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Country United States
State Tennessee
City Brentwood
Address P O Box 1703,
Phone (615) 372-6800

VitalChek Reviews

  • Oct 20, 2020

They need to be arrested and sent to the big house

  • Oct 14, 2020

On July 27, 2020, I submitted an online order for a certified copy of my birth certificate, to the Indiana Department of health, via Vitalchek. I elected to use this service as they advertised expedited shipping. In order to increase the level of my security clerance, I am required to provide a certified copy of My birth certificate as proof of U.S. citizenship.

Subsequent to submitting the order, i did not receive an email with anorder number. I have made numerous attempts to contact vitalchek, all to no avail.

On September 08, 2020, I submitted a complaint of an internet site, amd was contacted the following day by a "Representative" from vitalchek. The "representative" stated my application had been received and was being processed. In addition, I was advised that i would receive the birth certificate in 15 to 20 business days.

On Tuesday October 13, 2020, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. It is now Thursday October 16, 2020, and I still have not received the document.

  • Aug 24, 2020

They did not communicate and cancelled the order without telling me. I ordered again and they once again did not fill the order.

  • Oct 17, 2019

I ordered an original birth certificate in the state of New York in order to get my drivers licensed renewed, so I went to which states a "fast & easy turnaround" in many cases you receive within ONE WEEK

However it took TWO MONTHS which ended up costing $134.00 because they requested I fax a copy of my drivers license which in color, but I did it anyway knowing it would not transmit since fax machines are black and white. So I was forced to overnight a copy in order to get a "rush request" after waiting NINE WEEKS to be told that is the only way. When you call VitalChek support you will wait for 30-45 minutes just to speak to someone which is a good indication they are misleading others too.

The customer support is not helpful at all reading from a script it seems and unable to think outside the box to help you. I know first hand because I must have made six calls totalling over three hours on hold and conversations, only to get nowhere each time.

I would stronlgy suggest anyone considering paying them, to think twice and do it yourself because you will save both time and money as well as allot of potential stress!

I even checked their website before posting this to see if anything changed with disclosing more realistc processing times, but still says the same ole same ole.

It is far from convienant and certainly not cheap, especially if you value your time like I do.

  • Nov 19, 2018

I placed an order in good faith to receive 3 official copies of my birth certificate through this company. Their website, and my order status page, shows that processing time of 15-20 business days is expected. Today marks the 21st business day, so I called their offices to see what was going on; however, they refused to help me. The supervisor I ended up speaking with (who was in love with his own voice) was named Ritchie, and he told me that my only option was to contact the state of New York and follow-up myself. According to them, they just [place the order, and bear NO RESPONSIBILITY for the actual processing. He also told me "the state of New York changed it's policy on wait time to 25-30 business days". I asked why they hadn't changed my order status to reflect this, why they hadn't called or e-Mailed me about the change, why they have made zero effort to take care of their customers.

Apparently, he seems to think that they have done enough.

Honestly... coould you imagine ordering something off of Amazon, not receiving the item, calling Amazon, and having them say "sorry, your order was for someone who's not actually owned by Amazon, so you have to call them". I dont think so... they are a legitimate company who accepts the reponsibility of their role.

Do not deal with VitalCheck... you are far better served going directly through the individual state where you need to get your records, using their on-line web portal, and paying them directly. It would be cheaper, faster, and you would have a responsible party. Do not make my same mistsake of trusting VitalCheck.

  • May 29, 2018

This site is not needed all they do is rip people off. I should of just contacted the health dept where I was born to get a certificate. I have to contact them anyway after getting ripped off by vital chek.

  • May 5, 2018

On extreme cold day I turned to order on the internet since downtown vital record office difficult to find and phones were down.

Followed up on order status by phone within 30 days - was told 8 to 10 weeks - web site says 80 to 95 days.

Still enough time to get passport so I waited.

May follow-up - should have been here by May 4, 2018 which is 80 days Latest would be May 25.

Call on 5/4 to several 866 numbers for VitalChekcustomer service - after 1 hour finally heard that PA Vital Records is only now processing 12/17/2017 orders!

THe worst is that they claim 80 - 95 days to receive but order is removed from lookup on VitalCheck web site after 45 days!

No status report at all available unless you wait on the phone.

Neveer order online!

  • Mar 26, 2018

Ordered Birth Certificate for my wife mother from Vitalchek on 3/7/18 order # 76388447 Pin # 773000. When we checked it said canceled 3/9/18. There was no email letting us know any updates. When we checked website it stated refund 3 to 5 days. It is the 25th which is about 16 days after cancellation and 18 days after order. No Refund. No Response. No Answer on phone only please hold for nearly an hour. No success at resolving this. Please Advise. Total amount $49.50 Paid with credit card.

  • Jan 26, 2018

I asked for a copy of my birth certificate, and I sent them a copy of my old birth certificate, which was dated 1990, and supposedly, they asked me for information concerning my birth certificate, that they understood was not clear. They give me a telephone nbr, to call back which is 866-556-8617, I try to call them, burt the nbr sounds occupied. And I am being charged for a total amount of $69.95, and I haven't received my birthcertificate.

  • Jan 8, 2018

I was told by Colorado vital records department that I would have to order my daughters birth certificate through Vital Chek. I absolutely do not agree with agencies passing off their job to a third party company but had no choice. I ordered it through Vital Chek online and immediately after I received an order confirmation email, the money had already come out of my account, and I went back to the page to track the status and it says my order was cancelled! They are a fraud and we should not be held hostage by being forced to deal with them! Now I will lose out on a $500 drivers ed course I had my daughter signed up for that I cannot reschedule because the deadline has passed! I will be contacting the attorney generals in in both states involved and filing a lawsuit against them to recover all money lost.

  • Jul 21, 2016

I used this service to order my divorce certificate. The service advertised and that I thought I was buying was for $7 in addition to the cost of the document itself. At the end of the order I was charged $39 including 2 day expedited shipping which I found out later was set by default. Apparently, according to the customer service agent, it was at the top of the first page. Less than 14 hours later, they tell me it can't be changed and so I basically am paying $40 for something I should have paid $12 for. Horrible service!!!

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