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VTG Communications

Country United States
State California
City Vista
Address 3220 Executive Ridge
Phone 888-804-1448

VTG Communications Reviews

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  • Jun 10, 2016

I am a cellular retailer located in Nashville,Tennessee. Since VTG Mobile is an MVNO that operates off the Verizon network . I signed up with VTG Mobile in order to offer my customers Verizon service. I decided to test their service by ordering a sim card and activating it for $55.00. I did not sign up for any auto payments because this was suppose to be just a 1 month test. (I performed this test in May) However on June 9th 2016, VTG Mobile also known as (AF Mobile) charged my credit card $55.00 unauthorized. I tried contacting them numerous times through the day and even their customer service sent me to a voicemail. i also contacted VTG mobile representative Kyle Jones who originally helped me to get signed up with VTG Mobile. He gave me his personal cell phone number in which i did call and texted numerous times and he did not respond back. I also never received $40 commission as a dealer for activating a new line of service. This is the reason why i test any new products i have before offering it to consumers. Now I consider June's charge a fraudulent charge and i am requesting that VTG Mobile also known as AF Mobile return the unauthorize money to my account. I did contact my bank and place a block protection on any future fraudulent charges VTG mobile may attempt . I'm also warning other dealers in my area about VTG Mobile. Me and my wife were stopping to get gas and that is how i discovered the money missing. The $55.00 they took left me with just 15.00 to get gas and we were traveling home. i had to call my relative to help us . If you ever sign up with VTG Mobile they have great services and great Verizon coverage and great opportunities and you will make money. However i suggest that you use a throw away prepaid gift card so that no unauthorized charges happens to you

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