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Von Waldberg German Shepherds

Country United States
State Washington
City Snohomish
Address 20730 95th Ave SE
Phone 206-931-7200

Von Waldberg German Shepherds Reviews

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  • Dec 21, 2015

I bought a 3 month old puppy from Von Waldberg in December 2013. Puppy was advertised to have the best of lineage and ancestry. Paid $4,000 plus tax for it. 3 months later, in April 2014, puppy was diagnosed with Panosteitis and vets suspected elbow dysplasia and recommended additional x-rays. Vets also said that puppies with Panosteitis are predisposed to other orthopedic problems in the future.

I contacted the seller, Phil Skoog from Von Waldberg, and he said it was a bunch of bullshit from the vets that puppy has elbow dysplasia. He said they only want my money for more x-rays for nothing, and Phil Skoog convinced me that there is no way puppy has dysplasia. At the time I thought Phil Skoog was an honorable man, who genuinely cared for the dog and my family. I was so wrong.

Puppy started to limp heavily again in May 2015, so I spent the extra money to do an extensive study on his elbows, and again, he was diagnosed with dysplasia in both elbows, no doubt.

I went back to the breeder/importer Phil Skoog, and this time he acknowledged the diagnosis, but didn't agree with the vet that this is an inherited disease. Phil Skoog insisted that my puppy was fed poor diet and had experienced trauma that caused him the elbow dysplasia. He wouldn't accept the fact that dysplasia is a polygenetic inherited disease.

So, now I am stuck with a puppy, 18 months old, who can run and play fetch, who can't go for walks more than 10 minutes long.

Stay away from this scammer. He imports and breeds puppies, but doesn't care about their health and well-being, and this will only leave you not only with an empty wallet, but will break your heart to have a young, beautiful animal that can't act like a happy pup.

I am suing him in court.

Beware of Phil Skoog, Kimberly Brown, and Von Waldberg German Shepherds.

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