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  • Oct 3, 2015

I signed up for service just under 4 months ago. For the past 30 days the whole system has been crawling along at DSL speeds (I have 100Mbs and was seeing 2 Mbps). My config was not from the tutorial. It was from their generated system. I also created my own PPTP and that has been working admirably until Sept 1, 2015. Now customer service, for this service based in Algeria, has pretty much told me that I'm past my 30 day promise of service. So, you give great service for 3 months for $40, eh? That's a RIPOFF. I will stop at nothing to get my fees returned. I wouldn't trust these fraudsters much beyond having a backdoor to your computer while connected thru their service.

Thanks for reminding me that trying to hide my s* exposes me to as*h* like you!

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