10 minutes talking to the officer, this I found to be quite unethical and Officer Watkins has since been relieved of his position in the police force. Marche's supervisor had informed me that he would make sure he submitted the incident report that day by 4p including the dash cam information. Later that day I spoke to William Parker in your risk management office who told me this accident will be taken care of and covered as Marche Buckmon is not new to the risk management office and he was not surprised to hear she was involved in this incident. I explained that the dash cam camera will show that she suddenly jerked forward and rammed into my car.

I called William Parker almost every day for a week and every day he stated that he had not received the incident report, until almost 2 weeks later. I was initially informed by both William Parker and Jennifer Long (from Old Republic) that costs would be covered but now suddenly, I have been informed that Marche and her supervisor did not turn over the dash cam camera and are claiming they have nothing to submit. This sudden reneging on fixing my car and the sudden disappearance of the dash cam video strikes me as very unethical. This is very disappointing.

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