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VR Simple

Country United States
State Arizona
City Phoenix
Address 4022 E Greenway Parkway

VR Simple Reviews

  • Oct 14, 2017

4/20/17, we confirmed this rental property with full payment

9/18/17, we sent our security deposit as instructed

10/5/17, after 1pm, we called the number we were given to receive our address and pass code to the house.

10/5/17, at approximately 430pm, “Bruce” from the rental help desk called to offer us a different house, he sent us a link to “Hayden Manor” that showed there were fewer bedrooms, bathrooms and beds which was unacceptable to us. We declined his offer.

10/5/17, at approximately 5pm, we arrived to the house and started to unpack and get things settled. We discovered a maintenance issue and contacted the help desk via phone & email.

10/6/17, the help desk emailed back that maintenance would be in touch to fix the matter (they never did)

10/6/17 at approximately 430pm, we emailed the rental help desk to advise of several things wrong with the property. We never received a reply to that email

10/7/17 at approximately 1145am, we discovered that the Electricity was suddenly not working. Then about 10 minutes later we discovered that the water was not working. It was then that we called Bruce at the rental help desk & he informed me that we were being evicted & that he had shut off the power and water. He also said if we didn’t pack up and move that he would move us to the curb himself. We made several calls to Bruce asking him to make the situation right & to remind him that he had no legal right to evict us and that one may consider his actions to be discriminatory as there were 8 women in the house. We continued to explain that if he felt he had the right to evict us to advise us of grounds otherwise refund us our money. These conversations caused us even more anxiety and frustration as he continued to mis-quote the contractual obligations of the rental agreement. He refused to provide proper explanation for our eviction and therefore was in breach of the contract.

10/7/17, at approximately 1pm we were packing up our cars and getting ready to leave & the maintenance/cleaning people arrived, they advised that they had just been called an hour prior.

10/7/17, at approximately 7pm we discovered that there were new tenants in the house.

10/8/17, at approximately 9am, we met with the new tenants and discussed our unlawful eviction & they also explained that they were not given the rental that they confirmed & that they were not getting responses to issues when they contacted the rental help desk (aka, Bruce)

We were wrongfully evicted. We found many shortcomings with the property and nobody wanted to fix the issues and/or was unresponsive to our requests.

We are requesting a refund in FULL of our rental charges for breach of contract which were paid via credit card on 4/20/17 AND for our security deposit of $800 that was paid via bank transfer on 9/18/17. We are also requesting to be reimbursed for our alternative arrangements, lost groceries that we could not take to our hotel & our pain and suffering which includes the time spent to vacate the property and move to another & the anxiety we experienced being put in a hazardous situation with no water or electricity.

  • Jul 29, 2017

Hello I'm a traveler and a host for my vacation homes I recently left Vrsimple aka azvr rentalguest rental manager mps vrsimple they use a bunch of names to disguise there scamming arts that they are so good at specially the owner that runs the whole deal Charles S. I use to host my home here and everything was good up till about a year and a half ago when I stopped getting paid out of nowhere and guest that where staying at the home somehow got ahold of my number demanding security deposits that this company never returned if you are about to rent a vacation home and stumble upon this website azvr vrsimple your going in the wrong direction be cautious.

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