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Country United States
State Michigan
City Bloomfield Hills
Address P.O. Box No- 721
Phone 1 888 985 6070

VtSupport Reviews

  • Apr 25, 2019

vt support (not surely varifie) Called me on land line. Said I could check my computer at Charles, told me to call the website to verify their existence called on my cell and was immediately connected to "Charles" and "verified as legit".

Charles then asks me to put on my web browser to access my computer. I say I don't think so and he argues he will not access any of my private content. I hang up. Try their online chat and get no reply. I call their customer support, (sounds like the same sales person I talked to before) and give him a fake name.

He checks my phone number and after me questioning him about being a real company HANGS UP ON ME. I call again with another fake name and again, HANGS UP ON ME based upon finding my phone number. He did ask me the first time I called how much I paid and if there was a folder on my hard drive.

I lied $69. Seems like one guy is running the front with back ground taking the content off the computers while he keeps you on the phone. PLEASE HELP VARIFY!!!!!! Internet

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