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Versatile Merchant Solutions

Country United States
State Virginia
City Midlothian
Address 2820 Waterford Lake Dr #206
Phone 1 804-897-1260

Versatile Merchant Solutions Reviews

  • Jan 3, 2019

After having my resume online, i received a call from a recruiter at versatile merchant solutions or reverse pos. I was told that they had a telemarketing department which set 3 appts a day for you from tues-friday.

The catch was you had to sell the first 2 on your own and would be put on the schedule. I was also told that they were running a promotion where you would be paid 5 X the monthly fee for the client as your commission instead of the usual 4.

After selling my first 2 on my own, i discovered that they only paid 4 X instead of 5. The sales manager who was there to help you close sales, was extremely arrogant and we actually got into a heated discussion on the phone when he became upset after i informed him i had left the client's business and he didn't sign the paperwork.

So, after i got my 2 deals approved, i asked about when my appts would start and where would i go to find them. The sales manager was extremely vague and couldn't give me a straight answer.

I then called the sales helpline and found out that the telemarketing department was shut down due to costs of creating the leads. I then called my sales manager and he said they had a new system where i would be getting warm leads from business owners visiting the website and asking for more information.

He told me i could expect 1-2 warm leads starting the following week. Now, 3 weeks later, i have not received even 1 lead. I emaile d my manager to explain, and he said that the project hadn't worked out as planned (again,very vague) and advised me to start cold calling to get leads.

For anyone looking to get into merchant services, please stay CLEAR of this crappy company and it's false promises.

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