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VirtuOx Reviews

  • Jun 20, 2018

I am a new CPAP user. My doctor wrote a prescription for a CPAP machine and practically told me I would die if I didn't use it religiously. Okay, so I accepted that. Went to the DME that my insurance company directed, Apria. Online they call the provider Crapria, and now I know why.

I was set up with a machine and a monster mask. By monster I mean one that covered my whole face, even though I pointed to the small sleek one.

The person working with me pretty much told me I had to buy a CPAP cleaner or I would be sick all of the time, because the humidification would grow germs in the contraption. She recommended I buy something called VirtuClean. I said I would think about it, but she was giving me the hard sell. Wasn't sure why, so I assumed the risk must really be high.

So I bought it. It looks like a $5 toy, which made me price check. Went on and alibaba and found the same unit for sale for $28.00. Apria charged me almost $300.00! Making a profit is one thing, but to charge $300.00 for something selling retail online for $30.00 is criminal. The technician was taking advantage of me being new to this and easily scared.

It gets worse. When I started googling around for using ozone, if the price didn't upset me, the warnings for using ozone in a home would have. The short story is the device is probably illegal. It just vents out ozone which the EPA and FDA have very strict warnings about. This device has no warnings at all. So, the short story, I was victim to a high pressure sale to buy something I could have bought online for $30.00 and was pressured to pay $300.00. To top it off the device they sold me looks dangerous as hell.

When I tried to return it, I was told I couldn't because the box was open.

A bad experience overall. Not sure whether the blame goes to Apria for selling me this junk, or to Virtuox which is distributing it when they know it is unsafe and illegal. Whoever is responsible they gouged the hell out of me with a 1,000% markup.

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