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Veterans Offgrid Inc

Country United States
State New Mexico
City Carson
Address 50 USFR 600
Phone 1 919-673-0398

Veterans Offgrid Inc Reviews

  • Feb 15, 2024

This non profit bills itself as an organization that seeks to assist veterans reintegrate into society by providing them with tuition assistance, job training and housing while they reacclimate to civilian life.

i knew the Executive Director personally for several years before COVID caused me to lose my business, my home and my greenhouse. I am an organic farmer.

i negotiated with him to turn over my business contacts and build him a farm in exchange for assistance in getting out of the State. We worked out a deal which he failed to follow through on.

Further, after my investing roughly 800 hours into building this 'farm' for him which i was led to believe would help other veterans learn farming through as well as to feed veterans seeking help from Veteran's Off grid, he bailed on the deal by failing to provide logistical support in the form of promised transportation of vegetables to markets and restaurants.

A full description of my lawful action against him can be found at

In the 6 years prior to my involvement with this 'non profit', i know of no veterans whom this organization actually helped but i know of a half dozen who left disillusioned. A couple even tried to sue him but were unsuccessful. i intend to succeed and foreclose on this project.

The man that runs it, Ryan Timmermans is a con man. Anyone who wishes to join me in my quest to put him out of business can contact me at [email protected].

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