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Visual Vintage

Country United States
State Alabama

Visual Vintage Reviews

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  • Jan 12, 2020

This company advertises cashmere lined sweatpants and sweatshirts with promise of 7-10 days delivery. I ordered a pair of sweatpants online on 11/19/19. This was a Christmas gift. When I followed up on 12/3/19, the company emailed me the link to track my order stating the order was shipped.

When I clicked on the link, all it said was the order was being processed. I have asked the company on 12/11 to cancel my order as it didn't seem I would get it in time. I filed a claim with Paypal after Christmas. The item was delivered on 1/4/20, from China and even though i ordered a size up, L instead of M, the sweatpants are more like XS and obviously don't fit.

I emailed the company again to ask how I could return the item. The response was that I cannot return it but they could refund 30% of the value!!! I am upset i lost $50 but my main point is to spread the word this company does not indicate the merchandise comes from China , has a deceiving marketing making it sound like it's based locally and it would deliver in less than two weeks.

There is also no indicationtheir sizing is completely off . I don't want other people to fall for this scam. Since I came across this company on Facebook, I tried posting a negative review but they block those. Shame on me for falling for this but would like to spare others.

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  • Apr 27, 2020

Visual Vintage is a scam

Do not fall for this company. Just like the other reviews I ordered cashmere lined sweat pants and sweat shirt for my daughter for Christmas. I ordered on 12/8 with the promise of 7-10 day delivery. The items did not arrive until mid January from China. I order several items and only 1 item that I actually ordered arrived and it was the wrong size. They put in 2 additional items that were not even in my order and I have yet to get a credit of receive the items.

Do not fall for the nice website. Total Scam!

  • Feb 1, 2020


Just like all the other reviews, ordered 4 weeks before Christmas but didn’t receive until January. They were tiny. Probably child size. I can’t use them and the return policy is completely fake. I’m still disputing with my credit card company. Do not order from them. Wish I had read these reviews first. My bad!

  • Jan 27, 2020

My daughter purchased a pair of sweatpants for her sister for Christmas. When they arrived, they were way too small. In accordance with the companies return policy we contacted them within 30 days of receiving the item. The item was unworn/unused and its exact condition that it was received in.

Our item was purchased, and it was not on sale at time of purchase. We have proof of purchase. We contacted their support team as requested. We wanted to and are willing to ship the item back. Their return policy does not state anything about where the returns will need to be shipped back to.

After we contacted them to initiate the return and only after we contacted them we were told "We also do not encourage returning the items, due to high risk of the items being lost in transit during the international shipping since returns have to be to the originating country. To make it easier, you may keep the item/s you have received, and we'll process an immediate refund of 30% of the item costs."

Keeping the item does not do our family any good since no one in our family can wear the item that is too small.

Also, on their website is OUR PROMISE “We stand behind everything we sell. If for whatever reason you decide you are not satisfied, you can quickly contact our helpful support team to get an easy refund. We just ask that you give the product a one-week (if still not satisfied) we'll refund you, no questions asked."

This EXACT statement appears on the Visual Vintage website and is a misrepresentation of fact considering ALL of the Refund Policy requirements have been met, yet Visual Vintage continues to refuse to authorize the refund. In fact, prior emails from Visual Vintage "discouraging" return due to shipping concerns and offering a partial 30% refund is manipulative and is in no way supported by any known policies published by Visual Vintage.

Then after reaching out to them again we were told that they no longer sell the item and that their system would not even allow them to give us the 30% refund. It is not the consumers problem if their system will not process a refund. That is their issue to fix. They have now changed their story saying the item was on sale and that we are only in entitled to a store credit of $25.00.

We have the order summary provided by the company at the time of purchase and it does not reflect at all that the item was on sale. I do not believe it was and asked for proof which they have not supplied. A store credit also does not help us in any way since we plan to never do business with this company again.

  • Jan 23, 2020

Sizes impossible; returns costly and refunds may not happen

Their return policy is smoke-and-mirrors, their sizes (even sizing up from medium to extra large) are still tiny; the cost of return shipping to China is barely a third the amount you will hope to be refunded; and I doubt I will ever get my return money back (nor my daughter for the order she also had placed as a gift for her aunt).

I ordered 2 pairs for my daughter in November as a Christmas gift, sizing up as reviewers had suggested from a medium to a large. (2 larges). My own fault I didn’t inspect the items actual sizes before wrapping them up; but I gifted them to her at Christmas only to have her look closely to see they are a M and size XL, and when trying them on see that they are both teeny tiny.

When I asked to return they said even tho they had sent me different sizes than I requested, (errors in their packing the order), and I emailed them two days after Christmas, it took a couple rounds of email for them to say it was too late to return, but that I should keep and they would offer me a refund of 30% of purchase. They also said reruns have a high risk of loss overseas (of course the website doesn’t tell you at outset this is from a Chinese address) so they wouldn’t recommend the risk of returning anyway. (So why have. Return policy in the first place?).

Meanwhile, My daughter ordered 2 pairs of the “cashmere” fleece sweatpants for her slender aunt, in early December; which didn’t arrive til January. She had sized up a full size but they were still impossibly tiny, so she has tried to return, but emails requesting a return have been unanswered. (The website’s return policy says email them to request return instructions; and once they are received back, a decision will be sent back on “whether” the return will be accepted.). The cost of returning by mail to China is $30 (on a purchase that was $90) again, we couldn’t have known from website that this is not an American site and that returns would be so costly. Buyer beware: they have not responded.

  • Jan 20, 2020


Ordered 3 pants for my granddaughter for Christmas back before Thanksgiving. They immediately charged my credit card and said in email they pants had shipped! Then we got an out of stock notice stating a delay. The shipping information showed "in transit" from China. After several emails we received the pants in January - HOWEVER, they are way too small. No way to return. And "out of stock" so way to replace. They did offer a 30% refund. We are still out the money and have pants we can not use.

I think this is a scam!!!!

  • Jan 19, 2020

Visual Vintage I ordered a pair of sweatpants for my daughter for Christmas and the size was off by 6 sizes . My daughter is 23 and these pants would not fit a three year old. I sent them back (it cost me $30) and they never refunded me the $54 after multiple attempts to get my money back .

This company is ripoff and will take your money. Do not attempt to buy from them, the product is sub par in many ways. [email protected]

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