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Vibrant Web, LLC

Country United States
State Arizona
City Phoenix
Address 14040 N Cave Creek Rd Ste 307
Phone 8667376801

Vibrant Web, LLC Reviews

  • Dec 25, 2017

Later found out that Vibrant Web owned my site which I had no control of. I was one of their prime targets who didn't know anything about building a website and spent a total of $5000 (I have all my receipts) that produced zero results. Customer service was a joke, once they receive my money I had to jump through hurdles to get anyone to call me back. Now everything has stopped. I lost all contact with them and my (Vibrant Web) website is no longer on the internet. I need my money back!!

  • Mar 16, 2017

This article is to inform the public of an internet preditor, preying on unsuspecting folks looking for honest legitimate ways of earning an income on the internt.these bussiness go unchecked and can set them selves up without having to qualify as an honest legitimate and verifiabe business with a physical address and some company owner who is held responsible for the bussiness action,This was a purchase of services but ommissions were made by vw(vibrant web) service offered were for an additional cost of 97.00 plus package original price of 49.95 , and they ommitted they were going to draft my account for a monthly fee of 9.99, at this point i canceled my order got an e-mail from Jen stating my order was cancelled and a refund had been initiated on march 10 2017 as of march ,2017 , i have not received my money ,now jen has broke off communication im pissed off , this is theft by deception and ommission

  • Oct 24, 2016

I was initially contacted by "VibrantWb",in the latter part of April,2016. I read an email,regarding a Work-From-Home opportunity,and was contacted by "Vibrant Web",almost Immediately. they promised to "Build a "Website",that would "Automatically "Draw" Customers,World Wide,24/7. After being "Pressure-Sold' For three days,i gave-in,and went to my bank,and sent them $1,500.00. I Never received a Confirmation E-mail,or ANYTHING! From June 6th,(the date I sent the "Cashier's check),until October 14th,2016,i didn't hear anything From Vibrant Web. On or around Oct.14th,i was Contacted by "a rep. from Vibrant Web,asking how things were going. i told him that i was Still unemployed,and ready To file bankruptcy! He said "That's too bad"-"I'll put you in my file as inactive".

i hung up,and then got mad! i tried to call back,but no on answered. imagine that1 About two days later,I received a call from "Bill",at "small business Success. He asked if Ihad products to sell on "Our" website! i told him that I was contacted by "vibrant Web',and was put on their inactive list,since i have no more money to invest with! "Bill' said "that's NOT the Way we do Business"! "I'll get To the bottom of This! i told him of my financial situation,and "Bill' told me that I would be contacted by "Chris',"Their' Financial Counselor,to set-up a "Line-Of Credit". "Chris" was scheduled to call at 5:00 (My Time). "Chris' called about 3;30,and stated that he represented "vibrant Web,and Never heard Of Small Business Success. he said that since i hasd no Money to invest,there was nothing he,or his Company could do.

Big change in tune from their Sales Pitch! I was promised a website,which is actually a "Blog',on I have no way to upload pictures,product information,or ANYTHING! i was promised that i would not Have to invest Another "dime,after the initial $1,500.00! They promised an automatic sales strategy of "drop Shipping". i would get paid first,and the "Big Box store" would ship the item,and i would pay the Wholesale price-AFTER receiving the Retail amount. none of this Took Place. Small business Success does not Even have a website! i typed it in,and it,too,is a "Blog"! Their phone "Has been disconnected,or is no longer in service"! I contacted vibrant Web,to Complain about "my "website,and said that "They" didn't initially set-up the site-"Impact Ranking"/"Robert Graham' did. I contacted Impact ranking,Spoke to Robert Graham,who Denied Setting up the site,although "he' was "Aware" of it. "Graham' said that it was pretty much "Worthless',and offered To set up a"Free" web Site,If I Pay $1,000.00 for a "Line-Of-Credit"! These SCAMMERS NEEd TO GO TO PRISON!! Time For a Class-Action law Suit! If Interested-please E mail [email protected]

  • Sep 9, 2016

I did not initially solicit their business. I received an email from Jobs with Bob.

Mine =

I did not initially solicit their business. I received an email from Jobs with Bob.

At some point shortly after I spoke with a guy regarding Jobs with Bob but I don’t recall the exact conversation, but it was a work from home position – which I was interested in at the time to build a business for additional income and an online business that I can build for my retirement.

I originally spoke with a guy named Robert Christie. (Jobs with Bob) 866-737-6801 x 6123 at this point I was thinking I was being scammed because I bought a website with a trial period and could not get into it. When I tried to register for this website, I remember getting a weird warning message like I was being redirected or a virus was present.

I was in my last week at college and working on finals and had lost my information and had to ask Richard Miller for it.

I was again thinking this was a scam. I emailed Richard Miller and got a call back from a girl claiming to be from Customer Service. I had a discussion with her about my concerns and that I wanted my money back. I spent my last $1000 on this site and I did not trust them.

At this point, I had already thought many times that this was a scam. The night I paid for my site $1000 – I was sick to my stomach but proceeded because I was pressured into it. The guy waited while I went to get my credit cards.

I never received any emails from Richard after that, only Jen from Customer Service, whom I’d spoken to a few times.

I did sign agreements with them. I have copies.

I started investigating and found that the sites they listed as client examples did not work. Or was a dummy site.

If they are based in Arizona and owned by three young guys, how is it possible to have so many phone numbers for around the world for sales and support. I only ever talk to two people in the company.

They refuse to give me a security certificate so I can let people buy amazon products straight from my site.

$9.95 to sign up but you end up paying a lot of money for only a license and not your own site. They have complete control over your site.

Their website is not truthful.

Their customer support is not 24/7. It is limited hours and it takes at least a week for them to fix anything. Hours are M – F 9 – 7 CST

I have no 99.9% uptime as guaranteed. It takes 3 – 5 business days to address any issue.

My site keeps going down and saying Bandwidth exceeded. Their website says no overloaded services.

It also says free email accounts and I never received one.

Now 9/7/2016 their phones are all down and I cannot get a reply from a person. I have sent two emails and received the same reply both times. It says they are responding to all emails. I have these emails in my possession.

When my site came back up, all of my plugins and my Woo Commerce items were gone. They (VW) control everything.

I do not believe this company is ethical or professional. I have requested a refund many times and have thought all along this company is a scam.

The articles they gave me were from WordPress Automatic plugin and were free. They were written by someone else. Then they used the article mixer to change wording. That is why the wording and spelling was weird. Many things that they told me or made me think they were doing was actually a free plugin from WordPress.

I am supposed to be the owner of my domain. I am not. It is owned by which means that the name of the site owner is masked.


Domains by proxy definition:

So, I sent an email to [email protected] to verify who it gets sent to, and it is not me. This verifies that I am not the owner of this domain. I was told that it is my website. This is not true.

Wild West Domains Interesting information, it is located in Scottsdale AZ

Corporate Headquarters14455 N. Hayden Rd., Ste. 226

Scottsdale, AZ 85260 USA

Phone number: +1 (480) 505-8857

Fax number: +1 (480) 275-3996

[email protected]

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ABN # 37874814804

Vibrant Web address: Vibrant Web  



3.97 Google reviews

Website Designer

Address: 14040 N Cave Creek Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85022

Phone: (602) 247-6118


Open today · 9AM–7PM

The distance from Scottsdale to Phoenix is 21 miles.

This domain address was created June 29, 2016 – the same time I signed up with VW

Unethical practices by Wild West Domains

When I signed up for this program with VW, Richard Miller was telling me about eventually buying and reselling domain names and making a huge profit.

Go Daddy owns Wild West Domains from what I can tell. But I am not trusting. I feel like Vibrant Web has something to do with this.

Today my site is down again 9/8/2016

No person is available at Vibrant Web, they have not yet responded to my emails.

They have stole a total of $1500 from me and alot of time that I spent working on the site.

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