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Vital Mantra, LLC.

Country United States
State Florida
City Orlando
Address 424 E Central Blvd #178
Phone 321-200-0206

Vital Mantra, LLC. Reviews

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  • Apr 3, 2019

Do not sign up with this company!!!! They are complete scam artists!! They will have you sign a document initially and then never contact you unless they are trying to get your money! We signed up with them not knowing what we were in for! They NEVER produced a website or anything for us.

We never heard anything from the company again until 1 year later after they stated we owed them $1,800, as we signed a document stating we would pay $149/mo for them to create a website and work as an SEO. They never did anything but because we had signed that document, they had us stuck. We spoke to JOEL PEARL, the owner, when he called to obtain a years worth of payments when he did NOTHING FOR US, we asked him over the phone to stop the contract!

He then called 1 yr later, so now it's been 2 yrs, asking for now $3,500. Stating we were in a contract to pay him $149/mo.

I realized at that point (after reding the fine print on the original contract) that you have to cancel via email or writing to officially end your contract. Of course, Joel Pearl did not say ANYTHING to us about having to do that when we were on the phone with him DIRECTLY EITHER TIME!!

He just was expecting us to pay the $3,500 of 2 yrs of NO SERCICE PROVIDED TO US!!! He then sent us to collections, and I ended up HAVING TO SETTLE FOR $1,875 (50%) OF WHAT THIS SCAM ARTIST AS ALLEGING WE OWED HIM. This guy knows what he's doing!!!! He apparently could care less about customer satisfaction. 1 1/2 yrs ago when I started researching this company, their facebook was full of people that had been through the same thing as I had.

Their Google reviews - same story on them. Now today, I check on them, and they have taken down their facebook page, taken away the option to leave reviews about their company on Google or Yelp.They are not registered with the BBB - OF COURSE!! Joel Pearl knows how to work the system just to work over small businesses trying to get on their feet!!

I have personally tried to call and email the "support" email address - which is actually the owner, Joel Pearl, and tried to call him numerous times and have had to leave voicemails with no returned calls ever or returned emails. I wish I could post pictures here, as I took pictures of his facebook page proving all of this and his Google Reviews and how he had our compaany name copyrighted to another contractor's website - TOTALLY NOT LEGIT COMPANY!! UNBELIEVABLE Experience I've had with this company!!!! If I treated my customers this way, I would not be in business!!!!

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  • Feb 20, 2019

This company promised first page google search results for my company. They promised a refund if not satisfied. Once they got their payment i could never get a hold of them. They returned no calls or emails and only called me when i cancelled my credit card and they could no longer get payment. I then asked for a refund and said i would never pay them anything again. They denied the refund and have sent me a letter from a collection agency threatening me with legal fees and to ruin my credit if i don’t pay for services they never provided! their business is scamming people and hoping they are threatened into paying!

  • Feb 12, 2019


Vital Mantra called me nonstop to do search engine optimization for me. They promised me a web commercial. I was told if I was not satisfied I could cancel the contract and receive a full refund. Once I signed the contract and gave them my bank account number I had limited communication with them. Phone calls were not returned. E-mails were not answered.To date no internet commercial has been developed or released. I sent an e-mail on 2/9/2019 to cancel and demand a full refund. The response from Vital Mantra was to send me to a collection agency. My belief is their business is drafting fees not providing internet services. Please think twice before signing up with this company. My belief is that it is a scam.

  • Feb 11, 2019

Vital Mantra LLC . In 4/2017 they said they were going to promote website, they did this horrible video, i have call tracking and i have never received a lead from any of their services. They were unresponsive the first month so i cancelled my account and now they are sending me to collections. This is scam the guy that called me said he does this all the time and bragged about how hes going to make me pay.

  • Nov 8, 2017

This company called me nonstop to do my website and search engine optimization. They promised first page listing on the local Google search. They promised a top notch website with you tube videos. They promised that I would own the website once it was created. What I got once they got me to sign a contract and my credit card number was. A stencil website that they do for all their customers. It is very lame.

It does not even come up on the first page if I directly type the name of my company in the Google search. The video for you tube is also cookie cutter and probably is plagiarized. I call to see what is going on and nobody answers the phone. I use the email on the voicemail but nobody returns my email. They said I have to finish my contract to get my website ownership information. I want my ownership information and my money back. These guys are a joke. A really bad one.

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