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Volusia Wood Animal Clinic

Country United States
State Florida
City Orange City
Address 547 N Volusia Ave
Phone 386-775-5300

Volusia Wood Animal Clinic Reviews

  • Dec 3, 2015

Took my new 2 year old rescue pup to get established. What was supposed to be about a $40 visit turned into almost $500. The Veterinarian came up with my dog had osteoarthritis with no x-rays. Then, I was told my dog had an ear infection and a bacterial infection of the skin. I only saw one "hot spot" on my dog of which I treat with OTC anti-biotic cream. They had me so frazzled with medications, the diagnosis or osteoarthritis diagnosis, etc., I was floored when I found the bill was to be almost $500. Yes, like an idiot I agreed to all of the treatment, etc. because I want the best for my dog.

I contacted the Rescue Group I got my dog from and they immediately set me up with their Veterinarian only to find out that my dog did not have an ear infection, did not have a bacterial infection, and absolutely no osteoarthritis. She does have skin allergies however as a lot of Florida dogs do. I was able to get a simple "anti-itch" medication to use as needed.

I was way overcharged on medications and even the 2nd opinion Vet. telling me Volusia Woods gave me the most expensive ones on the market. He was also very surprised the Veterinarian made an osteoarthritis diagnosis without x-rays. If my dog had any infections at the time, she could of been treated with less cost medications that do the same thing as the expensive ones. To give a dog anti-inflammatories with no x-rays, etc. is bordering on malpractice, and thank goodness I questioned the diagnosis and did not give any of those to my dog.

The new Veterinarian at this practice is extremely over-zealous when diagnosing, and again the medications were the most expensive out there, and very hiked price wise by Volusia Woods.

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