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Virtue Events

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone (919) 659-5065

Virtue Events Reviews

  • Feb 26, 2023

Let it be known that Meleeka Joye Speight from Durham NC, owner of Virtue Events Event planning & Consulting is one of the most unprofessional and disrespectful people I have ever met. From spam emails to discourteous interactions at her events, she is not one who should walk away frome even planning. I had the most horrible interaction with her. No apology when she had done wrong and complete disrespect to me when the issue was brought to her attention.

ATTENTION, Ms. Meleeka Joye Speight from Durham NCVirtue Events Event planning & Consulting: your awards and nominations for event planning mean s**t when you treat just ONE Black woman or any other woman or person.... like garbage. THIS EXACTLY how I as treated you!

No, I do not need to contact you to disucss the situation. You know what you did and you know how you acted when your missteps were pointed out to you. Have an event about how to speak to others when you make a mistake, you fake and phony b***h. Yes, I called you a b***h; it fits in this instance. This is just how you acted with me.

  • Aug 2, 2022

Meleeka Joye Speight is highly rude and unprofessional. My enounter with her was less than stellar. Mistakes? We all make them; however, Meleeka does not apologize for the ones she makes. Instead, she resorts to name calling and other unprofessional actions.

Do yourself a favor and plan your event with another planner. Her possible rebuttal or denial of this report means nothing. I have documents.

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