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Viking Range, LLC.

Country United States
State Mississippi
City Greenwood
Address 111 Front Street
Phone 1888-845-4641

Viking Range, LLC. Reviews

  • Jun 30, 2016

I am having major issues with a $12,000.00 Viking Range I purchased. We purchased a $12,000 Viking Range on February 16 2014. On September 2, 2014 the oven and range completely shut down. I contacted Viking who provided me with a service company they use. I contacted them several times. In which finally on September 15th they responded and couldn?t come out until October 1st. Well, they did not come on October 1st. They finally came on October 8th. The range worked fine, but the oven would work when it wanted to. I contacted Johnson Service (218-727-5275-in which I will be filing a complaint with) several times. Finally March 9 2015 and appointment was set up to come on March 16th. Technician came and a part had to be ordered and NOW NO working oven. April 14th I contacted Viking and Johnson service to follow up on when the part was to come. April 25th Johnson service came with the part and couldn?t get it to work. I contacted Viking several times. May 5th requesting follow up. They say they are contacting Johnson Service. I contacted May 6th. Johnson Appliance came again on 5/20/15, in which they fixed the stove. Now I again am without a working stove.

I contacted Viking on 6/17/16 to report oven not working again. Oven light (blue light on outside of stove) would not turn off after utilizing the self clean feature and fan continued to go on and off. Came home and smoke in kitchen with burnt wire smell. Viking gave me a number to call LV Distributions-they do not service our area. 6/22/26 left message 6/24 called Viking again she was going to contact Johnson Appliance for receipts. 6/28 I contacted Johnson Appliance and received above information in regards to service done on stove.6-28 sent an email to Viking-no response 6-29 left a message with Viking. I have been without a working functional $12,000 oven on and off since September of 2014. I have canceled holidays, parties; limit my cooking for my family. We have had work done on the oven several times. It is now NOT working again. Obviously this oven has major issues and needs to be replaced immediately.

The below is what has been done on the oven: Viking Stove VDSC5486GSS 080113C10102296 K2 there 10/8/14 WED, 14:39 to 16:56, no lights nothing. 112.6 @ double line break, s/w Darrin @ TL, power board 123 @ PL AC input-relay board, double line break, red to p12-black L1 242 volts. Had to locate breaker in customer electrical box. Pulled out range, after tracing wires, found loose connection on L2 red on wire at range side of terminal block. Reinstalled range & tested ok., Job Cmpltd. D2 there 3/16/15 MON, 14:31 to 15:50, Intermittent start, 1 out of 10/20 times won't start, no oven indicator light, bad relay on power relay board. Open RTD oven sensor intermittent. K2 there 4/25/15 SAT, 12:46 to 16:15, Replaced sensor large oven, checked board from right pl ac connector not on all the way corrected. K2 there 5/20/15 WED, 13:05 to 14:05, Replaced board and both com cables. Tested all functions, works great. Adjust door alignment for customer., Job Cmpltd. As you can see from the dates it has not been working for some time. There obviously must be some major defects with the oven for it not to work and now dangerous to use. One plus its summer so I can grill.

Can you please assist on what my options are as a consumer? POOR POOR customer service and product.

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