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Volunteer Fence

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Hendersonville
Address 198 Molly Walton Dr
Phone 1 615-822-6530

Volunteer Fence Reviews

  • Nov 22, 2021

I had this company put up a fence in my backyard in May of 2021. A few weeks after sitting in the sun the wood begin bowing, warping, and folding at the top and the bottom.

I marked the board which was majority of the fence. They came to repair the boards and the same thing happened. I requested the fence to be torn down and they start over with better wood. the owner stated you don't build a house and tear it down.

They came out again to replace the boards they felt were bad which they left several that were and several that i marked. The owner stated I was just being arugmentive and he did not see anything wrong with the fence. when I advised that i was not paying until the fence is repaired correctly he stated he would just place a lien on my house. so Of course I sent in the payment of $4300.

Now they are refusing to come a repair the fence. They are stating the fence was repaired and paid for. This is the biggest scam company I have ever dealt with and $4300 for a fence you expect the fence to look like it will last for years. This fence will probably not last over the winter.

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