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Vivid Seats LLC

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 833.228.5143

Vivid Seats LLC Reviews

  • May 4, 2020

Concert scheduled for March 18th was cancelled on March 13th due to COVID-19 with an email describing our full cash refund will be applied within 2-4 weeks with NO ACTION REQUIRED. If we wanted a voucher for 120% of the ticket value, we had to act within 72 hours. I did not want the voucher so we did not act.

-April 15th, Vivid Seats sent an email directly to my Spam Inbox, nearly 33 days later (5 weeks) saying NOW that action was

required within 7 days to receive the full cash refund WE WERE ALREADY PROMISED IN WRITING on March 13th. Otherwise, they would automatically apply it towards a 110% purchase value voucher.

I did not receive the April 15th email within a timely manner because it was sent directly to my Spam inbox, while their advertisements were still being sent to my regular inbox. I spoke at length with the company, via web chat and phone call and they refused to honor their original promise of a full refund. They waited until AFTER they were supposed to have already refunded our money to change their policies. This is fraud. We were promised one thing and given something else that we did not agree to that has less value than the original $720.90. We cannot use this voucher as we cannot attend any concerts in the future, making the voucher far less valuable to us than the $720.90 owed to us.

The company is refusing to honor the agreement made on at least 3 occasions (via email, and multiple checks on their website for updated policies over the following weeks. They intentionally waited 5 weeks to change their policies to keep our money. Matt G., the rep I spoke to last, agreed that they SHOULD have honored the original agreement, but they "can change policies whenever they want" so there was nothing they would do. We will be disputing this charge and will go to any legal lengths to receive our full cash refund as promised. I have the emails in question and will be happy to provide you with them.

  • Apr 22, 2020

Purchased tickets for an event that was cancelled due to COVID19. Originally they said i would be refunded in 2-4 weeks. When the refund never came, i called back and they said i was not eligible for a refund and i would only receive a credit for future purchase. Clearly a scam that goes against their refund policy.

  • Mar 16, 2020

We bought 4 premium tickets to a Boston Red Sox game that has been postponed by the MLB due to coronavirus precautions, vividseats refuses to issue a refund. There is no reschedule date, but even if there was we are from 4000 miles away and will be in Boston for only one specific weekend.

They state the will reissue the tickets for the date the game is rescheduled, if it ever is, but again we are not in a position to attend this sporting event if it is held on a date other than when it was originally scheduled for. Customer service was not helpful, I have tried to rectify this through them.

  • Oct 15, 2019

On aug 26 2019 I ordered two tickets to see cheaptrick and zz top at jones beach theater for a total of 167.77. I received an email saying that they got my order and that all I had to do to get my ticket was to download the app on my phone and click on the tickets incon and my tickets would be there. I did this and sure enough the tickets looked like they were there complete with seat number etc.

On the day of the show I got to the venue and accessed the tickets. The ticket taker said these were not the tickets since there was no bar code I went to will call and they told me that I should've received an email telling me that there would be an electronic transfer and that the tickets shouldve been emailed to me.

I searched my email and found no email from vivid seats I tried to call them and got nothing but a busy signal. We ended up buying other tickets from the box office. I called capital one and told them what happend they launched an investigation. I called vivid seats the next day and the customer service rep told me the email was sent to me through ticketmaster no one told me to look for an email from ticketmaster that I received the day of the show .

The only thing they offered me was a vivid seats gift card for the cost of the fees i paid I told them to forget I have since reported them to better business. Capital one investigated and since they did deliver the tickets they coudnot issue mea credit I am appealing this decesion. DO NOT DEAL WITH VIVID SEATS THEY ARE A DECEPTIVE CO

  • Oct 11, 2018

I purchased tickets from Vivid Seats on September 11th 2018 for a Montreal Canadians came on October 13th against Pittsburgh in Montreal. The tickets were to be electronicaly transferred on October 11th. The tickets never arrived. Repeated calls to Vivid Seats customer service did noy resolve the issue and when escillated to the manager level I was told that they would open an investigation after the game if I did noy receive the tickets. I'll be out $400 in hotel fees even if they refund my money.

I was told that the seller is paid when the tickets are ordered and the agreement is that they send the tickets electronically 2 days before the event. The original seller has no incentive to send the tickets because they have already been paid for. Vivid seats claims they have no responsibility to deliver the tickets even though I paid an additional fee to have them secure the tickets for me,

Their customer service is horrible and they claim no responsibility to secure the tickets. This is a horrible company which I will never use again.

Vivid seats is a complete ripoff.

  • Nov 30, 2017

I purchased two tickets to the U2 concert in Kansas City via the Vivid Seats iPhone app. This was my first (and last) time using the app. I sorted by "best seats" and two seats came up indicating General Admission, Row 1, seats 1 and 2. I searched around on the venue map and it showed General Admission for Arrowhead Stadium which is also commonly configured for floor seating. In fact, every other concert I have attended at Arrowhead had actual floor seating.

The most underhanded and deceitful aspect of this was that their app sorted the most expensive GA tickets to the top as "best seats" when really any GA seat gives the consumer the same access, same priviliges. There is nothing better about one GA seat -- such as the one I paid more than $500 for versus the ones being sold on the Vivid Seats app when I entered the venue for $31 each.

I have heard that their GA seat numbering system is for "inventory purposes" but I think that BS.

The application should not sort seats as one better than another and their seating chart should be far more specific as to what you are getting into.

I would love to see people get together and sue the pats off of Vivid Seats for this behavior. I use Stub Hub all of the time and have NEVER had this issue with them.

Best regards

  • Nov 20, 2017

This company will offer a discount promo but will not allow you to apply it! BEWARE! The Chat Session is WORTHLESS. Don’t let your tickets slip away while vividseats jerks you around. GO TO ANOTHER SITE and enjoy your entertainment. BAD COMPANY!!!

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