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Voila Auto Group

Country United States
State Florida
City Orlando
Address 2413 W Colonial Dr
Phone 407-270-4747

Voila Auto Group Reviews

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  • Jul 20, 2016

My wife and I needed a car. We had gone to a couple if places and were getting frustrated. I had heard commercials on the radio for Viola and decided to try them. I told the salesperson what we needed and he took me to a minivan. Did the test drive and all was fine. We go inside to do paperwork. My wife and I give them our socials , birthdays, and employment information. They have a sign do paperwork, and give us the key, and tell us we have to take the car with us tonight. The salesperson goes out to wash the van up, and comes back to tell me that the van does not have any seats in it. I go outside and show him that the seats actually fold down into the floor, and this was a big Revelation to him and the rest of the staff. Monday morning we get a call saying that our credit is not approved, Amy need to come in and sign New Deal paperwork. We signed paperwork when we picked up the car, so we do not understand why we had to do new paperwork 2 Days Later. My wife gives her pay stub and a light bill. We signed paperwork all over again. The whole process. 2 days later we get another call saying that my wife is not approved on her own and we need a co-signer. We have the car. Procession, but now I need a co-signer. I get someone to cosign, and they have to FedEx the information to that person. In the meanwhile, comma two years tax returns comma just a lot of paperwork. Every two days, we get a call saying we need to turn in more information. We have the car now for about 2 weeks. My cosigner signs his documents and send them back to the dealership. We think we are all set. We get a call and then another two days saying that there's a problem with my wife's pay stub. They say the bank rejects the deal and now we have to return the car. Never had the car about 3 weeks, use it for work, and now we have to drop everything we're doing to return a car to them that we should not have had in the first place if the deal was not approved. They keep calling my cosigner asking for additional documentation as well as my wife. We are totally frustrated at the way this whole thing was handled, now we have to rent a car comma and take their car back to them in the mist of having to do a normal job. That is time and money we did not have. Don't ever ever ever ever deal with Viola Auto Group.

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