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Country United States
State Georgia
City Atlanta

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  • Nov 5, 2016

Completely Accurate Review

Hello there all. I'd like to formally introduce myself. I'm Christine Povisils, engaged to Vicky Self, who has been spoken about in public posts by "Heather Daniels". Needless to say, all of the insanity that "Heather Daniels" has said about my fiancee and myself are complete fabrications. The only true thing said is that we are lesbians and, last time I checked, there is nothing sinister, criminal, or otherwise illegal about our relationship.

Because of the many public, open threats "Heather Daniels" has made against Vicky and myself, we hired a private investigator who specializes in internet fraud and scam artists to find the exact name and current address for "Heather Daniels". The investigation took a few months to complete but here is just a little of what was found out:

"Heather Daniels" real name is Candra Alethea Hall (not Candra Jean Hall). The phone number we had to contact "Heather Daniels" was registered to Eddie Hall, her father, and has since been disconnected. We have her current home address which is in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

We now have a full, legal report of "Heather Daniels" exact and true identity and we will be filing a Class Action Lawsuit against Ms. Hall.

I kindly ask all women who have been scammed, used, and abused by this woman to please contact me at [email protected] Our information is real, legal, and will hold up in any court of law. Vicky and I have both had enough of her abusive emails and empty threats of "exposing" us even though there is nothing to expose. We will be happy to Skype with you to prove our identity and intentions. You'll never receive that consideration from Ms. Hall.

Warning: Be aware that Ms. Hall thrives on making extremely empty threats to those who dare to fight against her. If she believes you are in contact with myself or Vicky, there are high chances that you will receive harassing emails from her.

Full Disclosure: I, Christine Povisils, am "Sarah Succubus" and have zero shame about exposing the horrendous scam of Ms. Hall. You may Google my very unique name to see that I am a very real person with a very real life who isn't out to scam or steal anything from anyone, unlike Ms. Hall.

  • Sep 14, 2016

Sour Grapes

No company in their right mind would ever fire someone simply because they "had to make a change in their schedule", especially if that "someone" was a good PSO. As a manager for a phonesex company, I can tell you that ALL of the people who get fired are those that violate our TOS to the extent that there is simply no way possible to keep them on board. If someone is making us money, the LAST thing we would do is fire them for having to make a change in their schedule. The people who do the worst, who are the most difficult, who consistently lie and refuse to work when scheduled - these are the people who turn around and blame their employer and act vindictively like this person who wrote the above post. I'm sure it's completely inaccurate, untruthful and over exaggerated as most are.

  • Jun 23, 2016

This company has changed their names many times over the years.

XOXO Telecom Group

PK Telecom Group

And now they're

Here's a summary of the scam:

1. They hire you, promise you 0.50 per minute to do PSO work.

2. They give you 2 characters or more on the PSO site Niteflirt

3. All is well until you need to take a day off or make a change in your schedule. Once you do, the owner/manager will claim you violated your agreement and keep ALL your earnings.

I was scammed by this company a couple years ago when they were XOXO Telecom Group. The owner was known as Ann. I do know she resides in Atlanta. I do not know what name she is using now. Once they screw over enough PSOs who post here on Rip Off Report or other sites, they shut down, change their company name and then start over again.

Ann is very rude and condecending once you ask for your money. She has berated and threated me over the course of several emails.

AVOID! If you need a PSO job, bypass this company and sign up for Niteflirt directly. At least you know with 100% certainity that you will get paid. You have been warned!

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