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Vision Dream Express Service

Country United States
State Virginia
City Fairfax
Address 4716 Leehigh Ct

Vision Dream Express Service Reviews

  • Aug 6, 2019

Vision Dream Express Met Global Logistics Every day, they let me pay the cost of the puppy crates, puppy insurance of $9000, vaccines of $ 800, feedings and accommodations $3,000, quarantine $4000. When they received the payments, the next day they asking payment again and again. They always telling me send the money right away so that the puppy will be sent in 2 days to Colorado.

But they lied again, they asked money again for to send the money right away and the puppy will be sent back to California and they asked $500 for feedings. Then, they said that the puppy was sent to Hawaii for quarantine cause the puppy was over 185 days and need to be quarantine and they are asking money again for me to pay $8000. I didn't pay them that money cause they empty my account and my credit card. I paid $16,685. They said that they will drag me to the court for animal abuse and abandon.

They emailed me that they will sued me for breaking the Bridge of Contract cause I stopped paying them. I have no more money to pay them. Please help me.

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