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Country United States
State Alabama

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  • Jul 24, 2017


First name: Marcos Paulo

Last name: Dos Santos

Country: Brasil

Register fake accounts on travel websites, like CouchSurfning (the account name was Petra Karlsson, Swidish girl living in Brasil for 6 years). She contacted me, saying she wants to travel with me in South America and she liked my travel plan (as I have posted in some travel groups I am looking for a travel buddy). Saying found a great travel deal for all flights in South America and give the email address [email protected],

I contact the company they asked me to transfer money through MoneyGram only to a person - First name: Marcos Paulo Last name: Dos Santos Country: Brasil.

Once I sent money they said they will send a Voucher within 24 hours. The girl from "fake" CS account - Petra "accidentally" signed me up for another tour for 900 USD. Saying she cannot cancel and I have to pay, if I want to cancel it the money will be return within 60 days. When I said it's a ridiculous and it might be a fraud, Petra (or whoever it is) started threaten me saying: "if you want a war you can have it. I know how to stop people from travel!!!"

After that I reported a Fraud in CS Community, they confirmed it's a fraud and deleted her account.

I contacted the company about my Voucher and they replied that ms Petra complained about me and I will not receive the Voucher and they refuse to work with me, and if I want my money back I should provide my Credit Card information. Which is weird. Once I said you can transfer my money back through MoneyGram (Like i did) or PayPal. Their answer was - We do not negotiate, if you want your money back you have to provide us your CreditCard Information within 3 days. That's already a physiological manipulation, any real and serious company will not threaten their customers and will not refuse to serve a client.

Their names in emails: Amanda Silva, David Andersson, Luiza Nato.

What can I say? I have learnt my lesson in the painful way, but could be worse.

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  • Dec 27, 2019

Fake volunteering on facebook

Anna from sweden posted a message about volunteering in brasil and then asked for money when from the beginning she said it was for free. When i started asking about she started insulting me and threatening me

  • Sep 18, 2019


They are a group of people who have set up this website:

They contact people via different social media sites and telling them they are looking for travel buddies. Later they ask them to send them money.

They are a group of fake people with fake accounts, name and website

[email protected]


They say different names

Olivia Lehmann

Gustavo Silva

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