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Vitality Medical

Country United States
State Utah
City Cottonwood Heights
Address 7910 S 3500th E Ste C
Phone 800-397-5899

Vitality Medical Reviews

  • Mar 9, 2021

An inept and potentially fraudulent entity (at least they're flying *a lot* of the red flags)

Medical supply companies occupy a very important and fragile space. They cater to the infirm and often elderly, those in our society who are scared and sometimes forgetful. These people often let things go or forget to follow up because of all the soul crushing physical and emotional pain they're dealing with, so it's absolutely imperative that those providing care and supplies to such people do so in an honest and competent manner. As such, there is no room for humor here to cloud the message and recounting of what has happened.

Luckily, I am in good health. However, during the height of COVID I found myself having to fly. My mom, a tad freaked out at the though, went online and bought some KN95 masks for me and some sanitizing wipes. We were both shocked this place had the masks in stock, but she wasn't about to hesitate. When the package arrived, no masks. Just a note that they were backordered.

So she called and was told they were sent. Then was told they were backordered. But they were still listed as "in stock" on the website. So she requested they be sent. They told her they were sent and was provided tracking information for a package that didn't ship to me. so she called back and was told they shipped in the first package despite the fact that I have the packing slip that says they're backordered (still listed as in stock on the website at this point), so she requested a refund and they agreed.

Of course, they never refunded her and I never got my masks. So a month later she checks her statement and still no refund, so she calls again and "oops don't know what happened". we'll submit it.

At this point, being one of the customers involved here (remember these WERE for me which, yes, makes this my customer experience), I called and explained that they'd proven themselves to be untrustworthy and the refund needed to be processed while on the phone. So I repeatedly got transferred multiple times to people who couldn't process a refund until the office closed and "oops! no one here to do that! sorry!"

Now, if I were seriously ill, I'd consider just writing it off and I have to wonder how many sick and needy people try to track down their much-needed supplies only to get a constant string of promises while the deadline to request a refund from their credit card company expires and then they're at the mercy of Vitality. It sure seems like a sure-fire way to boost their bottom line by confusing and frustrating sick people.

Unfortunately for vitality I'm not sick and I'm furious -- so much so that I've begun reaching out to their suppliers and credit card processor to alert them to such behavior and to the attorney general to look into their business practices.

Oh, and yes, the masks are *still* listed as in stock.

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