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Viva La Jewels

Country United States
State New Jersey

Viva La Jewels Reviews

  • Oct 1, 2015

This online store had the worst policies I've ever seen and thy are completely deceptive. They sell on Instagram, Facebook and their online store. They offer promo codes and flash sales for NEW ITEMS in their shop. You then purchase the item not knowing that according to them...if you use a discount/promo code or you buy during a sale...they deem the item FINAL SALE. They don't disclose this ANYWHERE where customers would actually read it. Not on their social media where they are promoting the item, not on their policies page, not in the item description. The ONLY place it is noted is under Return/Exchanges Policies which NO ONE reads unless they are ACTUALLY returning or exchaning an item.

Normally when you shop online the item description will be marked as FINAL SALE. This is the FIRST I've ever seen a store do this. When I emailed them to complain, they not only refused to reply to my email...they turned around and blocked me from social media so I couldn't warn other unsuspecting customers...BUT they also canceled a PREVIOUS order I had with them that I had been waiting on for over a MONTH. Just when that order was about to ship...they canceled it. So I'm stuck with an item that DOESN'T FIT, and I won't be getting the other item I was waiting for. WHO DOES THAT to a customer??? Ridiculous business practices. DO NOT SHOP AT VIVALAJEWELS.COM

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