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von Gottschalk Kennel

Country United States
State Minnesota
City Saint James
Address Rayo Family 417 Tiell Drive
Phone 1.5076211749

von Gottschalk Kennel Reviews

  • Jun 30, 2017

Vom Gottschalk is an unscrupulous backyard breeder. Their website claims "The dogs we select to breed are those that have been through the strict testing and competitions to meet the SV standards in Germany, guaranteeing nothing but the finest quality. Careful studies go into the planning of each of our litters. All of our litters are registered with the AKC and SV."

Absolutely false. NONE of their dogs have been breed surveyed (KKL) - none would be permitted to be bred in Germany and there is absolutely NO chance of an SV registration for litters. Only one female has any titles or SV registration. They have a stud listed who is a juvenile and lacks ANY breed, temperment or health certification, let alone an SV breed survey and permission to breed.

Backyard breeders like this give a bad name to the truly diligent breeders who seek to improve the breed, not make a quick buck off of non-breeding quality pets.

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