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Voodoo Love Center

Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Phone (319)891-1072

Voodoo Love Center Reviews

  • Jul 22, 2017

So, I contacted Angie from

She took my information and advised that if she could not help me she would direct me to someone who could, she then looked into my situation and stated she could help me. She worked with me for about 6 days and then stated that she needed to send me a crystal to rid my sureoundings of negativity. She was very sweet and seemed to be genuine and honest but this was just a front. I told her I was a litle skeptical having already paid her $475 (Western union/$ gram or visa gift card) she told me the crystal was about $400, I told her that I could not afford that since I had been scammed over and over and she assured me that she was not going to scam me and she wanted to help me get my husband back. I talked her down to $300 since this was all I could afford, I sent her the $, she texted me a few times afterwards then I never heard from her again. She ignored my messages and phone calls.

Please do not send anyone any $ that is untraceable to anyone no matter how sweet and honest they sound. I know people are desparate and will do anything and some people will take advantage of your vulnerability in a heartbeat to make a buck. It is so sad that these types of people being in this business do things like this to people knowing the Karmic consequences. Please do not trust her. Do your research when searching for someone to work with, ask Q's, check to see if they are on social media, google their phone # to see if they are who they say they are. If you see any red flags, please go with that feeling. Best of luck all!

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