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Venus Staffing

Country United States
State Michigan
City Detroit
Phone 888-488-4860

Venus Staffing Reviews

  • Feb 8, 2018

Venus from Venus Staffing hired me back in October for a shoe in Las Vegas NV.

I have tried by all means to avoid this, I've been patient and understanding of anything that could have happen to prevent me from receiving my payment. Something told me not to work for this woman when we were on the phone but I was coming back to work in October after being gone for a Miller Program for a year and a half. Sema was not what I wanted to come to but it was what was happening. While on the phone Venus tried to low ball me for the rate, I told her that I was given a different rate and she replied with an attitude staying she told not fight with me since it was the morning of the event.

During the show the show manager and the CEO Of this company were extremely happy with my work and asked me to come back next year. The CEO him self told me he was very pleased with my work. Venus was told the same thing and texted me to tell me.

I asked about payment she said it would arrive in 3 weeks. I've asked her to send me my payment and she gets upset saying I'm harassing her. She promised me payment for Dec 6th and I've had to contact her several times after this..after Christmas she stayed she sent it, and it never came, she makes excuses saying checks from her home town take for ever to arrive. I told her I had received a check from NY A week after working an event for another company, and she replied with " I don't give a f*k about other companies, nor did I ask for your opinion". No check still. I know from the other Models that they also had to go through the same and made threatening comments to another about " not hiring her again" if she kept asking for her check. She gets nasty and vulgar when you demand payment and she's degrading also. The last time I asked her for my payment she told me " I can't t believe how demanding you are you should be lucky your working, you were the least attractive of the models". If you know me you know I don't put up with any of this sort of disrespect, this woman feels like it's ok to degrade others, use them to fill her pockets with our money and pays low rates. hope this helps anyone who is wondering about this company. This has never happen to me in the many years I've been in the industry. It's a disgrace to the good agencies and agents who actually appreciate a good Brand Ambassadors / Model. I will continue to post to make sure everyone knows to stay away from her. She has no etiquette or is in any way professional to be in business representing anyone.

  • Dec 28, 2017

I worked a major convention for this talent agency and didn't get paid. Agent lied and said she would directly deposit payment and never did. Lied and said payment was sent in mail weeks ago. Scammers!!!!

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