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Vskin Active

Country United States
State Illinois
City Chicago
Address Street no.1
Phone 888-989-7748

Vskin Active Reviews

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  • Oct 5, 2016

Read the fine print. It will explain a that there is a trial period after which you will be charged for the product. Further, you will be charged monthly. The S&H for what was billed as a free trial was $9.95, the first charge on my credit card was $265. The company leaves you few options to contact them (no email, a phone number that goes to a call centre that claims to not be that company) Once you recieve an emailed invoice, there is a phone number that argues their position and they offer all sorts of lame discounts but no refund.

My credit card company gave me their contact email and mailing address. Recommended that I return post the product and send an email demanding a refund for product returned and exlapin that if a refund is not forthcoming, that I will report the transaction as fraud to both the credit card company and the poiice. I am cancelling my credit card to avoid further monthly charges.

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  • Sep 13, 2016

They send you a trial size then start charging your credit card monthly and sending products with no return address or phone numbers

I ordered the trial size then they sent another order and charged my credit card I tried to cancel and they said they would but they keep charging my credit card

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  • Nov 5, 2016

The company is nothing but a scam that uses their free trial to get your credit card info so they can automatically bill you 2 weeks later. They ask you to pay the $5.00 shipping fee then turn around & charge your card for $103. For each product!

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  • Nov 28, 2016

I ordered a VSkin trial product with charges for shipping only. I could not get to shopping cart without signing up for another product, Age Escape, with shipping only charges as well - 2 weeks later I was charged $138 for each product ($276!). First of all the products are worthless (Note: they do nothing!) and secondly the company began charging me $276 every 2 weeks for shipment of more product.

I cancelled my credit card and after phoning VSkin and getting huge runarounds finally got a refund of $68. Yippeee!! Apparently there is fine print (very fine) on their website explaining that they will in fact apply the above charges, which makes it technically legal. I'm the idiot I guess.

Final note: Don't fall for this scam, even if endorsed by Dr Fraud himself Dr Oz.

  • Oct 28, 2016

Fraud, Fraud, Fraud

I also bought the sample for about $15.00 and did not know that i would be charged over $250.00 for more . I imediately called the company , they were very polite and offered me 50% back, I said NO . I WANT THE FULL REFUND. For four days I harassed them , I told them I will report it to the police fraud dept

Facebook and post it on Facebook for the media to see. I can't believe that i did get a refund. I closed that credit card and will NEVER NEVER buy anything on the internet where I have to give my visa number. I will check later on to make sure they didn't go in and take out anymore. So far, so good.

  • Sep 29, 2016

I signed up for a free trial of the face cream and the eye gel, online. I recieved the product, paying for the shipping and handling using my credit card.

A few days later, I received an invoice for each item, for $98 each. I called the customer support number on the invoice. They don't listen. They told me I had agreed to their terms. And that they would not have recieved my credit card number without my consent.

I told them the product did not satisfy me and I wanted to return the product and that I was not paying for the cost of the product.

They again, reading from a script, told me that I had agreed to pay and they had already billed me.

I demanded to speak to a supervisor. He told me there was none available. I asked them if they were a registered business. he assured me they were. I repeatedly asked for a supervisor. He refused.

While on the phone with me, he told me he was emailing the supervisor. The email as he read it offered me a gift voucher for a future purchase. I refused it. I refused to pay anything.

Another email was written to the supervisor. He put me on hold. The second response was the gift voucher and a 35% rebate of what I've been charged. I refused this offer.

I asked if this call was being recorded. He assured me it was. I demanded a supervisor and told him I was willing to wait. He refused.

I demanded into the recorded call that I was not paying anything , that I was filing a complaint with the BBB and that I needed a supervisor to call em. Then I hung up, because Henry Walker kept reading to me from a script and was disrespectful to me.

A few minutes later they called me. My husband answered. The offer was now a 50% rebate of what they were charging me. He refused, and restated my position.

30 minutes later they called again. I was driving to work and did not take the call.

I received an email and a voice mail. It is copied here:

Dear ,

This email is to inform you that we have refunded the amount of $93.59 back to your payment method originally used on order number 1093881, which was originally purchased on 09/28/2016 02:40am for the total amount of $98.27.

If you have any questions about this notification or if you feel you are receiving this in error, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team at 844-321-5099 M-F 8am-12am est Sat & Sunday 9am-6pm est

I called them, asked to speak to Henry Walker. He was unavailable. I am trying to determine if they have refunded me for only one of the two products. I spoke with Andy Lopez. He told me my account was closed and I would not receive any more products from them. He told me I could keep the products, when I asked for an address to return the bottles.

  • Sep 13, 2016

I saw an item on Facebook on free samples available. I was surprised that there were only two "samples" and each required separate shipping and handling. When they arrived, both in the same box,

there was no information on them. The print on the containers was too small to read. I googled the product names, and clicked on customer service on the VSkin website. The link took me to Reversaderm. The agent I called recommended I call my credit card to get the proper number for VSkin, whom they referred to as a third party agent.

when I called VSkin and asked to cancel, they said I could not. That I had agreed to terms and conditions that superseded my legal right to cancel. I was told I was in the trial period and could not cancel until the period was completed, when they would send me my first product that I would pay for. She refused to answer my questions about price, as well as why the website buttons took me to Reversaderm.

This agent was unpleasant, demanding and critical. When I hung up, she called me back, demanding that we resolve the matter, which meant listening to her say that I could not cancel within the trial period, and "agreeing." Although I did not use the words 'scam' or ripoff' she informed me that the call was being recorded, and they could pursue me legally for suggesting that the public was being ripped off!

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